Jia Tolentino

American writer and editor

Jia Tolentino (born November 20, 1988) is a Canadian-born American writer and editor.

Quotes edit

  • …there are individual ways that we work our way through all of these systems that are corrosive and inescapable. But if there is a solution to the system itself, it’s at a collective level. It’s the level of policy and politics, it’s not at the level of individual choice.
  • The whole ‘girlboss’ realm, actually. Anything that is treating the magnification of a personal brand, or the acquisition of wealth as the ultimate prize, is just fully out the window. The way those books treat little girls as if they’re generic? I get sent so many self-help books that are about like, ‘perfectly imperfect’, ‘badass feminists’ that ‘don’t give a fuck’, but then the fuck is bleeped out? You know what I mean?

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