Jericho (TV series)

2006 TV series

Jericho (20062008) was an American television series, airing on CBS, about the residents of a small Kansas town who must come to terms with a new and very different reality after a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks destroys most of America.

Map of nations in Jericho, the Allied States of America in red, the United States of America's remnants in blue, and Texas in purple.
Flag of the Allied States of America.

Season 1


Pilot [1.1]

Deputy: Are we under attack?
Johnston: Son, I don't want to hear that word again. Now look, this could have been a test. It could have been an accident. There's, uh, military bases near Denver. One explosion does not make an attack. If we stay calm, the town stays calm, okay.

Johnston: Hey, Shep? You said earlier that you had heard that speech before. Ever ask yourself why I say it? ‘Cause I happen to trust you people. ‘Cause I love my town. Now, something happened in Denver, in Atlanta, and it could be that we wake up and find out that’s where it stopped. But, until we know, are we going to use our imaginations to solve problems or to cause them? Now, we can get the power back on. We can find out how big this thing is. If we have to we can fight. We can fight anybody, we can fight all enemies. The only way that’s going to happen is if we work together. Now, go on home. We’ll meet tomorrow at the town hall. And folks, don’t you break my heart again.

Hawkins: You might want to get some black spray paint, you know, cover that. [Points at the word "Jericho" on the police car] Look, I know that you're telling people that is was an accident, and I hope it was, but if it was an attack, Sheriff and there's chaos out there, you might not want the wrong people to know that Jericho is still here.

Deputy: We have our frequencies, sir, but outside, it's like there's no one there.
Johnston: All right, um... what about analog? We could contact the governor with a Ham radio, couldn't we?
Deputy: That could work, but there's only one in town that I know of.
Johnston: I was afraid you were going to say that.

[Johnston knocks on the door, Old Man Oliver answers the door cocking his shotgun]
Johnston: Oh, Oliver, would you stop that.
Old Man Oliver: Sorry, Johnston. Thought you were Aliens. Well, we're under attack, by Aliens. Don't you know that?
Johnston: Yes, we do. That's why we're here. Do you have your Ham radio?
Old Man Oliver: Yeah, for you....50 cents.

Johnston: If you convince me that you are living a more productive life, then..
Eric: That's right Jake.
Jake: We were both born on third base, stop pretending you hit a triple. When are you going to realize I am 32 years old?
Johnston: When you do.

Fallout [1.2]

Fallout Alert: Attention, attention. There is radioactive fallout coming from the nuclear blast. You have less than 90 minutes to get indoors. I repeat, you have less than 90 minutes to get in doors. Use your basements. Put duck tape or leather tape to seal your homes. You have less than 90 minutes. There is a shelter at town hall and at the medical centre. There is radioactive fallout coming. You have less than 90 minutes to get indoors.

Mary: You're not from around here are you?
Mimi: I came from DC to supervise a little audit on a farm. Is God punishing me?
Mary: You really should get to the basement at town hall.
Mimi: You think?

Johnston: Gail, who is in charge here? You or me?
Gail: You do not want to play that game.

Jake: Bonnie, take them to the storm cellar now!! Go, guys, go!! Emily, we've got to get inside. Emily? Emily, hey. It's going to be ok? Alright I promise. Everything is going to be ok, alright. We've got to go in now, babe. Babe? We've got to get inside before the rain, okay? Come with me. Come on. Run. Run. Get inside!

Eric: Do you realize a nuclear bomb went off yesterday?
Pool Player: So? If I'm going to die in a nuclear blast, so be it. I'll be right here, playing pool with my buddies.
Eric: But you're not going to die in a blast. You're going to get radiation poisoning. Within the first couple of hours you're going to be vomiting and have crippling diarrhea. Your hair is going to fall out in chunks. Your skin is going to blister. Your internal organs are going to start to shut down. Because, well, frankly....they're being cooked from the inside. You're going to get sicker and sicker until you can't move. And then you will die. Over there on the floor by the pool table....with your buddies.

Four Horsemen [1.3]

Gail: You know I keep thinking about when we were kids and how they used to make us practice hiding under our desks in case of an atomic bomb.
Johnston: Yeah and duck for cover.
Gail: That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that mushroom cloud. Did they have enough time to hide under their desks? It's pretty stupid, huh?

Stanley: Are you okay?
Mimi: Huh, if you call radiation poisoning "okay".
Stanley: Were you out in the rain, too?
Mimi: Heavens no! I touched a building when we came out of the shelter.
Stanley: Oh.
Mimi: Look, you can stop pretending.
Stanley: What do you mean?
Mimi: I audited your farm. Why do you care?
Stanley: Maybe I'm a nicer person than you.
Mimi: Right. Were you in the rain?
Stanley: Yeah, for about twenty minutes.
Mimi: Well, you look pretty good.
Stanley: Thanks. You know, try to work out.
[Mimi laughs]
Stanley: Look, um, you know I think I got the worst of it, so as long as I'm okay, you should be fine.
Mimi: You're really sweet. And you still owe the IRS $180,000.
Stanley: Yeah, I know.

[Mimi rests her hand on a column, and when she lifts it, her hand is covered in black]
Mimi: What's this black stuff?
Mary: That used to be Denver.

Johnston: In my office. Now.
[Punches Gray Anderson]
Johnston: Right now these people need our leadership. I will not have you tearing this town apart. And when all this is over, if you and I are still alive, you investigate your ass off. In the meantime, if I hear anymore talk like that out of you, you and I are gonna have a problem. Do we understand each other?

Johnston: I can’t just sit around here all day. We’ve got to find the sheriff and his men; we’ve got to get the power back on.
Gail: Okay, now you’re going to stay here as long as it takes. Now, don’t make me take your pants with me.
Johnston: I can run this town without my pants.
Gail: It wouldn’t be the first time.
[Jake walks in]
Jake: There's a story I don't want to hear.

Walls of Jericho [1.4]

Dale: That's a dollar 69.
Allison: Ok.
Dale: You got the last bag of corn chips.
Skylar: I'll give you $20 for them!

Stanley: I couldn't find an empty pesticide container so I thought this water tank might do.
Heather: No no no, we can't use steel, there is to much risk of static. One spark and the whole thing could blow sky high.
Jake: We don't have time to look for something else!
Heather: We can't, well, who's gonna fill it?

Johnston: Earlier today we buried 20 people, refugees from Denver. People we, we didn't know but, were prepared to welcome into our town. Unfortunately they died of radiation poisoning before we could reach them. For those people from Denver and for our own people, for Sheriff Daurs and Deputy Riley, for Deputy Connor and Deputy Saleam. For people out there somewhere out there that we know nothing about that might be suffering and dying right now, I ask that we take a moment of silence.
If you've lost a loved one would you please stand? If someone you love is missing would you please join those standing? We stand because we know that every life matters... we have to fight for every life, even when it seems hopeless, even if we're afraid. Because the battle ahead isn't just for our survival, its for our humanity.

