Jeffrey Cohen (born 19 February 1940) is a leading British rabbi and author of books on Judaism.

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  • G-d does not wish to occupy the role of Spiritual dictator, coercing us to accept His Torah. He would rather that we spend our life studying, plumbing the depths of, and becoming inspired by it, so that we may reach the stage when, with proper conviction and enthusiasm, we can affirm, "Whatever G-d says we will obey."

Chell=== Following the Synagogue Service (Gnesia Publications, 1997, {{ISBN|0-946000-01-8

500 Questions and Answers on Chanukah (Vallentine Mitchell, 2005, ISBN 0-85303-676-4 edit

  • Torah is an ever-expanding universe
    • Preface, p. ix
  • The effect of Judaism's vigorous promotion of monotheism, and the dignity that this doctrine conferred on all humankind, as created in God's image, coupled with the discipline, warnth and security offered by the Jewish way of life, cannot be overestimated as a powerful catalyst for the undermining and eventual destruction of Graeco-Roman paganism.
    • Preface, p. ix
  • Everything really belongs to God, and man has no right to assume that he can, at will, exploit God's bounty.
    • p. 164

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