John Amaechi

basketball player (born 1970)

John Amaechi (born November 26, 1970) is a retired English NBA basketball player who currently works as a broadcaster and political activist in the United Kingdom. In February 2007, Amaechi publicly announced that he is gay and became the first player associated with the NBA to come out.

John Amaechi in 2009


  • I consider myself a pretty rounded guy. I've done pretty elite things in business, sport and academics and all of a sudden I woke up one morning and I'm a 'big, black, British, gay guy'. That was frustrating at times
    • Commenting on people's reactions to him coming out.[[1]]
  • You are axes, in a world of wood. And the wood remembers when it has been cut, even if the axe forgets.
    • in a speech to students at Phillips Exeter Academy, 2007