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American National Socialist

James Nolan Mason (born July 25, 1952) is an American writer and organizer. Mason was member of American Nazi Party (later National Socialist White People's Party) and National Socialist Liberation Front, a splinter group. In 1982 he founded Universal Order in collaboration with Charles Manson. Throughout 1980-1986 Mason edited the Siege periodical, which was later published in form of a complete anthology by Michael Moynihan under his imprint Storm. Mason is also an author of The Theocrat, a comparison of Bible passages and passages in Hitler's Mein Kampf. In 2010s his works influenced Attomwaffen Division, a paramilitary revolutionary National Socialist group.

James Mason in 2021.

Quotes Edit

  • LaVey had many great similarities to George Lincoln Rockwell. They were both showmen. Rockwell's father was a Vaudevillian. LaVey had been a carnival man. LaVey had concluded that if God as portrayed by the Christian church [the way it exists] represents weakness and even suicide, then it stands to reason that his opposite adversary [Satan] has got to be worth a second reappraisal. Satan must represent strength and vitality in a Promethean sense. So on the basis of that LaVey formed his Church of Satan. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. [citation needed]
  • With Trump winning that election by surprise, and it was a surprise, I now believe anything could be possible... As Trump says, and he has it printed right across the front of his hat "Make America Great Again", in order to make America great again, you'd have to make America white again, okay?

