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Jill Vogel

American politician

Jill Holtzman Vogel (July 6, 1970–) is an American politician and Virginia attorney.


  • People vote because they want a job and want the economy expand. Whether it’s energy infrastructure or whether it’s the port or whether it’s ‘I’m willing to work with this president.’ I’m proud. I’m willing to stand up for this president and I’m willing to say ‘I will work with this administration on any single issue that helps Virginia.’ That’s where Ed Gillespie is. That’s where I am. That’s where John Adams is. And guess what? People go: ‘Yeah, I want that for my state. I don’t want that position where the other side is which is nothing.’ So I think that has resonated, and I think it’s working in Virginia and that’s why President Trump got elected—it’s because people are sick and tired of this politics of no.
  • What people are desperate for, not just in Virginia but in this country, are people who will have a positive vision, who will actually speak to the issues that truly matter–the issues that are real issues in Virginia right now–like real gang violence, public safety, the issue of protecting history in Virginia with our monuments, some of the things that in our race in Virginia, like the economy and jobs, these are the things that have defined these races. Yet the Democrats won’t talk about that because they don’t have solutions, and they don’t want to.

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