Jake: We’ve seen it. We’ve seen it 100 times. A man just died in our clinic. Our clinic! He was traveling with his daughter and about 20 other people. Alright, it could’ve been Shep or Gray or any of us. They need our help. Are we going to help them, or are we just gonna sit here watching the same three images over and over?

Johnston: Any word from Shep or Gray?
Jimmy: No, Mayor. Still can’t get them on the radio.
Bill: Maybe they got captured by those tanks that Stanley saw?
Jimmy: Those tanks are probably just National Guard, okay?
Bill: You don’t know that, they could be China.
Johnston: Shhh!
Bill: They could be China, they could be Iran, Al Qaeda, North Korea; anybody who hates us. They could be coming here and what’s our line of defense? You’re looking at it.

Federal Response [1.5]

Jake: You know what the hardest part about growing up your son was? It’s not the politics or the expectations, it’s… It’s that I always knew you were a good judge of character and you thought mine was lousy. When I left town, I was determined to prove you wrong but…but instead, everywhere I went I seemed to prove you right. Dad, I wasn’t just in San Diego.
Johnston: I don’t care.
Jake: What?
Johnston: I don’t care. If you need to tell me, I’ll listen, but…wherever you went, whatever you did, it changed you. And a stupid little punk may have left home but a pretty decent fellow came back. I can live with that.

Jake: You were always good at blocking out the bad. Dad, not so much.
Gail: He’s had more to block out. When you left, you left quite a mess. You have no idea the lengths your father went to try to square things.
Jake: Then why didn’t he talk to me?
Gail: Because he knew you’d resent it. And there’s a stubborn streak that runs in the family. Honey….I think you owe him the truth.
Jake: You want me to tell him about my…about my time away?
Gail: This house is too small for big secrets.

Hawkins: You take a shower?
Allison: Nothing gets past you.
Hawkins: Go clean the tub and fill it up.
Allison: Why?
Hawkins: The water doesn’t get to that shower by magic. If the power goes out again, so do the pumps that get it there, so we store what we can. That is why.
[Allison walks away and into her room]
Darcy: She is your daughter, Rob, not your employee.
Hawkins: Well, she needs to talk less and listen more.
Darcy: You need to learn to ease up on her.
Hawkins: Darcy, I don’t know how long I’ll be here, so whatever I gotta teach her, it needs to happen now.

Phone Message: Hello, this is Assistant Secretary Walsh from the Department of Homeland Security. Do not be alarmed. If you are safe, stay where you are. Do not attempt to leave. We will be in contact again shortly. Until then, know that help is on the way.

Jake: I'm tired of war, no one ever really wins.
Stanley: Me too.
Mimi: We could play crazy eights instead or hearts?
Stanley: No, I'm calling it a night.
Mary: Call it whatever you want but it stopped being night hours ago. Ya'll want coffee?
Mimi: Make mine an Irish.
Jake: So Mimi, what would you be doing if you were back home in DC?
Mimi: Sleeping. You know the hardest thing about sleeping in this dump? The quiet, yeah I don't know how you stand it, it's like my brain is an echo chamber.
Jake: Why do you think I left town?

9:02 [1.6]

Hawkins: Come on out here. Hey!
Allison: Are all those cities gone?
Hawkins: What do you think?
Allison: How do you know?
Hawkins: I don’t for sure [sighs] Okay. Those are the cities I heard about through the HAM radio, and the satellite feed before the EMP.
Allison: How come your laptop isn’t fried like everyone else’s?
Hawkins: It’s ruggedized. It is built to withstand an EMP. The, um…the government issues them, baby.
Allison: So you’re some kind of spy? That’s why you moved us here. You knew this was going to happen. Why do you have that gun, what’s it for?
Hawkins: Shooting. And I think it’s probably time you learned how. You see the way things are going you may have to defend yourself one day. Do you understand?

Johnston: Now look…you know I would like nothing better then to string up the guys who did this, but that’s not the way we do things. Last time you got mixed up with Mitch Cafferty, you left town and a boy was dead.
Jake: I’m not that guy anymore.
Johnston: Yeah? (removes gun from Jake’s waist) Let’s just make sure that it stays that way.
Jake: Look, if I don’t take care of him he’ll come back.
Johnston: We’ve got to do this right.
Jake: He could be out….
Johnston: If this family starts breaking the law how are we supposed to enforce it?

Mimi: I have a proposition. The hotel I was staying in closed and since you owe the government more than $180,000
Stanley: No one’s heard from the government in weeks.
Mimi: Consider me the government.
Stanley: Fine then I still get to call you Uncle Sam. Nice watch.
Mimi: It’s a Rolex.
Stanley: You got the time?
Mimi: It’s, um….It just stopped working after the pulse, just like everyone else’s.
Stanley: Well, how about I pay you when it starts up again?
Mimi: You’re being an idiot. I am trying to give you a chance to protect your interests.
Stanley: You’re too kind.

Darcy: So why you heading off to play cop?
Robert: Because people are starting to react to the fact that no one is coming to save them. Okay? No one. Because the world we knew does not exist anymore. So if we can’t keep order, we will not survive.
Darcy: Allison give me a minute with your father.
Allison: Mom, I just--
Darcy: Now! (Allison walks away) What the hell are you doing scaring our kids about the end of the world Robert?
Robert: Well, they have to understand what’s going on.
Darcy: You haven’t been around in four years. I’m the parent here. I’ll decide what they need.

Eric: Well, if we’re sending missiles they must have figured out who attacked us.
Jimmy: God Bless America.
Jake: Could have just decided to take out one of the usual suspects.
Johnston: Which means there could be more missiles headed in our direction.
Gail: Well, is this the federal response we’ve all been waiting for?

Long Live the Mayor [1.7]

Gray: Are you going somewhere?
Eric: My father needs medication, stuff we don't have in town. Me and Jake are going to Rogue River to find it.
Gray: Are sure that that's a good idea?
Eric: Not really.
Gray: You be careful out there. You don't stop for anything. You don't even slow down. I mean it.
Eric: We'll be back before morning. Do you mind keeping an eye on things here?
Gray: Of course, don't worry about it.

Gail: What are you doing?
Johnston: What?
Gail: You were cooling your thermometer in that glass of water. Weren't you?
Johnston: No I wasn't. Fine, so what if I was, I'm tired of being sick.
Gail: You have a temperature of 350 degrees. You are going to rest. You are going to take the pills that April gave you. You are going to admire this ridiculous pumpkin with me and then we are going to try and eat the pumpkin together because we use every part of the buffalo in this house. Is that understood?
Johnston: Most of it.

