Jean-Pierre Vigier

French physicist

Jean-Pierre Vigier (January 16, 1920May 4, 2004) was a French physicist and assistant to Louis de Broglie. He was a proponent of the Stochastic interpretation of quantum mechanics, which was based on the ideas of de Broglie and David Bohm.

Jean-Pierre Vigier

Dr. Ernest Sternglass mentions him in his 1997 book, Before the Big Bang Sternglass met and collaborated with Vigier on details of theoretical work which eventually led to a new (and decidedly non-standard) model of protons and neutrons, as well as all the other "particles", such as pi-mesons and rho-mesons and K-mesons and lambda-baryons.

As is well known, the physics community was then, and still is today, divided into two rival camps, whose nominal leaders are Bohr and Einstein, who famously debated the merits of the "Copenhagen" interpretation of quantum mechanics, versus the "stochastic" interpretation. {Note that the former has come to be known as the "standard model"} Einstein always said that that interpretation was "incomplete" --- and needed some major insights to become believable, while Bohr defended it valiantly.


  • Great physicists fight great battles.
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