Jen Beattie

Scottish association football player

Jennifer Patricia Beattie MBE (born 13 May 1991) is a Scottish professional footballer who plays for Arsenal of the FA WSL and formerly the Scotland national team. Beattie is a tall, strong, right-footed player. Although typically a defender or midfielder, she is also an accomplished goalscorer. She is the daughter of former Scotland and British Lions rugby union player, John Beattie, and also joins Rachel Yankey and Izzy Christiansen to run a podcast on Sky Sports Football YouTube channel, 3 Players and A Podcast.


  • I’ve always tried to eventually adopt a short-term memory. As athletes, you could do 100 things right in the game, but you’ll remember the one ball you gave away or the tackle you missed or the opportunity you didn’t see.
  • You’re always going to remember the negative, but I think that’s what pushes you and that’s what gets you to the level you want to be at.
  • It’s what happens next and how you react to it that matters more than the actual mistake.
  • Playing in boys’ teams can be really difficult. It’s a test of your character. You have to push yourself out of comfort zones and try and view it as a challenge if it’s something that you really want to do.
  • Performance ultimately doesn’t matter, it’s the human that comes first.
  • I’m a big believer that if someone’s happy off the pitch, or has the least amount of stress in their life off of it, then that will help performance.
  • Don’t go home and sit in the flat, go and get an education.
  • I think self-doubt is probably what keeps me going, keeps me pushing myself, because I never think I’m at the right level. The minute I think I’m at that level, I’ll probably not get the job done. The way my head works is I always think I’m not as good and have to work harder.
  • There’s no reset button quite like cancer.
  • No matter how high or low you get, nothing is going to stay the same forever, so just ride it out and don’t get carried away.
  • Everyone goes through hard stuff, but it’s important to check yourself, and reset if you can.
  • And remember, no matter how bad you feel, nothing lasts forever.
  • I feel like it’s moments like these or times like these where you realise why you play sport. It really is like being part of a family away from family.
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