Heather: Watch out for giant irradiated ants out there.
Jake: Always do.

Heather: I don't think this is such a good idea.
Jake: No choice.
Heather: Well, then at least let me do some work on the car.
Jake: There is no time. I have to go now... what? Wait, you said it was sturdy.
Heather: Well, sturdy yeah but what if you need to outrun something.
Jake: Why? How fast will it go?
Heather: I don't know, thirty maybe forty miles an hour... best case... down hill... and not for very long. See this is what I'm saying, maybe you should go on horseback.
Jake: A horse is slower than that.
Heather: A horse is less likely to explode.
Jake: [Holds up his gun] I'll take my chances.

Jake: I can talk to Jonah.
Gray: You can talk to Jonah? Find him---
Jake: He lived up to his end of the deal.
Gray: And why the hell are you protecting this guy?
Jake: I’m protecting this town. He can get things we’re gonna need.
Gray: What can he get?
Jake: He can get food; he can get gas, he can get ammo. Could you get that stuff if we needed it tomorrow? Could you? ‘Cause he can. We’ll do this my way now.

Jonah: I want to talk to Emily.
Jake: She doesn’t want to see you.
Jonah: She blames me for Chris’s death. Things might be different if she knew whose fault it really was.
Jake: I didn’t send him on that job, all right, you did. I tried to talk him out of it.
Jonah: He needed a lookout; someone to watch his back. You left him alone.
Jake: A lookout? He needed a father.
Jonah: All right. Maybe it is time Emily learns the truth about what you did.
Jake: I told her. I told her, I told her everything.
Jonah: Did she forgive you?
Jake: No.
Jonah: Neither do I. Get her to see me, or I’ll do business wherever the hell I please.
Jake: I can’t.
Jonah: Then I guess we don’t have a deal.

Rogue River [1.8]

Jake: You haven’t said anything for miles, stay sharp.
Eric: What happened to you Jake?
Jake: What do you mean?
Eric: The last five years, where were you? I’m assuming jail. Why won’t you tell me?
Jake: Why does it matter?
Eric: Because all that time, I stood and I watched Mom and Dad suffer. Every time the phone rang they thought it was you. I used to hate calling the house because we sound the same on the phone. I couldn’t listen to them realizing it was only me.
Jake: I’m sorry, all right. I’m sorry for what I did to our family. But don’t use me as an excuse for not getting on with your life.
Eric: What’s that suppose to mean?
Jake: You wouldn’t be the first guy to leave his wife, Eric. Look, I’m not telling you to leave her. I’m just saying….

Gray: Thanks for talking with us, Robert.
Hawkins: No problem Gray. What’s this all about?
Gray: Well, when I was in Topeka people were saying that all of this could be a first step in a foreign invasion except that getting all of these bombs into the country would be difficult…
Hawkins: Without help on the inside.
Gray: Exactly.

Gail: How long can he hold on like this?
April: I can’t say for sure. Maybe 12 hours.
Gail: 12 hours?
April: I am so sorry.
Gail: I---I’ve been married to that man for a long time. I refuse to believe this is the way it ends.

Eric: I didn’t know Rogue River had a SWAT team.
Jake: They don’t. These guys aren’t cops. They’re government contractors; a private army, a firm, called Ravenwood.
Eric: What are mercenaries doing in Kansas?
Jake: The same thing they’ve been doing in Iraq and New Orleans. The military’s been stretched so thin the past few years mercenaries became a commodity. The real question is did they kill these people?

Hawkins: How do you even know that that badge is real?
Gray: I guess, I don’t.
Hawkins: The fakes are usually made of aluminum. It’s cheaper, lighter. If it’s heavy [drops badge on the table] that’s how you know. Don’t just assume that just because someone has one of these that it’s real, especially not these days.
Gray: But why didn’t you say anything?
Hawkins: Because I don’t know you. I don’t know who I can trust. You see, the bureau was tracking some suspicious contacts between unknown people in this area of Kansas and terrorist groups abroad.
Gray: What kind of contacts?
Hawkins: Pay phone calls, money transfers. You know I was relocated to investigate undercover, Mr. Anderson and as far as I’m concerned, I am still on the job so I would appreciate your discretion.
Gray: No, of course, Jimmy’s the only one that knows I’ll make sure it stays that way.
Hawkins: The people who did this they will try to do this again. We can’t let that happen.

Crossroads [1.9]

Goetz: You know, one day, things are gonna start to get back to normal around here. The federal government is going to put itself together. And when it does, they're going to want to send someone to help all of you get back on your feet. You know who they're gonna send? Me.

Heather: Oh, and, um, if the engine starts to shake, just slide over and gun the gas. And, uh, keep your eye on the temperature. If the needle hits the red, cut the gas ‘cause you’ve got about two seconds before its about to explode. Okay?
Emily: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Why can’t I just go in?
Heather: Aw, no, no, no. I don’t want you to go through the trouble.
Emily: Right.

Hawkins: This isn’t your first run in with Ravenwood, is it?
Jake: Why?
Hawkins: You go off on your road trip; all of a sudden they’re headed for Jericho. Would’ve thought you’d be more careful is all.
Jake: You think I led them here on purpose?
Hawkins: Hey, I’m just trying to put the pieces together, Jake.
Jake: Let me make it easy for you, my family lives in Jericho.
Hawkins: So does mine.
Jake: Everything I do, I do to protect them.
Hawkins: Same here, man.
Jake: Well then let’s stop screwing around and get it done.

Jake: Let me guess—this isn’t your first run in with these guys either, is it?
Hawkins: You know there’s only one thing I need to know from you, Jake.
Jake: What?
Hawkins: Would you even know when you’re in over your head?

Eric: Okay, let’s talk.
April: When I, uh…had the divorce papers drafted. I did that because I couldn’t see a future for us, [holds Eric’s hand] but now I can.
Eric: I can’t.
April: What?
Eric: Look, the last thing I want to do on this Earth is hurt you April, but I’m in love with someone else.
April: [gasps] Who?
Eric: Mary Bailey. April, look April….April..I’m sorry
April: No, you don’t get to do this. You son of a bitch. [April walks away]

Heather: Before we head over to the church, I’d like to make a toast to the blushing bride and banker boy.
Emily: Banker man
Heather: Well, it’s still a banker any way you slice it. Who here would ever match Roger with Emily. Talk about high risk investment.
Emily: There’s nothing risky about him.
Heather: Exactly. To Emily and Roger, may they live happily together in eternal blandness, never questioning their life, never looking too closely, never wondering if they weren’t meant for something else. Down the hatch, everybody.

