Jhené Aiko

American singer and songwriter

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo (born 16 March 1988) is an American singer and songwriter.

Aiko in 2013


  • As human beings, we have the power to speak up for animals. They don’t speak our language, so I feel like it’s up to us to help them and give them a voice. Animals have feelings. They have souls. They have emotions. The way they’re killed for fur is very inhumane. … They’re electrocuted, beaten, drowned, skinned alive. Once you know that, how could you think wearing fur is cool? It’s not.
  • Living in LA, there's so many vegan options for everything. And literally, your taste buds start to adjust. These days, it's like, "I'm craving cashew cheese!" … Potatoes are definitely comfort food. We always go to Crossroads, which is a vegan place in LA, they have chicken and waffles and things like that but it's all vegan. When I'm looking to fill up, and just feel full, that and some type of berry smoothie hits the spot.
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