John B. Tabb

American poet
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John Banister Tabb (22 March 184519 November 1909) was an American poet, Catholic priest, and professor of English, chiefly remembered today as educator of Jack London's friend, Californian poet George Sterling.

Quotes edit

  • He entered; but the mask he wore
    Concealed his face from me.
    Still, something I had seen before
    He brought to memory.

    "Who art thou? What thy rank, thy name?"
    I questioned, with surprise;
    "Thyself" the laughing answer came,
    "As seen of others' eyes."

  • Why should I stay? Nor seed nor fruit have I,
    But, sprung at once to beauty’s perfect round,
    Nor loss nor gain nor change in me is found,—
    A life-complete in death-complete to die.
    • The Bubble, as quoted in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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