Red Flag [1.10]

Gail: This is nothing like what we went through.
Johnston: I seem to recall when my mother thought your name was ‘the other woman’. And I ignored her, just the way Eric’s ignoring us. Now, if this is so different, I’m not seeing it.

Gail: It’s all from China.
Emily: Are we being invaded?
Johnston: I doubt it. If they wanted to invade they’d send troops.
Emily: So this is charity?
Gail: We’re getting aid from China. Why isn’t our own government helping us, the United Nations or the Red Cross?

Gray: That stuff wasn’t half bad and I’m still alive.
Johnston: The only thing that proved is that you’re clinically stupid.
Gray: When are you going to hand out that food, Johnston?
Johnston: We are not having that debate here.
Gray: What, should we have it in your office again? Maybe this time I sucker punch you.
Johnston: Listen, if you’re still breathing this time tomorrow maybe we’ll distribute this stuff, in the mean time do the town a favor and forget you want my job for one second.

Eric: What are you talking about?
Johnston: April’s pregnant, I just found out myself.
Eric: And I got to hear this from you?
Johnston: Well, I shouldn’t be the one telling you. I’ll probably be in the doghouse till next Thanksgiving but I thought you ought to know.

Johnston: Let me get this straight. We’re talking about Vietnam era planes flying through Kansas airspace doing a Chinese drop and they’re using U.S. Air Force equipment to do it.
Robert: Sounds about right.
Eric: In what world does that make sense?
Jake: Ours.

Vox Populi [1.11]

Mimi: What we did (sex), it’s not what you think. I had a weak moment. It was a mistake.
Stanley: I’m really good at making mistakes.
Mimi: Yes, you are.

Gray: I love this town. And I just want to keep it safe; the way it always was.
Johnston: What it was was a democracy. that's easy when everything is going well, but when you get mad or angry it gets a whole heck of a lot harder.

Gray: We just had our first murder in 30 years.
Johnston: And I’ve been Mayor of this town for 25 of those years.
Gray: Maybe that’s the problem. You still think Jericho is the same sweet little town it was before the bombs. We need someone who understands….
Johnston: Save it for the election, Gray.
Gray: This is what the election is about.
Johnston: You wanna get this civilian off the crime scene?

Jake: It’s up to you Gray. Go on…no? [Jake puts Jonah on the ground and points a gun to his head] This is what you want, right? You make the rules? Decide who lives and dies? Go ahead and do it, you do it here in front of me and Dale, in front of everyone. Not in some back room with your buddies. Don’t let someone else do the dirty work for you, mayor. You want him dead, you take this gun and you blow his brains out. [Gray takes the gun from Jake and points it at Jonah] You better be damn sure he’s guilty because if he’s not, you’re a murderer. Justice will be swift. [Gray lowers the gun]

Mimi: This will never work.
Stanley: Ah, that's what they said about Brangelina.
Mimi: Are you seriously quoting US magazine right now?
Stanley: Yeah, what do you think they'd call us? Stimiley? Mimiley? [Pause] St... Stimi!
Mimi: [Laughing] You are such an idiot!

The Day Before [1.12]

Gail: It’s time for some changes, Johnston, starting with your diet.
Mayor Green: [indicates his mostly empty plate] A man can’t live on that.
Gail: He can if he wants to stay married to me.

Stanley: It’s nice to meet you, Miss Clark.
Mimi: Do you not read your mail?
Stanley: Nope. Nothing but bills and bad news. Why?
Mimi: Well, this would be a little of both. I work for the IRS and according to our records you owe $180,000 in back taxes. It’s nice to meet you.

Jake: You finally pulled the trigger, Freddy? All right.
Freddy: You know it baby. Hey she’s got some good looking sisters, man? Unless you’re still all hung up on that farm girl in Iowa.
Jake: Kansas.
Freddy: Same thing.
Jake: No, not the same thing.

[Robert throws Darcy’s cell phone to the side]
Darcy: You let them out of there right now Robert or so help me I’ll start screaming.
Hawkins: No, you listen to me very carefully, in 5 seconds I’m getting on this truck and I am leaving Washington for good and I did not come here to discuss this with you, now you can either trust me and come with us or you can stay here, but you will never ever see your children again.

Stanley: Well, now, who doesn’t like corn? I mean you got corn on the cob, cornflakes, corn nuts, corndogs, cornsicles.
Mimi: Cornsicles?
Stanley: It’s a joke, lady.
Mimi: Can you not talk to me please?

Black Jack [1.13]

Johnston: [listening to Gray speak to the town] There’s a way of doing this without scaring the crap out of everybody.
Gail: He was elected. Means he’s gonna do it his way.
Johnston: Ahhh, I’m gonna need a hobby.

Heather: I shouldn't have sprung this on you. This is too weird.
Jake: What? What's weird?
Heather: Okay...I kissed you...a month ago. We haven't spoken since. Generally people speak after something like that.
Johnston: I'm just know...uh... [walks away]

Jake: Did you ask Mom?
Johnston: Son, I’m 59 years old. I was Mayor of this town since the Carter Administration. I’m a retired U.S. Army Ranger and a combat veteran. Of course I asked your mother.

Heather: I’m coming too.
Jake: Not a chance in hell.
Heather: Would you know a working mechanical governor for a wind turbine if you saw one.
Jake: Yes. [Heather tilts her head in disapproval at Jake] No, I’m not taking passengers out there, no, no, no.

Heather: You know why things didn’t work out between us? I’m not dangerous. I’m crossword puzzles and flannel pajamas and the occasional light beer. I was never gonna be hazardous to you. That’s how you tick.
Jake: No it isn’t.
Heather: Of course it is but it’s okay. If it wasn’t, your dad would probably be dead right now. You and I would’ve never met on that bus. So I’m taking a page out of your book, I’m throwing caution to the wind. I’m gonna help turn the lights on for everyone back home.
Jake: Just for a few days.
Heather: You worried about me?
Jake: Come back in one piece.
[Jake hugs Heather]

Heart of Winter [1.14]

Mimi: The closest I ever got to the outdoors was the Ralph Lauren section of Neiman Marcus.
Stanley: Bargain hunting. Same thing but with a gun.
Mimi: Bargains? At Neiman's? Sometimes I forget that the biggest designer in your closet is Wrangler.
[Jake chuckles]
Stanley: What are you laughing at?
Jake: I’ve never seen you in a domestic squabble before.
Stanley: Knock it off.
Mimi: This isn’t squabbling.

