Jean Pierre Flourens

Marie-Jean-Pierre Flourens was a french physiologist, the first to demonstrate the function of most of the vertebrates central nervous system. (1794-1867)

Marie Jean Pierre Flourens (13 April 17946 December 1867), father of Gustave Flourens, was a French physiologist, the founder of experimental brain science and a pioneer in anesthesia.

Jean Pierre Flourens


  • Man is neither carnivorous nor herbivorous. He has neither the teeth of the cud-chewers, nor their four stomachs, nor their intestines. If we consider these organs in man, we must conclude him to be by nature and origin frugivorous, as is the ape.
    • Quoted in The Perfect Way in Diet by Anna Kingsford (London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., 1881), p. 14.

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