John Dolan (writer)

American journalist

John Carroll Dolan (born July 1955) is an American poet, author and essayist. He has been identified as the once-secret identity behind the pseudonym Gary Brecher, fictional author of The War Nerd column for the newspaper the eXile which has ceased publication. John Dolan writes as the War Nerd, but no longer "in full character"

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Gary Brecher at, 2002 edit

Gary Brecher. (21 April 2002). Retrieved on 2006-09-12.

  • I said I would write a introduction on one condition, that you people don't send me emails telling me liking war is a sign of unhealthiness or some psychoanalytical crap. I'm a war nerd. A backseat sergeant. I know what I am.
  • I live in Fresno which is a death sentence already.
  • The best war is when you can hate both sides.
  • That's a 7.76mm round, you idiots, if you fire it into the air it comes to earth you know not where, like on some little kid's soft-skulled head, and that's the end of the kid. They're too stupid to even figure that much out.
  • Something you have to know about the US military is that it sucks at commando raids.
  • One day it was lies, lies, lies, real old-school Saigon-style lies about how everything's fine...and then wham, we take Mazar-i-Sharif and it's a toboggan ride to Kabul.

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