Hawkins: I have something in my possession, and there’s people out there that want it, that will stop at nothing to get it. And that puts you, me and the kids in danger here.
Darcy: Ok, so th-then we go. I trust you. Robert, you trust me?
Hawkins: Yeah.
Darcy: Then listen to me. Okay, Sarah is not on our side. Now whatever’s gone on between the two of you, I’m telling you, Robert she’s not here to help us.

Jake: I can see her.
Johnston: See who?
Jake: The girl.
Johnston: What, girl? Jake I think you’re hallucinating son?
Jake: No, listen to me. When I was in Iraq….there was a girl, she couldn’t have been more than 10 or 12.
Johnston: Shh, shh, shh…don’t talk now son, save your energy. We’ll talk when we get home.
Jake: I killed her dad. I killed a little girl.

Mimi: Your lips are still cold.
Stanley: Well...maybe you can warm them up.
Mimi: That's the worst line I've ever heard!

Jake: Wager for the first kill.
Stanley: I’m in for a dozen eggs.
Jake: Two hours chopping wood.
Mimi: Tax Return consultation.
Stanley: How about foot massages for a week? For me, not for him.
Mimi: We’ll talk.

Semper Fidelis [1.15]

Mimi: I just realized.
Stanley: Hmm?
Mimi: If the government is up and running, you know what that means, right?
Stanley: No.
Mimi: Paperwork. They’ll need accountants again.
Stanley: Does that mean I’m back in debt?
Mimi: Don’t be so negative. New York made it. Come next summer I’ll be taking walks through Central Park. [Stanley shakes his head] What?

Hawkins: This is my family, Sarah.
Sarah: It never mattered before.
Hawkins: Yeah, well, now it does.
Sarah: What’s it going to take, someone slitting your wife’s throat before you get it?
Hawkins: Hey, Hey…..You’re right. We will drop them at the safe house and then we’ll keep moving.
Sarah: It’s the right thing for them.
Hawkins: Yeah.

Sarah: How can I be sure you won’t follow me?
Hawkins: I won’t follow you.
Sarah: Not if I take your son with me you won’t.
Darcy: My God.
Sarah: I’ll leave him just outside of town.

Jake: Hey.
Maggie: Our own personal escort out of town?
Jake: Look, you’re a smart girl; you need to get out before these guys get you killed.
Maggie: And go where? Towns aren’t taking refugees and there’s only one thing they want women for.
Jake: Stay here, all right, you’ll be safe.
Maggie: It’s not going to work, not after the story we told.

Stanley: Not now, Mimi.
Mimi: Like hell right now, Cornhusker.
Stanley: Cornhuskers are from Nebraska, I’m a Jayhawker...What? What?
Mimi: You drive me so crazy and you know that I can’t stay here forever but, the truth is I can’t live without you, either.
Stanley: Really?
Mimi: Yes, really.
[Stanley kisses Mimi]

Winter's End [1.16]

Mimi: In this crazy world, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and I don’t wanna leave anything unsaid, so I’m just going to say it, okay? So here I go..
Stanley: I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you at Bailey’s.
Mimi: You said it…you said it first. No one’s ever said it first to me before.
Stanley: I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, plus I can hold it over you for the rest of our lives. [kisses Mimi]
Mimi: I love you Stanley Richmond.
Stanley: But I said it first. [kisses Mimi]

Gail: Honey, you look tired, you getting enough sleep?
April: Almost seven hours.
Gail: Where?
April: In my office.
Gail: Sleeping in your office doesn’t count. You’re going to give the baby a crick in its neck.
April: You’re going to make a terrific grandmother.
Gail: I know.

Mimi: I’ll pick you up at 5:00
Bonnie: I’ll walk.
Mimi: Look, Stanley thinks that you’re using this whole volunteering thing as an excuse to go see Sean Henthorn. I’m just following orders to keep an eye on you; personally I don’t give a damn who you date.
Bonnie: I’ve been volunteering here since I was 16, it’s not about Sean. You volunteered for anything? Ever?

Mary: I’m so cold my mouth is numb.
Eric: We need the logs or we’re going to freeze to death.
Mary: Isn’t that what we are doing now?
Eric: All right. Let’s get in the car. A blanket.
Mary: Let’s turn on the heat.
Eric: We can’t I’m sorry, we won’t have enough gas to get home. You know we could make our own heat.
Mary: Don’t get any ideas I ‘m not taking my clothes off.
Eric: You know how happy you make me.
Mary: I’m still not taking my clothes off.

One Man's Terrorist [1.17]

Kyle: Ma’am, there are empty houses all over Jericho and we sleep in a shelter.
Gail: Those are our neighbors’ homes. They were gone when the bombs went off. They’re coming back!
Kyle: Well, wherever your neighbors are, I hope nobody’s kicking them out of town in the middle of winter.

Gail: [to townsfolk about evicting the refugees] You can’t let them go out there. A woman died on Main Street today. I didn’t even know her name. Did you? Think of our neighbors who didn’t make it back yet. That’s who they are! Now my family can feed two people. Who else here is willing to share their rations?

Reverend: You can't do this Gray, I have given these people sanctuary.
Gray: This is a police matter now.
Reverend: You have no right to assault these people, they have committed no crime. They will be my responsibility.
Gray: What, are you going to feed them? Have you got a little hospital down there Reverend? No, I didn't think so!

Hawkins: So...I just wanted to know how you were doing. Settling in okay at Jimmy's place.
Allison: Yeah, he just never stops talking.
Hawkins: No [chuckles] he doesn't. How's Sam?
Allison: You know, he gets scared.
Hawkins: And you?
Allison: I'm fine.
Hawkins: Look, that thing you had to do to Sarah...I know how that can change people.
Allison: Dad, don't worry about me. I'm not Sam, and I'm not Mom. So... you're not going to live with us anymore, are you?
Hawkins: I don't think it's a good idea right now.
Allison: Then don't worry. I'll take care of them.
Hawkins: Hey, hey, hey. Come here. [He grabs and hugs her] You are not me.

Man on radio: In New York, the terrorists who were apprehended were all carrying nearly-perfect fake FBI badges. Their identities have not been released. Authorities have increased security at all critical sites. Counter-terrorist forces are working to capture those responsible. In the meantime, all citizens are encouraged to be vigilant. As we receive more information, we'll bring it to you. Until then, all news is local. Take care of each other, Kansas.

A.K.A [1.18]

Mimi: [to the chicken she is about to slaughter] So it’s come to this. I want you to know that this is nothing to do with you personally. I’m sure you’re wonderful. But, let’s be honest here. You’re the one that lays the fewest eggs and I distinctly told all of you that this was going to happen. I believe I made myself perfectly clear in that regard...Here's my concern. I've heard stories about how you're going to react to this and if I see half of you running around, well I just know that I'm going to freak out. So if you could do your best to minimize that part of it, well I'd just really appreciate it.

