Jean-Baptiste Biot

French scientist (1774-1862)

Jean-Baptiste Biot (April 21, 1774February 3, 1862) was a French physicist, astronomer and mathematician who established the reality of meteorites. In the early 1800s, he studied the polarisation of light passing through chemical solutions, as well as the relationship between electrical current and magnetism. The Biot–Savart law, which describes the magnetic field generated by a steady current, is named after him and Félix Savart.

Divided minds, getting lost on different paths, are losing the huge advantage that would result from their combined forces.

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  • Les esprits partagés, s'égarant dans des routes différentes, perdent l'immense avantage qui résulterait de leurs forces réunies.
  • The first step to be taken, is to study carefully the fundamental phenomenon above described, and to examine all the various circumstances under which it presents itself.

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