Jeremy Isaacs

Scottish television producer and executive, and opera manager

Sir Jeremy Isaacs (born 28 September 1932) is a Scottish-born television producer and executive, winner of many BAFTA awards and international Emmy Awards. He was also General Director of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (1987–96).


Interview in Prospect Magazine [1]Edit

  • My guess is that mainstream channels will play a leading role for another decade, and probably far longer. Some content may be fragmented into itsy-bitsy bites delivered via mobiles, but programmes as we know them will remain central.
  • For some of us it now embodies a mildly prurient voyeurism, but those who stay tuned claim it offers real insights into people's lives.
    • Of the programme Big Brother
  • C4's prime marketing concept is the appeal to a 16-34 audience. This has some strange consequences—a series explaining Islam, for example, is entrusted to Peaches Geldof. There's an obsession with adolescent transgression and sex. Gordon Ramsay is hired to make a series called The F Word; Designer Vaginas is followed by The World's Biggest Penis. Earlier this autumn, unless I dreamed it, we were subject to a "wank week."

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