Javier Lozano Barragán

Catholic cardinal

Javier Lozano Barragán (26 January 1933 – 20 April 2022) was a Mexican prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Javier Lozano Barragán


  • Life is the most important gift of all, anything which threatens life is not progress, it is regression. And the Church has never been in favour of regression. The Church defends progress which makes use of technology, of which the horizon is a possibility, and of ethics of which the horizon is finality. If we combine technology, science and ethics without control, then we unleash an insane machine which goes in all directions including the destruction of mankind. If instead, we combine bio-ethics and bio-genetics we indicate a path leading to the edification rather than the annihilation of mankind. Ethics alone are able to understand when "progress" will destroy man: ethics accept everything which edifies man and reject all which aims to destroy man.

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