James O'Keefe

American activist

James Edward O'Keefe II (born June 28, 1984) is an American conservative political activist.

O’Keefe in 2016

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  • Content is king. Planned Parenthood's success lies in their operating in total darkness. Their friends in media and government have protected them. But soon there will be an army of Lila Rose's who will shine light on unthinkable abuses behind closed doors, which will shock the consciences of most Americans.
  • [O'Keefe had described G. K. Chesterton as his "guiding light"] I first read his book Orthodoxy at a time when I was living on a sailboat in a quiet creek off the Potomac River right after college graduation. He seemed to view faith as a romantic adventure and the universe as a wild fairy tale. Chesterton looks at the world in the most beautiful way. He was also a journalist and philosopher who wrote an essay on "The Tyranny of Bad Journalism." He died long before online video, but I think he would advocate new, creative methods to revolutionize the practice of journalism.

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