Siege: The Collected Writings of James Mason (1992) Edit

  • The whole basis of the Right Wing was to try and "hold", defend a shrinking perimeter, shouting "Never!", anti-this and anti-that. One can only be shoved over the brink so many times, or trampled and annihilated up to a certain point when one must admit that, if it was a defensive struggle that was being waged, it was lost a little while ago.
  • Hitler did not arrive at January 30th, 1933, in a dream. Nor was the NSDAP itself an idle concoction. Hitler did not get off the ground politically until after he was thirty years of age, after he had been orphaned, after he had existed in the streets of Vienna, after he had gone through the horrors of the First World War. The idea of National Socialism, the Swastika, the social ferment and disorder in Germany and Europe, even the very men who were to make up his winning team, every element was there, in place, active, just waiting for Hitler to appear as catalyst that would lead to the Machitergreifung [seizure of power] in 1933. At no point did Hitler, in his off-hours or his idle frustration, imagine that any idea, effort, or group would be "keen", "swift", "fun", or "groovy". Everything that was done was done because it HAD to be done. Hitler, like the master that he was, with consummate skill, played the ball exactly where it lay, utilizing the forces and elements at hand around him, applying them effectively and appropriately, step-bystep, to VICTORY.
  • The distance we've traveled in the past decade can only be measured in terms of light years. How far, after all, is it from Commander Rockwell's expressed ideal of the 'American Constitutional Republic' to 'Helter Skelter'? From "good citizenship" and conformity to total drop-out and total revolution? From the trial and execution of a few thousand traitors in high places to the drowning in blood of entire social and genetic segments of the population? From an old A.N.P. slogan, "White Man, Stand With Us or Stand Out of Our Way!", to where there are no innocents, no non-combatants?
  • The most incompatible of personalities can work together effectively for revolution but hardly for a damned thing else. The most limited and klutzy individual can understand the common sacred drive to SMASH THE SYSTEM. Everyone can find his or her proper place in the WAR AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. The Communists have proven this in a dozen historic cases, all of them recent.
  • Bombings and machine-gunnings in France against Jewish targets caused the System-controlled President of that country to call it, "the worst wave of anti-semitism in France since World War Two". In Germany the situation is much the same. Again the trend is on-going, a thing they can't seem to deal with. As yet the various arms of the System have been unable to make any major arrests. Europe, the traditional home of the White Man, the mother of all culture and civilization, is reawakening. And the words of the greatest American, George Lincoln Rockwell, will echo, "Where will the Jews run to THIS TIME?"
  • "We are a parliamentary party by compulsion", said Adolf Hitler during the Kampfzeit period in Germany from 1925 to 1933. Because Germany was still essentially sound under the surface in 1923, the open revolt did not work, nor catch on with the populace (apart from being betrayed from the inside by conservative swine). And because German society and institutions were still basically sound at that time. Hitler and his fellow Putschists were looked upon quite sympathetically and favorably by those presiding at their trial in 1924 which resulted in less than a year's incarceration. (That German court gave Hitler less than a year for "high treason"; the System here today gives patriots fifty years for charges they were framed on, for doing nothing!) What had prompted the Munich Putsch was the apparent bottoming-out of German law-and-order and economy. But that drastic move was premature because the Weimar regime - filthy and rotten as it was - still had more than one gasp left in it. The economy actually rallied from that point up until the World Depression of 1929 which sent a stampede of desperate Germans, no longer complacent, into the ranks of Hitler's Party. The point is that German institutions were yet healthy enough to work within, and indeed too healthy to try to overthrow (as the Communists had already found out the hard way). The problem was a thin coating, or scum, if you will, of traitors at the top. Because of Hitler's correct assessment of the situation and the firm course he set his Party on accordingly in 1925, the history of the NSDAP from then until the Machtergreifung - the taking of state power - is an unbroken, uninterrupted uphill climb.
    We of the NSLF are a revolutionary party by compulsion. We are the first to realize that no popular revolt can be contemplated at this time as the only thing "popular" at the moment is further pleasure and more diversion among the quivering masses. The society is a shambles and the economy slips more every day but most would - and will - be surprised to learn just how much further it can deteriorate before the situation can be termed critical. We also realize that nothing, absolutely nothing by way of Anglo-Saxon institutions remain intact and this effectively means that America as it had been known for about 150 years has been wiped out more cleanly than if it had been defeated in a sudden war. (This actually had been Germany 's case and was what had allowed for her resurrection within only fourteen years.) The United States went the worst way a country can - terminal cancer - but yet, historically, even that process was quick - quick enough to leave enough White Men with some ability to still think and act as White Men. The rest is up to us.
  • Perhaps the best way to be sure that we are the prime representatives of the people is to be aware that NO ONE is further alienated from the ruling, governing establishment than we.
  • We call ourselves a LIBERATION FRONT and not a party because we hold no illusions about ever being able to realize anything concrete through parliamentary measures. How could such a movement succeed when the people themselves don't care and the ruling body - Left, Right, and Center - unanimously stonewalls against us? The voices and opinions of the System might put forth varying opinions on any topic or issue save one: US. We are now and forever strictly OUT! But we know why we are out and they know why we are out so there should be no conflict on that. They are the Establishment; we are the Revolution.
  • If we do not accept and function by the circumstances as they exist, we not only condemn ourselves to eternal failure but we miss the opportunity now given for a revolution more total and complete than anything ever before in all history.
  • NSLF is not an order of monks sequestered away studying religious tracts and further separating ourselves from reality. We do not wish to get the tiniest handful thinking differently nor do we imagine we can do the same with the masses. We do wish to give the answers to the people that are as plain as the noses on their faces. We preach revolution while the rest preach reaction. We do not wish to rock the boat, we intend to SINK IT!
