Jo Walton

Welsh Canadian writer

Jo Walton (born December 1, 1964) is a Welsh fantasy and science fiction writer and poet.

Jo Walton in 2006


Tooth and Claw (2003)Edit

All page numbers from the mass market paperback edition published by Tor
  • Avan was as religious as the next young dragon with his way to make in the world—which is to say that he held many traditional beliefs which he had never paused to examine, attended church because it would have seemed strange not to, rarely paid much attention when he was there, and found piety out of the pulpit thoroughly misplaced.
    • Chapter 2, section 7 (p. 28)
  • It was only now that they realized that there is nothing that can really be a preparation for death.
    • Chapter 2, section 7 (p. 29)
  • All farms are much alike everywhere, and all wild places have their own beauty.
    • Chapter 7, section 27 (p. 118)
  • Marrying her to prove I do not subscribe to an outdated convention of class would be just as foolish as refusing to marry her because I did.
    • Chapter 9, section 33 (p. 142)
  • “I don’t need to be a radical to think that who a dragon is counts more than birth or wealth,” Selendra said, with what dignity she could.
    “Why, that’s the very definition of a radical,” he retorted.
    • Chapter 15, section 56 (p. 260)

Farthing (2006)Edit

  • There is one law for rich and poor alike, which prevents them equally from stealing bread and sleeping under bridges.
    • Chapter 18
    • Cf. Anatole France, Le Lys Rouge [The Red Lily] (1894), ch. 7: La majestueuse égalité des lois, qui interdit au riche comme au pauvre de coucher sous les ponts, de mendier dans les rues et de voler du pain. (The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.)
  • What you can't pay back you pay forward.
    • Chapter 27

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