Emily: [to class] Five months ago this was a map of our country. Now it’s an antique. It’s a picture of the way things used to be.

Jake: At the FBI what were you working on?
Hawkins: I was sent here to monitor phone calls made in the area to a suspected terrorist cell.
Jake: And what'd you find out?
Hawkins: Nothing. Trail went dead. We about done here?
Jake: Not even close. Tell me about her: Sarah Mason.
[while Jake's distracted, Robert reaches behind his back and pulls a gun from a drawer]
Hawkins: She's gone. [realizing gun's empty, chuckles] You're pretty thorough.
Jake: I also took care of the one in the cabinet and the one behind the water heater. There's only one loaded gun in this house, and it's mine. Sit down.

Hawkins: Those are Defense Department projections. They've been doing them since the 50's. They're fallout scenarios in the event of a nuclear attack on 20 US cities. Do you see Jericho? It's outside the fallout zones, Jake, it's got a salt mine, plenty of farmland, and access to an untainted water table.
Jake: So you weren't here to monitor phone calls?
Hawkins: Jericho was a rally point in case we failed in our mission.
Jake: Failed or succeeded?

Jake: Did you wipe out 23 American cities?
Hawkins: Get out of my house!
Jake: Answer the question!
Hawkins: Why would you even think that?
Jake: You've got a working generator and a food supply. It's like you knew the attacks were coming!

Casus Belli [1.19]

Jake: Was that doing it your way?
Hawkins: You asked me to come along.
Jake: What were you gonna do?
Hawkins: To get the truth? Less than you would have. You see, I've done—I've done enough, Jake, to know better. It's the fear of torture that gets results. Actual torture...only works in the movies.

Bonnie: [signing] Thank you.
Stanley: For what?
Bonnie: Letting Sean stay.
Stanley: You're welcome.
Bonnie: And for not calling him an idiot, even when he is one.
Stanley: Okay, if you know that...
Mimi: [clears throat] Sorry, just a little frog in my throat. Don't let me interrupt your nice sibling bonding moment. That's what it is, right?
Bonnie: [continues signing] Sean can be an idiot, but he can also be really great. All guys are like that, you have to put up with the "idiot" get to the "great" stuff.
Stanley: [chuckles] Yeah? And where did you come by that little pearl of wisdom?
[Bonnie points at Mimi]
Mimi: What'd she say about me?

Mimi: I never thought I'd be so thankful to live on a farm. From now on I promise I'll only complain intermittently.
Stanley: We don't have much, but we'll always have enough.
Sean: Dude. All they need to do is get the Internet back up. After that it's a piece of cake.
Stanley: Why is that?
Sean: Well you could do anything! I mean you could run for President, make a virtual White house. Fly a plane into that! I mean, virtual cities and towns, nothing to nuke!
Bonnie: Yeah, but, where will we get... stuff?
Sean: What stuff?
Stanley: I dunno... food, clothes, blankets, fuel...
Sean: Not a problem. After the Internet's back up you just order all that stuff!
[long pause]
Mimi: You know Stanley, you would not believe how helpful Sean has been around here with the livestock, and the house, and... just everything!
Bonnie: It's true.

Johnston: So anyhow, it’s like 3 am, I’ve got this flashlight in my face. Gail’s over on her side of the bed trying to find the phone to call the cops and finally I located the light switch. It’s Eric, who’s standing there and he says, “I can’t go to sleep until I confess – I’m drunk.” I said, “You’re what?” He said, “I’m drunk. It won’t ever happen again, I don’t know what I was thinking.” Meantime he looks perfectly normal, his speech isn’t slurred or anything. Gail starts grilling him, turns out he has had a beer and a half. I said to him, “Son, do you have any idea how much beer it takes to get drunk?” He said, “No, I don’t.” I said, “Well get out of here and don’t wake me up again until you do!”

Mimi: You know, you listen to me, Stanley. Your sister's not a child any more. You can't just throw this fit and kick Sean's ass and think that's going to be the end of it.
Stanley: Well, I hope you're going to explain to me why I can't.
Mimi: Because if you do, she's just going to latch on that much tighter; unless they get really angry, in which case the age-old teenage remedy is to run away, which used to mean that you'd hear from them in a few days when they ran out of bus money. Nowadays, chances are much better that you'll find their bodies on the side of a road. Look, right now it is under our roof and it's a pain in the ass, I know. But it's a safe and manageable pain in the ass and I suggest you let him stay here before it turns into more than that.

One if by Land [1.20]

Constantino: Jericho’s continuous acts of aggression against this town are unjustified.
Johnston: What ‘continuous acts of aggression’? We’re neighbors, for God’s sake.
Constantino: I didn’t hear much talk of neighbors when you sent Ravenwood to our front door.
Johnston: We blew everything to hell and gone trying to defend ourselves against those mercenaries. We had no idea where they were heading next.
Constantino: You didn’t try and warn us? You couldn’t help us while they were raiding what little we had left? Shooting whoever got in their way? My deputies, my friends?

Eric: [about his torture] It’s not about Hawkins. They wanna know about Jericho. What our defenses are like, do we have any troops, where are they posted, do we have a stock pile of weapons, that sort of thing.
Jake We have to get back, we have to warn them.
Eric: We will. We’re not gonna die in here.

Emily: For what it's worth, you and Mary have a lot in common.
Gail: What -- we both love Eric?
Emily: No, I was actually going to say you're both pretty tough broads. You're both a little hard-headed. In a bar fight -- even money.

Maggie: So, what's the plan?
Hawkins: Plan? There's gonna be an explosion in town. Hopefully it'll cause enough chaos that we can somehow get Jake and Eric out of there.
Maggie: I think I can help you with that. I have an in with Constantino.

Constantino: I want you to tell me who your friend is and where I can find him. Things are gonna get very bad for you and your brother if you don't help us, Jake.
Jake: Why would I want to help you?
Constantino: This is what I know is that you, your friend, and your brother were caught attempting to sabotage this town's sole means of manufacturing.
Jake: You were manufacturing weapons. You were-
Constantino: So I'm gonna repeat the question -- Where is your friend?
Jake: Why don't you tell me what happened to Heather Lisinski?
Constantino: Take him back.
Guard: Let's go, boy.
Jake: Word's going to get back. It's going to get back to Jericho about what you're doing and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

Coalition of the Willing [1.21]

Refugee: You want us to risk our lives for a promise? [refugees begin to leave]
Dale: Listen – listen! Since you’ve been here you’ve been asking for a place to live, food. You came here as refugees and you’re still being treated as second-class citizens. That’s no way to live. If you fight for my farm and we win, then everybody gets an equal split. It’ll be your farm. You’ll have a stake in this town that nobody can take away from you. You’ll never have to ask anyone for anything ever again. So, who wants a future?

