supernatural spirits integrated in Islamic beliefs

Jinn (Arabic: جن‎, jinn) – also romanized as djinn or anglicized as genies – are invisible creatures in early religion in pre-Islamic Arabia and later in Islamic culture and beliefs.

Quotes edit

  • In our calculation system we must be aware to not be disrupted by Jin and human demons. One of errors is that man remains confined to material frame.

  • If you sleep nude Jin will lay with you in bed. Put in home 4 birds to avoid thus.
  • Jinn are specialized in creating hate in society.
    • [2] Imam Tehran Friday prayer calling protesters Jin
  • Western society, Human governments and Jin states are envying our society and want to divide people.
  • Taliban say the summoned Jin made them promise to not set fire to homes.
  • Jin and human were not created by us but for worship.
  • God has given opportunity to devil , human demons and Jin to rule us through cyber during covid.
    • Iran guardian council staff [5]
  • It is possible marriage between Jin and men but it is dangerous.
  • [6] Ayatolah ostadmuhamedi
  • Amad.news sysop told me had married Jin.
    • [7] Ruhullah Zam
  • Saddam met a magician soldier connected with Jinn couple times , gave him 50000 payment. He then transfered him to Spec Ops force.
    • Iraqi republic military intelligence agent [8] وفیق السامرایی. ویرانی دروازه شرقی. مترجم: عدنان قارونی

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