Jaroslav Kvapil

Czech politician, poet, theatre director, playwright, librettist and translator (1868-1950)

Jaroslav Kvapil (25 September 1868 – 10 January 1950) was a Czech poet, theater director, translator, playwright, and librettist.

Jaroslav Kvapil, circa 1940


Address of Bohemian Authors to the Parliamentary Representatives of the Bohemian People (Manifesto of Czech writers)Edit

  • The program of our nation is given by its history and by its racial individuality, by its modern political life and by its rights and by all that which gave rise to these rights and solemnly guaranteed them.
    • The Bohemian Review, Volume 1, p.5
  • The people demand of you that you be equal to these great historical times, that you sacrifice all other considerations, that you offer your utmost abilities, that you act at this time as men who are independent, who have no personal ties and obligations, men of supreme moral and national consciousness.
    • The Bohemian Review, Volume 1, p.5
  • These desires and these rights of the Czecho-Slovak nation get new strength and new emphasis through the progress to date of the world war, for the future of Europe is coming to have a new, democratic appearance. All our political aims likewise must be looked at from a standpoint equally elevated and freedom loving, combined with the old Bohemian honesty, unselfishness and devotion, with the ancient noble consideration for the honor of the Bohemian nation and for the verdict of the future. These great qualities the Bohemian nation manifested through the self-confident calm which it managed to preserve during the war in spite of all provocation, not needing instruction by its delegates or other political counsels. This self-confident calm, this instinct of self-preservation, were the healthiest expression of our national life. This eloquent national silence, unbroken through the severest oppression, was to continue till the end of the world struggle.
    • The Bohemian Review, Volume 1, p.5

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  • The Bohemian Review, Volume 1, no. 6 (1917)