Jean Haudry

French linguist

Jean Haudry (28 May 193423 May 2023) was a French linguist and Indo-Europeanist. He was the founder of the Institut d'Études Indo-Européennes ("Institute of Indo-European Studies") at the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 (France), along with Jean-Paul Allard and Jean Varenne.


  • But even if anthropological data were lacking, the numerous concordant testimonies of ancient texts would be more than sufficient to demonstrate that the upper layer of the population presented the Nordic type. Everywhere, whether common or rare in the population, this type is associated with social status, character and moral value. ... The Nordic type of Indo-European man is not a hypothesis: it is a fact of tradition. Now the decisive advantage of this type of testimony is that it is indisputable: we cannot imagine that the poets would have sung about tall, light-skinned, blond, blue-eyed men if their sponsors had been short, dark, if they had had dark skin and black eyes.
  • An integral part of the tradition, the preference for the Nordic physical type is seen both in the texts which frequently mentions light complexion and blond hair, as in fragment 1.51 et seq. by Alcman “the tuft of hair of my cousin Hagesichora shines like pure gold, illuminating her silver face”, and the blue eyes like those of Athena glaukōpis “with light blue eyes”. The statuary gives consistent and complementary information on the morphology. This ideal type is that of the upper layer of the Greek population of the time.

Quotes about Jean Haudry

  • In his “Que sais-je?” on the Indo-Europeans, which is a follow-on to a first volume almost entirely devoted to Indo-European linguistics, Jean Haudry describes an ideal proto Indo-European society, which for the most part belongs to the realm of fantasy as becomes more and more obvious as the book progresses.
    • Jean-Paul Demoule - The Indo-Europeans_ Archaeology, Language, Race, and the Search for the Origins of the West
  • Senseless controversies (racist, or so-called racist, versus antiracist) into which they wanted to drag me and in which they unscrupulously used me, have been blighting my life since December. Indeed, under the direction of linguist Jean Haudry a “Centre d’études indo-européennes” (Centre for Indo-European Studies), which is both mediocre and compromising, has been founded at the Université de Lyon-III. Jean Varenne lords over it. Furthermore, a group of Jews, some young and some not so young, are busy composing sadly authentic Protocoles . . . Look at the journal—4 issues per year—Le Genre humain and the Léon Poliakov publication that appeared in Brussels (with Olender as editor!). How miserable!
    • Letter by G. Dumezil to M Eliade, quoted from Jean-Paul Demoule - The Indo-Europeans_ Archaeology, Language, Race, and the Search for the Origins of the West
  • The chief sources for Nouvelle Droite musings about India are the late Jean Varenne, an eminent indologist who was less outspoken on the present debate, and Jean Haudry, sanskritist and IE linguist, who by contrast has involved himself quite strongly in this debate. Haudry, member of the Scientific Committee of the French national-populist party Front National, maintains that the Proto-Indo-Europeans were tall, blue-eyed, fair-haired, long-skulled and straight-nosed. Of course, he supports the AIT: “The Vedas and Brahmanas mention the Aryan invasion in India” (actually, they don’t), and: “It is probable that the Aryans left from the site of Jamna on the Volga” and that some of them “came to India where they first arrived towards the beginning of the second millennium BC”.
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