Jennifer Rubin (columnist)

American columnist

Jennifer Rubin (born June 11, 1962) is an American political commentator who writes opinion columns for The Washington Post.


  • No doubt the Danes who protected the Jews in WWII are spinning in their graves.
  • As we saw on Jan. 6, when elected leaders defy the law, they invite their followers to do the same. Chaos reigns, the courts become powerless, and mob rule (directed by an authoritarian leader) prevails. When [Donald] Trump lambastes judges and prosecutors and promises to "weaponize" the Justice Department, judges must maintain a zero-tolerance policy for officials' (and former officials') defiance of laws and court orders and ignore their claims of persecution. Judges should continue to denounce the contempt for courts, the law and truth Republicans routinely display.
    If courts do not mete out severe consequences for willful disregard of the law and attacks on the legitimacy of the courts, Trump will succeed in ripping up the foundation of our democracy. Judges simply must hold the line.
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