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Jehst (born 1979), William G. Shields, is a British rapper. Within the UK hip-hop scene, he is known for his intelligent lyrics and original style.[1] He spent his early childhood in Crowborough in Sussex before moving to Huddersfield where he experienced the bleak realities of the post-industrial north, which have been such an influence on his lyrical style.

The Return of the Drifter EP (2002)Edit

  • I stand in the blistering heat as the epitome
    of the anti-hero
    Stitchin' up my injuries and flippin' imagery
    , mixing toxins 'til I'm lost in the synergy
    • High Plains Anthem
  • I hibernate through the winter and wait for the summer madness
    Stout on my breath and a bad case of desert mouth.
    • 1979
  • Son of the Devil, I turn wine into water
    • Alcoholic Author

Falling Down LP (2003)Edit

  • Believe me I bleed on the vinyl and CD
    • Liquor Soaked Sentiments
  • Gazelle accelerate away from my Puma shoes, it's like Noah's Ark, embarking two by two
    • Manimals Featuring Usmaan & The Sundragon
  • Selling eighths to an eighth of the population, giving them a proper education
    Teeth chatter when I walk past hearts of glass... shatter, I shape planets out of dark matter
    • Citizen Smif

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