JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is an ongoing manga created by Araki Hirohiko. It has been adapted into an OVA, and is currently being adapted into an anime. Running since 1987, it is currently on its 8th part.

Part I Phantom BloodEdit

The Coming of DioEdit

Dario: I don't have much time left.. I'm dying..
Dio: ...
Dario: After I die, i am going to worry about you Dio.. When i die [Cough] go to this address on this letter [cough] He owes me, and he will take care of you for the rest of your life.. He owes me Big time!!

Jonathan: Forget about me! [Slap Erina's hand]
Erina: !!!
Jonathan: Go somewhere else! i didn't get into this fight because i wanted your Attention! It's because i'm going to become a Squire! Squire just can't sit around and do nothing when a lady needs help. They have the courage to face the odds, even if they are at disadvantages!

The Secret of the Stone MaskEdit

Jonathan: W-What are you saying?!
Dio: I Reject my Humanity Jojo!!
[Shows the Stone Mask]

Jonathan: [Thinking] Could it be he's drawing it out!? Dio Sucks out Human Life Energy! Is he no longer human!? Then What has he become!?
Speedwagon: GAHH!! [Screaming]
Jonathan: Even Speedwagon is Afraid!

Bruford & Tarkus FightEdit

Jonathan: ...!!!
Speedwagon: MISTER JOESTAR!!
Zeppeli: What?!
Jonathan: Now!!!! This is it!! Ryaaahh!!!

[Jonathan Stopped Bruford Sword with his feet]

Jonathan: An Overdrive that transfer through Steel! METAL SILVER OVERDRIVE!!

Jonathan: Beat My Heart! This Burning Beat! Cut him Beat of my Blood! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE

Bruford: [After being defeated by Jonathan] I feel strangely at peace. I no longer resent the world, in my very last moment, i could meet this great man, this warm human... I'm ready to meet my queen...

Into OblivionEdit

Jonathan: T-Those Eyes! OH NO!
Dio: Live as my body.. JOJO!! [Fire two beam from his Eyes]
Erina: Jonathan!
Jonathan:[Pierces Jonathan's Neck] Erina...

Part II Battle TendencyEdit

New Yorks JojoEdit

Joseph: [Punch Police in the face] Give it a rest, you Yankee bastard!! [Joseph finger pierces Policeman's nose]
Fat Policeman: Gyaaaahhh!!! Take it out. Awww! Take it out!!!
Bearded Policeman: What, Are you resisting?! [Point's gun at Joseph]
Joseph: Heh go ahead and Shoot! But you better be prepared for the consequences. the moment you pull that trigger, I'm going to break your finger like a Match stick!!

Smokey: I don't know what's going on, but you said you gave your wallet to me, a thief and a black man. I owe you one. My name is Smokey, tell me your name.
Joseph: Joestar. Joseph Joestar. Call me Jojo, I just moved from London with Grandma Erina... Nice to meet you.

The Cold and terrible StraightEdit

Joseph: [After Shooting Straight] Straight! I've been waiting for you! Not that i expect you to die from that but... I will Avenge Uncle Speedwagon!!

Joseph: [After blasting Straight with a grenade] Look at his Legs! They were blasted apart so much that it takes him time to recover, there's the chance!
Smokey: So the only way is..
Joseph: We use our legs too!
Smokey: Legs?! How do we use our legs?!
Joseph: We Run Smokey! Move your Bums! [Started Running]
Smokey: Aw!! What's with this guy!

Part III Stardust CrusaderEdit

The man possessed by an evil spirit

Jotaro: (Inside Prison) What.. is that you mom? Tch! Go away.. i'll be staying here for a little while.
Holly: ...?
Jotaro: I am possessed by an "evil spirit"... I have no idea what "It" could make me do. Earlier during the fight i also had trouble controling that "Spirit"

Jotaro: Yare Yare Daze...

Part IV Diamond Is UnbreakableEdit

(When Rohan was cursed by the power of Highway Star)

Rohan: But I refuse!.
Highway Star: What!?
Rohan: One of the things that I, Kishibe Rohan, love to do, is to say "NO!" to people who thinks they're full of advantage!

(When Yoshikage Kira was having a picnic with his "Girlfriend")

Kira: What a Beautiful Duwang! Chew. There must be no other place as pretty as this town. This feels like a picnic.

