John R. Erickson

American author

John Richard Erickson (October 20, 1943–) is an American cowboy and author.


  • In 1982, the main problems were getting something out in front of the public and then figuring out how to sell it. Today, it is much easier to solve the mechanical problems of self-publishing and to reach an audience, but the fact that it’s easier creates another problem: how can you be heard above all the noise? The mass of information that is available today, through film, television, books, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet is really intimidating.
  • From the start, the prose in my Hank books copied the storytelling techniques of ranchers and cowboys, which means it was heavily influenced by an oral tradition. It was a natural and easy step to move from reading my stories aloud to audiences in Perryton, to recording them in a studio in Amarillo. The Hank audios have the feel of the radio programs I listened to in the fifties: character voices, background music, and sound effects.
  • If we didn’t face death, we’d all be useless. Makes us more efficient in the use of our time and appreciative of the time we have.
  • This world is a pretty good place under normal conditions, but anyone who’s read Russian history knows what a bad place it can be.
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