Jean Zerbo

Malian Roman Catholic cardinal

Jean Zerbo (27 December 1943–) is a Malian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church who has serves as the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bamako.

Jean Zerbo


  • I believe that the religious have two main tasks. On the one hand, as Ezekiel says, to behave like sentinels, not spies: when there is a threat we must warn and try to solve the problem before it explodes, it is a very big responsibility and if there are so many problems it means that the sentinels did not carry out their job well. Then we must be intercessors and when there is hostility between two groups, families or people, we have to mediate in truth. It is also essential to always keep prayer alive for the Country and for the protagonists so that God converts the heart. Now, it can be said, that the heart of many is of stone, it is up to us to make it flesh. Religions here seek a common line to promote peace.

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