Emily: Help us fight. We'll give you half. Half of all the weapons, food, and fuel that we take. And if New Bern's army is as big as you say it is, you'll do a lot better than hittin' one truck at a time out here.
Jonah: You've got more of me in you than you're ever going to admit.

Johnston: Stanley, what happened out there?
Stanley: I don't know. We were moving towards the mortar truck. And they were waiting, they were waiting on both sides of it for us. They wouldn't, they wouldn't stop firing.
Gray: Stanley, where's everybody else?
Johnston: Where are they, son?
Jake: Stanley?
Stanley: They're, they're all dead. They're all dead.

Johnston: Most of you have no idea what to do or what's coming, some of you do. This isn't a fight about land or about this town. Its a fight for our very existence. Pray for each other; and while you're at it, pray for the men and women of New Bern and pray that God forgives us.

Constantino: We're still cleanin' the blood of eight deputies off the sidewalks of New Bern. So you need to understand our position. We need seven farms, including the Jackson farm, the Herbert farm, and the Richmond farm. And we need half the salt mine. You have four hours to respond.
Gray: I don't understand. What are you askin' us to do?
Constantino: Jericho is about to be invaded. For the sake of your people, I'm asking you to surrender.

Why We Fight [1.22]

Mimi: [to Stanley's parents' graves] I really love your son. And, of course, Bonnie is just wonderful and I've really enjoyed living with them…
Stanlay: [under his breath] Great.
Mimi: What?
Stanley: I didn't say we were living together. We're not married!
Mimi: Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I… [Bonnie starts laughing]

Darcy: So there were dozens of these things used in the attacks, right? And now you have the last one.
Hawkins: Yeah.
Darcy: I don't, I don't think these people are looking at this thing as a weapon. It's more than that. It's...
Hawkins: Evidence.
Darcy: It's the smoking gun behind the greatest crime in the history of the world.

Hawkins: This satellite must remain a secret.
Johnston: [pauses briefly] Sounds good.
Jake: What, that's it?
Johnston: What do you want me to say? I get it, man has a satellite, doesn't want anyone to know.
Jake: Yeah, but...
Johnston: I am about to go to war with New Bern, Kansas, the home of the nearest Costco - today is already just about as weird as I can handle. I'm not asking any more questions.

Jake: [about his father] He's been shot.
Hawkins: I'm sorry. OK.You know what to do, right? Keep pressure on the wound. And there should be some morphine curettes in the supplies I gave you.
Jake: Yeah, we've got it.
Hawkins: Listen, Jake, people are gonna be looking to you now. You know what I mean?
Jake: Yeah.

Johnston: [to Jake] One day, I know you're gonna become the man I know you can be. The man you were born to be. By God, that day's gonna be something to see.

Constantino: Jake, you're outmanned and you're outgunned. There's too many of us and we are too desperate to give up. You cannot win this. I'm giving you one last chance to walk away, to put your guns down and return to town, and no one else will be harmed. Jake, I need an answer. What's it gonna be?
Jake: NUTS!
Constantino: Sorry, what was that?
Jake: You can go straight to hell.

Season 2


Reconstruction [2.01]

Mimi: [about Trish] Did you see that skin? It's like porcelain. That girl's never had a restless night's sleep in her life. And here I am running five miles a day so my butt doesn't hit my ankles!

Robert: You know, if you were smart, you'd let three months go by. Wait until everything calms down and then you would go in there quietly in the middle of the night and you would kill Constantino in his sleep. 'Cause that I would understand. But this, this is just you making a big show out of it, Jake, and it is both dangerous and stupid.

Mimi: I'm sorry I asked you to marry me.
Stanley: No, look, I was gonna ask you!
Mimi: You were?
Stanley: I was, yes. I had it all planned out. I was gonna propose the way my father proposed to my mother.
Mimi: How'd he do it?
Stanley: He asked her.

Mimi: What's that?
Stanley: It's my mother's wedding ring, now please, be quiet. I've never loved anybody the way I love you. And I can't remember my life before you and...and, uh [gets down on one knee] now I really don't think I could live without you. Listen, I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy, I swear to God. So, will you marry me?
[Mimi nods and gasps out a laugh]
Stanley: See, you can talk.
Mimi: Yes. Yes.

Mimi: Tell me you didn't sign this contract.
Stanley: I didn't sign that contract.
Mimi: Oh good.
Stanley: I signed another one. That's a copy.

Condor [2.02]

Stanley: This is a big day! You get to be an accountant again. Account things, add things up, maybe even a little subtraction, right?
Mimi: I have to say, I cannot wait to work in that office. You wouldn't believe how organized the Jennings and Rall people are. Everything is bar-coded. I have so missed bar-codes and spreadsheets. I mean every component and package and foodstuff, every ounce is accounted for; where's its been and where its going. Oh, I had forgotten how beautiful order can be.
Stanley: That's probably the most boring story I've heard in months.

Beck: Sheriff Green? Nice uniform.
Jake: [lifting up casual jacket to show badge pinned to jeans] I'm pacing myself.

Mimi: I'm still trying to figure out how to make our wedding registry vital to national security.
Stanley: You're already planning our wedding registry?
Mimi: Oh, since I was twelve. And I've already taken off the list luxury items that we already have such as your Star Wars collectors' glasses.

Tomarchio: You've lost loved ones, and here you are again; still strong, still proud. This is the best of America. But infighting has left us weak and vulnerable to our enemies. Remnants of the old Federal government has fallen back to Columbus, Ohio. After the attacks that government endlessly debated our response. So, in a vacuum of leadership I acted to let the world know that America was down, but not out! The Federal government of the eastern block states no longer has any governing authority beyond the Mississippi. You've seen the flag. This is the flag of a new country, flying from the Mississippi to the Pacific. The thirteen stripes of red and white still represent the thirteen colonies, but they run in a new direction, just as we must chart a new direction for ourselves. In a few short weeks Mayor Anderson will represent you as we ratify a constitution for this new nation, that will be known to the world by a new name; The Allied States of America! And with this new name, a clean slate. Our debts have been forgiven, and we are open again for business. That means jobs, stocked shelves, a return to life as we knew it. And in the fall we'll have elections where we can all take part in building a new government, as a safer, stronger America. God bless you, and God bless the Allied States of America!

Eric: [about his mother] You should be glad she's not here. She would have thrown that new history book right in the president's face.
Gray: Oh, come on…
Eric: He wasn't elected, Gray. How does a government no one voted for change the constitution? We found time to have an election. Of all people I think you would have remembered that.

