Joe Kehoskie

American baseball consultant and executive

Joe Kehoskie (born January 18, 1973) is an American baseball consultant, executive, and entrepreneur who is often quoted in the media on baseball-related issues. Kehoskie has worked in professional baseball in a variety of capacities since 1984, formerly working in minor league baseball (1984–1994) and as a player agent (1996–2011).

Joe Kehoskie in 2018

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  • It's the wild, wild West of baseball, and it just keeps getting wilder.
    • Discussing the business of Cuban baseball defectors, from the Boston Globe article "Hardball" by Steve Fainaru and Shira Springer (28 May 2000)
  • You take 5 percent of Contreras's $30 million, you're retired.
    • On the potential monetary value of Cuban baseball players, from the Boston Globe article "Hardball" by Steve Fainaru and Shira Springer (28 May 2000)
  • Fidel Castro essentially forced these guys to leave Cuba. It wasn't really even a choice. It was either stay at home, be handed a broom and told 'have a nice life' or they could leave Cuba and continue playing baseball.
    • On Cuban baseball defectors, from the PBS documentary Stealing Home (18 June 2001)
  • Unfortunately, here in the Dominican, a lot of the time kids just quit school at 10, 11, 12 and play baseball full-time. It’s great for the kids who make it because they become superstars and [make] millions of dollars in the big leagues. But for 98 kids out of a hundred, it results in a kid who is 18, 19 with no education. So it’s kind of a win-lose here in the Dominican.
  • There's at least half a billion dollars [worth] of baseball players in Cuba right now and probably a lot more.
  • [Chapman] is a strong candidate for being the fool’s gold of the current free-agent market.
  • In many if not most cases, Cuban players haven’t been busts so much as they’ve been systematically over-hyped during the signing process, which led to unrealistic expectations around Major League Baseball and in the media. The vast majority of Cuba’s truly elite players have either stayed in Cuba for their entire careers or left Cuba too late to have a meaningful MLB career.

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  • Our 'leaders,' 'experts,' and media fear-mongers are obliterating the global economy, running roughshod over our civil liberties, ruining the lives of millions of people via business closures, job eliminations, and huge increases in child abuse and domestic violence, and risking if not inviting widespread civil unrest in order to theoretically save a portion of a population of mostly elderly people with very serious preexisting health problems. Anyone who supports the draconian 'mitigation' measures currently in place throughout the U.S. and elsewhere, rather than a targeted quarantine of high-risk people, is either a moron or a monster.

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