Jan Zwicky

Canadian philosopher

Jan Zwicky (born 10 May, 1955), is a Canadian philosopher, poet, essayist and musician.

Quotes edit

The Details interview with Jay Ruzesky (Winter 2008) edit

  • In the moment of creating I am aware neither of myself nor of others.
  • Most poetry involves rhythmically structured or patterned language, avoiding what might be called 'a singing line'.
  • Lyric poetry is a kind of poetry that's literally musical.

Griffin Poetry Prize Questionnaire edit

  • In my poetry, I am just as influenced by musicians or composers. As I am by people who create with words.
    • Griffin Prize Questionnaire June 2012
  • When I write I am attempting to do justice to something I have glimpsed about the world.
    • Griffin Prize Questionnaire June 2012

Other edit

  • A poem might begin for me from a rhythmical phrase without words but with an an emotional / tonal pitch or colour which will announce itself.Other times I' ll just become obsessed by something..hoping that eventually it will speak to me in English.
    • Interview with Anne Simpson - 'Words from Canadian poets in conversation', 2002
  • As a poet I compose aloud.
  • Other times I am pestered by a recurrent visual image and this image will resonate with some tone-rhythm pattern , only after that does language start to come.
    • 'Perfect Fluency' interview with Scott Rosenberg, University of Wyoming Campus, Oct. 2010.
  • Art is not merely a decorative enhancement of our lives but a sign of our desire to live in the world fully and honestly.
    • Governor Generals Award for Poetry, Nov. 1999.

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