John Burdett

John Patrick Burdett (born July 24, 1951) is a British crime novelist.


  • When you notice light seeping into your coffin, it's hard to go on pretending that you're still dead.
  • "Have you noticed anything strange about him?"
    "Strange? We humans insist on inhabiting a charnel ground - isn't that strange enough for spiritual creatures without splitting hairs?"
    "He seems to be two different men. His personality switches from moment to moment."
    "Only two? Perhaps there is something wrong with your eyes. Look more closely and you will see he changes with every exhalation. So do I. So do you."
    • Bangkok Haunts, Ch. 22
  • "Have you seen anything strange about him?"
    "Strange? He insists on inhabiting an melting earth - isn't that strange enough without splitting hairs?"
    "He seems to be two different people. His personality switches from second to second. I heard something about it a long time ago.....what was it again?**

The Odd Case of Dr Jenak, Ch. 24

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