Jason Scott

American technology historian and archivist

Jason Scott Sadofsky (born September 13, 1970), more commonly known as Jason Scott, is an American archivist and historian of technology.

So you can be a historian and also be an asshole.


  • “Google is a library or archive like a supermarket is a food museum.”[1]
    • Variation: Treating Google like an Archive is like treating a supermarket like a Food Museum.[2]
  • "Neutral Point of View is a doctrine about how Wikipedia articles should be written. Like wikipedia itself, it is a great idea in theory. In application, of course, it turns into yet another hammer for wonks and whackjobs to beat each other and innocent bystanders."

Quotes about Jason Scott

  • Jason Scott is an arrogant, self-impressed idiot who thinks he's god's gift to techies because he remembers "the golden days" of BBS's.
    • A 2006 comment on Slashdot by a user named Superbanana, which Jason Scott appropriated for use in the banner of his textfiles site. The original post was in Wikipedia Wars -- Late Express Ferry (28 August 2006)..
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