John Atta Mills

sixth President of the Republic of Ghana (1944-2012)

John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills (21 July 1944 – 24 July 2012) was a Ghanaian politician and legal scholar who served as President of Ghana from 2009 until his death in 2012.

John Atta Mills in 2009

Quotes edit

  • ...we are going to ensure that there is peace before, during, after the election, because when there is no peace, it’s not the elitists who will suffer, it’s the ordinary people who have elected us into office.
    • Office of the Press Secretary, "Remarks by President Obama and President John Atta Mills of Ghana", The White House, 8 March 2012
  • A nation that does not honor its heroes is not worth dying for.

Quotes about Mills edit

  • This is the saddest day in our nation's history. Tears have engulfed our nation and we are deeply saddened and distraught. I never imagined that one day that it would place our nation in such a difficult circumstance. I'm personally devastated, I've lost a father, I've lost a friend, I've lost a mentor and a senior comrade. Ghana is united in grief at this time for our departed president.
  • President Mills will be remembered for his statesmanship and years of dedicated service to his country.
  • I salute the guardian of institutions and the defender of Ghanaian democracy...committed to protecting national unity and profoundly attached to African unity and to the place of Africa within the international community.
  • On a personal level his moderation and integrity stood out.
  • Strong advocate for human rights and for the fair treatment of all Ghanaians.
  • President Mills was a tireless defender of democracy in West Africa and across the continent, and he will be greatly missed.
  • His exemplary leadership which endeared him to the hearts of many and his contribution to strengthening the relationship between Ghana and Japan.
  • Ghana has lost a great football supporter and a supporter of the development of the game in the country.
  • President Atta Mills was an inspiring leader of Ghana and a true Commonwealth champion, who will be sorely missed at home and internationally. He was a strong advocate and supporter of the Commonwealth, and our membership benefited enormously from his active participation in Commonwealth life and his wisdom.

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