Jane Eyre: The Musical

musical drama

Jane Eyre: The Musical (2000), based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë. Music and lyrics by Paul Gordon, book and additional lyrics by John Caird.

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  • When all she wants to do is...fly. Over mountains, over oceans, how her restlessness stirs. For she longs for her liberty, when will liberty be hers?
    • Jane Eyre
  • She saves me when I can't be saved, frees me but I'm still enslaved. Now I battle what I most adore. Oh, let me sail away, get lost at sea and make this vow: what my heart wants I will not allow. For as the sirens call the sailors, she calls to me.
    • Mr. Rochester
  • There's no sight so sad, no stench so bad, as that of a naughty girl. No crime so grave, as children who misbehave. When a girl can't be saved, God hears her plea, but he leaves her soul...to me!
    • Mr. Brocklehurst
  • Love is like a virus, we're infected with. You're so naive. Wouldn't it be wonderful if life were just as you perceived? Women are inhuman...worthless...course and savage, on the average. Never to be trusted, completely maladjusted....it's true. But if I had thought things through...I might have been as good...as you."
    • Edward Fairfax Rochester
  • Jane Eyre...why don't you just kill yourself?
    • John Reed
  • Jane, there is a place for you. And, Jane, it is here with me, to live in this house, to stand as my wife. Jane, you are my second self, and Jane, don't you see the truth that you are the heart of my life!
    • Mr. Rochester
  • Jane, I've been dealt a blow. I've been dealt a blow, Jane!
    • Mr. Rochester
  • When I lay myself down to sleep tonight I pray I might know why God has tempered judgment not with mercy, but with sorrow. Let the world forsake me, let them do their worst, I will withstand it all, they will not break me. There is another world that watches us, I'm not afraid.
    • Young Jane and Jane Eyre
  • She found me handsome, my opera dancer. And like a fool I believed it was true I held the world inside my hands, a man full in his prime, when she left me for another, pierced my heart a second time.
    • Mr. Rochester
  • I cannot sleep. I cannot breathe. I cry his tears. I sense the secrets of his past. I feel his fears.
    • Jane Eyre
  • Orphan, orphan, parents dead! Stupid, stupid in the head! Ugly, ugly, ugly face! Why don't you learn to know your PLACE!
    • John Reed

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