Jennings & Rall [2.03]

Beck: Mr. Goetz has already informed me of your previous run-ins.
Jake: Yeah, did he tell you about the massacre he and his men carried out in Rogue River? Did he give you a head count on how many people he murdered in New Bern?

Goetz: [to Jake] This is a brand new building, and this is my office. In that office is a desk, and on that desk is a folder; the Jennings and Rall corporate dossier for Jake Green. Let me try to put it in perspective for you, Jake. You got a very interesting period of employment with JR. Especially Safa, Iraq. Remember Safa. You heard stories about me, you think you know who I am… I wonder what the people of Safa must think about you?

Heather: Three doctors on this radio frequency said the risk of the generic stuff being dangerous is almost nil. But somehow there's only one legally approved source.
Jake: J and R.

Heather: How many people have you lost since then?
Woman on Radio: Hard to say… about [static]…twenty.
Heather: I'm sorry, you're breaking up. It sounds like you've lost twenty people in the last week?
Woman on Radio: Sorry, two hundred and twenty. Around two-twenty.

Beck: My wife was in Santa Fe when the attacks came. After that, uh…
Heather: I'm sorry.
Beck: I have to hope that she's okay. Until then I do my job. And I, uh, I trust that wherever she is, some army major is looking after her the way I try to look after the people under my charge.

Oversight [2.04]

Hawkins: Let's agree on this. You don't make the terms. I do. And if you have information to share, then you just share it. But if you lie to me then know that I will find out, and the next time we speak, it will not be on the phone. Those are the terms.
Voice on Phone: Agreed. Now can we move on to more urgent business?
Hawkins: I'm listening.
Voice on Phone: Good. 'Cause you're a day away from being caught.

Stanley: We're talking about booze and cows, here.
Emily: The Stamp Act, the Sugar Act
Stanley: What are you talking about?
Emily: The Boston Tea Party. Was it just about tea? Every revolution that's ever been fought, they started in rooms like this.

Heather: The government, the army, the news… they're all lying about who's responsible for the attacks.
Hawkins: Yes.
Heather: You're telling the truth.
Hawkins: Yeah.
Heather: Who are you?

Deputy Kohler: It's Fort Knox back there.
Jake: What is that?
Deputy Kohler: Thumb-print scanner. Getting that room ready to house 'classified' information, pretty short list of people that will have access.
Jake: Let me guess, I'm not on it?
Deputy Kohler: But, if it's any consolation, you now hold the distinction of being the first Jericho sheriff, in history, who doesn't have a key to the sheriff's office.

Voice on Phone: [about the file] Jennings and Rall put it all in one place. It was supposed to protect us, but someone got a hold of it. It took our worst nightmare and made it come true.
Hawkins: Okay, how do you know about this?
Voice on Phone: Because I helped write it.

Termination for Cause [2.05]

Jake: It's not gonna wait twelve hours.
Beck: Well, it's gonna have to. Things are coming apart at the seams in New Bern right now. And you have my word, tomorrow I'm gonna get into this but for tonight I'm trusting that you can keep things under control here. That means Goetz is off limits. No threats, no retribution, no exceptions. Do you understand?

Russell: [to Heather] The resistance in New Bern has placed a bounty on your head. We were sent to collect it. Is there a place we can talk?

Hawkins: So why not just blow the whistle? What do you need me for?
Voice on Phone: I don't need you. I need your bomb.

Mike: Punish Goetz in New Bern, we show Beck we're not going away any time soon.
Heather: I know things are bad, but the minute you threw in with Constantino you gave up the high ground. Beck's gonna fight you. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be helping him do it.

Eric: When April died all I could think about was I hadn't done enough. That it was my fault.
Stanley: When my parents died I did that. I blamed myself, and I hated myself for being alive. But there was this little girl to take care of.
Eric: I know that this is harder. When your parents died, that was an accident. An act of God.
Stanley: Aren't they all?

Sedition [2.06]

Beck: The Rangers are now considered fugitives. I want all of them.
Jake: Good luck finding them.
Beck: Until they're produced I'm declaring Jericho to be in a state of open insurrection. Lights, power, food supplies... 9 pm tonight, I'm shutting it all down.
Jake: We've lived without that stuff before; we'll do it again.

Beck: [about capturing the Rangers] How long and how much this town suffers is up to its citizens. Somebody knows where those men are.
Heather: The Rangers were saving lives back when you couldn't have found Jericho on a map.

Jake: Explain this to me. I hurt everybody that was ever close to me and I get a second chance, but Stanley... Stanley never hurt a soul in his life...
Grandpa: And he lost everything.
Jake: How is that right?
Grandpa: Life doesn't...
Jake: on a balance sheet, I know. But it should.
Grandpa: And your punishment is to sit in this hole and die. How does that bring back Bonnie? Or the Stanley you knew? Or the little girl in Iraq?
Jake: It's a start.
Grandpa: It's an ending!
Jake: What choice do I have?
Grandpa: The answer is Beck.
Jake: I don't even know where to start with him. And he's too stubborn to listen.
Grandpa: Your father said that about you once. You turned out real nice.
Jake: It's not about convincing one man he's wrong. It's a... it's a whole system.
Grandpa: You think it's impossible? This has all happened before. If the names weren't Jennings & Rall, they would be names like... the British East India Trading Company. If it wasn't Ravenwood, it'd be the Hessian Mercenaries. And it all comes down to the same thing...
Jake: Revolution.

Jake: It's my fault. No one else's. I'm the sheriff. I...
Beck: You were sheriff.
Jake: I'm the only one to blame. The only one, so my terms are simple. My surrender for the amnesty of the other Rangers.
Beck: I accept your surrender. [Pauses] But not the terms.

Patriots and Tryants [2.07]

Hawkins: [prepping to retrieve the bomb] I'm asking for your help but I can't afford for you to go off book out there and I don't have any room for debate, so if you've got any questions, now's the time.
Jake: Yeah, I've got a question. How do we find the bomb?
Hawkins: No idea. Anything else?

Heather: He said this government is corrupt and illegitimate. That it lied about who attacked us to seize power.
Beck: You're naive.
Heather: And you're a coward.
Beck: Excuse me?
Heather: You know there's something wrong with this country, and you refuse to open your eyes and see it.

Hawkins: What happens in the next few hours could determine the course of things for years to come. Y'know, maybe our history for the next hundred years. That is the responsibility we got here. And if that comes at a terrible cost, then so be it, because that's the only way things get better and the way people stay free. That's why I do what I do.

Jake: I think we started a war today. Let me guess, not your first?
Hawkins: Jake, this war was coming with or without us. I just hope we did enough to make it a fair fight.

Hawkins: So how does it feel?
Jake: What?
Hawkins: Making history.


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