John B. Calhoun

American ethologist and behavioral researcher

John B. Calhoun (May 11, 1917–September 7, 1995) was an American ethologist and behavioral researcher.

Jiohn B. Calhoun

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  • We need better establishment to allow interrelationships to protect us from too many contacts, but to allow us for those contacts which we do engage in to be more meaningful for our own lives, and for, meaningful to others in a compassionate sense of each of us being involved in helping the other to fulfill his role. We’ll have many more roles, and this is where the notion of compassion comes in, in helping, each of us helping others to fulfill their programs for development. And so, we’re at this peculiar stage where you’re highly optimistic, at the same time highly pessimistic, and you wish to throw your weight, intellectual weight, to moving towards the optimistic side, to opening up continuing evolution.

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