Joe Keenan

American writer

Joe Keenan (born July 14, 1948) is an American screenwriter, television producer, and novelist, probably best known as a writer and later executive producer for Frasier.

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Blue Heaven (1988) Edit

  • That's not to say Gilbert is just unlucky. Oh, he is, but it goes beyond that. Gilbert manages always to be Old Man [Trouble]'s sorriest victim and, at the same time, his most indispensable collaborator. Fate and fate alone may place the banana peel in his path, but it is Gilbert who will every time make certain that at the moment of rendezvous he's carrying a tray laden with Baccarat crystal which he has, in order to impress a date, borrowed without the knowledge or permission of its owner, and which he'd been hoping to return in secret. (Chapter 1)

Putting on the Ritz (1991) Edit

My Lucky Star (2006) Edit

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