Part V Vento AureoEdit

Part VI Stone OceanEdit

Part VII Steel Ball RunEdit

(After Valentine teleported a person via slamming them with a door)

Valentine: (When door closes, revealed the person was teleported) DOJYA~N!

Part VIII JojolionEdit

Character QuoteEdit

Jonathan JoestarEdit
  • What are you doing?! Unforgivable!
  • My Heart resonate.. Heat Enough to Burn..! My Blood Beat is razor-sharp!! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!!!
  • There's no need to share my prideful name with a zombie!
  • A rrrgg!!! Metal conducts Ripple too!! Metal Silver Overdrive!!
    • Said by Jonathan during the fights with Tarkus and Bruford
Dio Brando / DIOEdit
  • The one who stole your first kiss wasn't JoJo, it was I, DIO!
  • I reject my humanity, JoJo!
  • Do you remember how many breads you have eaten in your life?
  • Everyone survives in pursuit of peace of mind. ... Aren't you uneasy, preparing to fight me, knowing you may die? ... If you join me, I will give you peace of mind that will last forever.
  • The World! Stop, time!
  • ...Beyond the powers of my Stand is where you need to go in order to find Heaven. What you need is a trustworthy friend ... Will I, DIO, be able to meet someone like this one day?
Will A. ZeppeliEdit
  • Observe the energy my breathing releases.
  • Hey baby!!
  • What is "Courage"? Courage is owning your fear!
Joseph JoestarEdit
  • You fell for another one of my schemes!
  • I'm sorry, can you repeat what you just said? Depending on what you said, I might have to kick your ass!
  • I have to resort to the secret Joestar technique: Running away!
  • Next you're gonna say...
    • Joseph often predicts (correctly) what other people are going to say next.
  • Happi urepii- yoropiku ne!
  • OH! MY! GOD!
  • OH! NOOO!!!
Jotaro KujoEdit
  • Yare Yare Daze...
    • Jotaro's catchphrase. Essentially means "What a pain..." or "Good grief...", expressing his annoyance at most problems that arise.
    • Repeatedly screamed by Jotaro's Stand Star Platinum, when attacking / punching its target rapidly
  • Look, nobody say Jotaro Kujo is a nice guy. I beat the crap out of more people than I have to. Some are still in the hospital. There’s plenty of teachers that got on my bad side and never came back to class. And, hey, I make it a policy not to pay if I don't like a meal. But even a guy like me can spot evil when he sees it! Evil is the one who uses and looks down upon the weaks, especially women! And that's exactly what you've done, isn't it! You must think that Stand allows you to avoid laws and consequences, aren't you... In that case, I will judge you myself!
    • A long speech used against Kakyoin Noriaki
  • I will judge you with my Stand!
  • Do you understand?
    • Spoken as an English sentence, mocking Rubber Soul's use of the same statement against him.
  • The reason you have lost... is because you pissed me off.
  • Who in face are you?!
    • A (mis)translation of one of Jotaro's lines from the infamous "Duwang" fan translation of Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Mohammed AvdolEdit
  • Tsk tsk! Yes I am!
    • His answer upon being asked by Polnareff if he is the real Avdol, since he was believed to be dead.
  • Crossfire Hurricane Special!!!
    • One of Avdol Stand Special Technique, used at several occasion.
Josuke HigashikataEdit
  • What the hell did you just say about my hair, you bastard?!
    • Josuke has his hair styled in a pompadour, which is often the target of mockery from enemies.
    • Repeatedly screamed by Josuke's Stand Crazy Diamond, when attacking / punching its target rapidly
Yoshikage KiraEdit
  • What a beautiful Duwang, chew, you can't find its like anywhere else...
    • Another (mis)translation of one of Jotaro's lines from the infamous "Duwang" fan translation of Diamond Is Unbreakable.
  • When I was a kid, I saw Mona Lisa from my grammar school art book....The fist time I saw her, with her hands on her do I say this...I had a boner...
Koichi HiroseEdit
Giorno GiovannaEdit
  • Buongiorno.
    • "Good day" in italian
  • Repeating myself is a waste of energy, and I hate that.
  • My dream is to become a Gang Star!
    • Portmanteau of Gangster and Superstar; Giovanna aspires to become an altruistic mafia boss
  • No ending is the ending, that is Gold Experience Requiem

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