Jean-Antoine Dubois

French missionary

Abbe J.A. Dubois or Jean-Antoine Dubois (January 1765 – 17 February 1848) was a French Catholic missionary in India, and member of the 'Missions Etrangères de Paris'.

Thomas Hickey: Jean Antoine Dubois in Madras circa 1820


  • And there is no stronghold of evil so impregnable as Brahmins.
    • Abbe Dubois in 1820. quoted in Koenraad Elst, St. Thomas And Anti-Brahminism – Koenraad Elst. quoted in Ishwar Sharan. The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple. Third edition. 2010.
  • "It must be admitted,” says the unsympathetic Dubois, “that the laws of etiquette and social politeness are much more clearly laid down, and much better observed by all classes of Hindus, even by the lowest, than they are by people of corresponding social position in Europe.”
    • J.-A. Dubois, quoted in Will Durant Our Oriental Heritage : India and Her Neighbors.

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