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Jane and the Dragon is a CGI children's animated television series based on the books of the same name by Martin Baynton. The show is directed by Mike Fallows and motion capture directed by Peter Salmon; it is co-produced by Weta Workshop (as Weta Productions) in New Zealand and Nelvana Limited in Canada. The series follows the comedic exploits of Jane, an adolescent girl training to be a knight, and her friend, Dragon, a talking, flying, 300-year-old, fire-breathing dragon.

Episodes edit

Tests and Jests [1.1] edit

Jester: Nervous!
[Jane knocks Jester onto the ground]
Jester: Jester down! Just needing attention!
Jane: You mean an audience?

Rake: Are you nervous, Jane?
Jane: Pepper have taught me these breathing exercises.
Rake: Like Dragon blowing fire.
[Jane breathes in and out]
Rake: Not much of a cinder.

The Tooth Fairy [1.2] edit

King: [to the Princess] Goodnight, my loose tooth.

Dragon: They have to put a big crown under my pillow.
Jane: You sleep on a pillow?
Dragon: Pillow, boulder.

Princess: Tooth, I command you to come out right now!

Jester Justice [1.3] edit

Dragon: Some duel. No killing, no clobbering, not even any crying.

Jane: I am trying to save you.
Jester: And I am trying to sleep. [slams the window]

Dragon: Hunger before honor, Jane.

Rake: Oh Dragon! Hi... I... I was just out... umm... taking my stew... for a walk.

A Dragon's Tail [1.4] edit

Shall We Dance [1.5] edit

Dragon: A perfect five-point landing.

Dragon: Say one more word and that life will be charcoal.

The Offer [1.6] edit

Gunther: If you want to help, help by being somewhere else.

Jane: I am so stubborn.
Dragon: Leave my friend alone.
Jane: We are alone.

Dragon Rules [1.7] edit

Dragon: "Moo" is natures finest sound, starts with a "mmmmmm", ends with an "ooooooo".

King: No crown, no duties.
Sir Ivon: And no day off for me.

All Fools Day [1.8] edit

Dragon Diva [1.9] edit

Adventures in Royal Babysitting [1.10] edit

Jane: Then she wasn't in danger when she was up on the roof?
Sir Ivon: Up on the roof?

Three's a Crowd [1.11] edit

Jane: Why did the cow jump over the moon?
Dragon: Don't know.
Jane: Farmer had cold hands.

A Pig of a Problem [1.12] edit

Smithy: Pig hasn't hurt a fly!
Jane: Well the prince is not a fly.

A Thing of Beauty [1.13] edit

Dragon: Tomorrow they will be screaming for me.
Jane: Screaming and running for their lives.

Rune [1.14] edit

Pepper: [after Dragon roasted the potatoes] The king wanted them mashed.
Dragon: I can sit on them.
Pepper: No, thank you.

Foul Weather Friends [1.15] edit

Jester: So anyway what do you call a creature with two large wings and one tiny brain? Besides "Dragon", that is.
[Pepper, Smithy, and Rake look in fear as they notice Dragon standing behind Jester]
Jester: [turning to see Dragon] Oh! Dragon! Hello!
Dragon: What do you call a creature with large teeth and a tiny temper?
Jester: Uhh... uhh... I call him as little as possible.

Dragon: Do you mind? I was flying through perfectly lovely dream clouds, when suddenly, click click click, they turned into clog-dancing cows.

Dragon: No more sweet dreams, Jane. My nights will be haunted by visions of you hitting the ground like an egg.
Jane: Oh please.
Dragon: An egg, Jane. Crack. Squish.
Jane: Yes. Enough. I get the picture.

Dragonphobia [1.16] edit

Jester: It seems that Jane is not herself.
Dragon: Then who is she?

Princess Lavinia: Lady Jane, Daddy is the King. And I am his little princess. And you are my bestest friend in the whole castle. And the bravest knight in the kingdom.
Jane: Brave? Me?
Princess Lavinia: Oh yes. But mostly you like to brush my hair. Shall I get the brush?

Smithy: Jane?
Jane: The dragon lunged at me with his claws. Lunged!
Smithy: Dragon did?
Jane: No, but he might have. Horrible creature.
Princess Lavinia: Did Dragon try to eat you, Jane? Eat you up and crunch you? And spit out all your bones?
Jane: Not yet, but I think he plans to.

Pride and Pollen [1.17] edit

Dragon: When a dragon sneezes, fire follows. The good news is... I fried my pumpkin.

Jane: Dragon, you have to go.
Dragon: Go?
Jane: Order of the King. You must stay away from the castle until this sneezing is under control.
Dragon: How very unreasonable.
Jane: You started a forest fire!
Dragon: Forest? Burned a few leaves. Grass. That wagon was not much to look at anyway.

Knight Light [1.18] edit

Dragon: Wolves--I thought it was my stomach rumbling in pain!

Jane: I must consult the brightess minds.
Dragon: At your service, put a sack over your head!

Jester: Now how many carrots does Jane have to eat before she grow scales?

Fathers [1.19] edit

Jane: You will bring the ceiling down!
Dragon: A very pressing problem!

Dragon: What are you doing?
Jane: [holding up a cup] Toasting them.
Dragon: [after breathing fire] No, that's toasting!
Jester: Dragon!

Strawberry Fool [1.20] edit

Go West Young Gardener [1.21] edit

Jane: I lose all track of time when I'm with Dragon.
Rake: As I do in my garden.
Pepper: And me when I am cooking.
Jester: Being funny does it for me. Unless no one laughs, then time stretches on forever.

Mismatched [1.22] edit

Dragon: How do we get this secret out of Jane?
Jester: Dragon, how can you be so thick?
Dragon: 37 square meals a day.

Dragon's Egg [1.23] edit

King's Knight [1.24] edit

The Last of the Dragonslayers [1.25] edit

Gunther: Sir Theodore, you look in fine fettle today.
Dragon: Fettle. Funny word that.

For Crying Out Loud [1.26] edit

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