John Hagee

controversial televangelist

John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational charismatic church with more than 19,000 active members. John Hagee is CEO at his non-profit corporation, Global Evangelism Television (GETV).

John Hagee in 2007


  • Let me say this to you very clearly and those of you who're watching over the Internet: [holding up Bible] There is one God in this book. It is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Allah is not God; Buddha is not God; Mary is not God; Mary Baker Eddy is not God; birds, animals and bugs are not God. Jehovah God is the God of all gods. He is a jealous God, and He demands that He be the Lord of all, or not at all!
  • God says in Jeremiah 16: "Behold, I will bring them"—the Jewish people—"again unto their land that I gave unto their fathers." That would be Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. "Behold, I will send for many fishers, and after will I send for many hunters. And they, the hunters, shall hunt them"—that will be the Jews—"from every mountain and from every hill and from out of the holes of the rocks." If that doesn't describe what Hitler did in the Holocaust … you can't see that? So think about this: "I will send fishers and I will send hunters." A fisher is someone who entices you with a bait. How many of you know who Theodor Herzl was? How many of you don't have a clue who he was? Woo, sweet God! Theodor Herzl is the father of Zionism. He was a Jew that at the turn of the 19th century said, "This land is our land. God wants us to live there." So he went to the Jews of Europe and said, "I want you to come and join me in the land of Israel." So few went, Herzl went into depression. Those who came founded Israel; those who did not went through the hell of the Holocaust. Then God sent a hunter. A hunter is someone who comes with a gun and he forces you. Hitler was a hunter. And the Bible says—Jeremiah, right?—"they shall hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and out of the holes of the rocks." Meaning there's no place to hide. And that will be offensive to some people. Well, dear heart, be offended: I didn't write it. Jeremiah wrote it. It was the truth, and it is the truth. How did it happen? Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? Because God said, "My top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel." Today Israel is back in the land, and they are at Ezekiel 37:8. They are physically alive, but they're not spiritually alive. Now, how is God going to cause the Jewish people to come spiritually alive and say, "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He is God"?
  • Anyone who makes the life of Jewish people difficult or grievous, as did the Pharaoh, as did Hitler, will be cursed by God.
    • Keynote address to AIPAC, (March 12, 2007)
"All hurricanes are acts of God because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God, and they were recipients of the judgment of God for that." ("Fresh Air", 2006-09-18)
  • What happened in New Orleans looked like the curse of God. In time, if New Orleans recovers and becomes the pristine city, it can become—it may in time be called a blessing. But at this time, it's called a curse.
  • All hurricanes are acts of God because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God, and they were recipients of the judgment of God for that.
  • John Hagee: In the case of New Orleans, their plan to have that homosexual rally was sin. But it never happened. The rally never happened.
    Dennis Prager: No, I understand.
    John Hagee: It was scheduled that Monday.
    Dennis Prager: No, I'm only trying to understand that in the case of New Orleans, you do feel that God's hand was in it because of a sinful city?
    John Hagee: That it was a city that was planning a sinful conduct, yes.
  • We have allowed the worship of Satanism in the U.S. military. Most Americans are not aware of that, and we wonder why it takes us ten years to defeat our weak enemies as Moses said in Deuteronomy 28. How is it that, in World War II, we whipped the world in four years, and now we're bogged down in one lingering war after another that does nothing but rape our economy and kill our young men? Why? Maybe the God of Heaven is not with us. He says when you accept another God, I leave. I'm either the only Lord, or you're on your own. That means: stop voting for pagans and putting them in public office.
  • That's why my generation thinks we need a constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of marriage that guarantees that, in America, the only marriage to be recognized is the marriage between a man and a woman! In the house of God! There are so many things in America that have changed that should never change. And you listen to me: if it does, you can kiss this country goodbye.
  • Christians don't steal or lie, they don't get divorced or have abortions. If the Ten Commandments were followed by everyone, we would be able to fire half the police force, and in six months the prisons would be all half empty.
  • Why would you want to be politically correct when you can be right?
    • The Revelation Church broadcast (February 2007)
  • You will either offend the world and please God, or please the world and offend God.
    • Faith under Fire broadcast (September 12, 2005)
  • The most important thing to the Christian community is not the environment, but evangelism.
  • Jesus did not come to the Earth to start 285 squabbling denominations fighting over the Bible. How like the devil to divide Christians over the Bible.
    • "How Free Is Freedom?" (July 2, 2006)
  • If you live your life and don't confess your sins to God Almighty through the authority of Christ and His blood—I'm going to say this very plainly—you're going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket.
    • Quoted in Hoppe, Christy (6 November 2006), "Perry says he believes non-Christians will go to hell; rivals pounce", Dallas Morning News 
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