Jamie Uys

South African film director, film producer, screenwriter and film editor (1921-1996)

Jamie Uys (30 May 192129 January 2006) was a South African film director.


Sunday Times interview (1979)Edit

"(Still) letting the good times roll" by Jani Allan, from the Just Jani column of the Sunday Times (1979), republished in Face Value by Jani Allan.
  • I've had people working for me who are film-school graduates and honestly, if they had been clapper boys or tea boys they probably would have learned more.
  • Editing makes or breaks a movie, you know.
  • Sex is not necessary to make a movie sell. It's enough to have a pretty girl in the movie.
  • I often sneak into the cinema and watch how the audience are reacting to my movie. It teaches me so much.

About Jamie UysEdit

  • He is the most consistently successful South African movie maker around, firmly cornering the giggle market.

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