  • If anyone can claim to be the "legitimate successor" to George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party it is NSLF and no other! NSLF is the true, logical extension of every - thing Rockwell believed in and fought for. Petty legalisms and political chicanery aside, were Rockwell alive today, he would not be retrogressing holed up with sterile bureaucrats. He would be found FIGHTING IN THE STREET! His call would still be TO ACTION and not inaction on the part of eccentrics and fakers who studiously claim to have the "right way".
  • Of all those who have come along since the death of Rockwell with pretensions of being an NS leader, all but one have been totally lost within themselves and their fantasy world of "Fuhrer-dom" and many have shown themselves to be downright crooked and incapable of dealing as men and as National Socialists. One has turned out to be a racial alien and a sexual pervert and currently is serving a prison term for the latter. It remains today that the measure of a group is the measure of the man who founded or who leads that group. Joseph Tommasi, as founder of the NSLF, was the first of a new breed. A hero and a martyr to the Cause. What he wanted most was to provide the Movement with its much overdue HIT TEAM and not to set himself up as some sort of cheap, tin horn demigod like the rest. Tommasi personified the kind of man we MUST have: those desiring to serve the Movement with great facility, and not pose around in gaudy uniforms as "Hollywood Nazis".
  • The old-timers from the Forties and Fifties predicted the "Coming Red Dictatorship". Those of us around and active in the Sixties were taught to dread the "Black Revolution" and that of the "New Left", the Yippies, etc. - none of which ever took place. Or did they? I'll just put it this way: all of their vile and sick demands either already have been implemented or are well on their way. The kind of sick filth that prevails today and much of which has long since been coded in law books is the sort of stuff that is so insidious and destructive that Joseph Stalin himself - that "Arch Red", right? - would have, and very often did go all out to root up and get rid of before the whole structure of society was devoured by it. While we've been on guard against threatening menaces, things far worse have overtaken us. Things so foul and deep rooted that it's even hard to put a finger on them. One thing for certain however, taken together, it all adds up to a national death sleep. Rockwell called the situation in the Sixties that very thing, except he believed enough White Men knew the score, hated it, and were ready to fight if only given the proper leadership. Things have gone far beyond that today: most people don't know the score; they don't give a damn; and they wouldn't fight under any circumstances... This crazy and rotten mess cries out to be ruthlessly corrected and the only way to prove that you are not part of the problem is to become part of the solution.
  • The System provides no retirement benefits for failed revolutionaries.
  • To bring off a revolution means literally to turn the tables upside-down. It does not mean quibbling inches and degrees; turning back the hands of time; arguing two sides of the same coin. It doesn't mean patching up a rotten, sagging framework either. It means DEATH to the old order and the BIRTH of the New Order! Anything other than this is no more than a variation on a single theme: Jewish-controlled State Capitalism.
  • We could save a Lot of time if... if we could really admit that the Enemy has WON! Between the death of Rockwell and the turn of the decade of the Seventies the complexion of things changed. The struggle phase for the Reds and the Blacks ended and they assumed dominance. Whereas they used to influence things from behind the scenes, they now go about it quite openly. The only reason we still have a fighting chance is because the Enemy has not yet had the time to fully realize the keystone tenet of his program and philosophy: the complete bastardization of all races of man into a single, brown mass, devoid of all identity. Except for a mere time factor the Jewish Enemy has won totally and outright. It's no longer a contest in the United States ; it's a matter of REVOLUTION, a struggle to overthrow the Enemy and for survival as a race. We stand at rock bottom and if you seek the reason then look no further than those fools trudging along in the ways of the dead past.
  • Comrades of the past twenty years have sacrificed EVERYTHING that one could expect to be sacrificed in a full-scale war. But it was all too little, too late, wrongly directed and, mainly, it was not TOTAL.
  • If a good cause were enough, we'd have won a long time ago. But it isn't enough. One of life's more harsh realities is that in this dirty struggle the ultimate prize will go to he who is the dirtiest. We seem to have fallen for our own propaganda aimed at man's nobler instincts. We're supposed to fight "clean". Our own foremost racial philosophers will tell you that truly noble instincts exist in only a small minority of Whites and not at all in other races. And most of those Whites have had their instincts perverted by the Jews and their universal, all-powerful brainwashing and taste-making apparatus. Instead of carrying on with cultist garbage, useless publicity stunts and the like (which nobody out there fighting for survival against inflation, unemployment and taxes could understand or give a DAMN about), let's direct our energies toward recruiting them all as soldiers of the revolution WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.
  • All of White America has been behaving like a damned coward in the face of arrogant Blacks and traitors in government dismantling the once-great United States of America. Before it is too late, let's see to it that the big coward at last gets backed into a corner so that he is going to have to come out fighting!
  • We may thank our lucky stars that the Jews have whipped the Blacks into such a volatile state that they'll go off at the drop of a hat. Some news accounts did mention roving pick-up trucks of Whites shooting Blacks at random in places where order had broken down. But the object is not to kill Blacks... it is to FAN THE FLAMES! If we can't get the Whites off their asses to retake control of their destiny then we can at least put them in a position where they will have to fight for their miserable lives! And with a general conflagration going on that will involve police and armed forces, we can, if we are slick about it, assume the guiding position amidst the disorder and coordinate it into what it must become: a revolution to smash the System!
  • If, as Rockwell said, your uniform in the coming war is the color of your skin, then what, I ask, shall be your insignia of rank? We must view and realize that ALL OF WHITE AMERICA is our army. The leaders, the officers in this army, are those who take action and who strike like lightning. We are the cause, they are the effect.
  • There is no need of revolution in a healthy State and society and indeed there can be no talk of it. Each revolution has been preceded by the SELLING OUT of the existing ruling class. And who else but they are in charge of all the building blocks of a civilization's government, church, professions, military, arts, etc.? These things all go when the ruling, or upper class sells out and becomes decadent, unfit to rule any longer. This goes way beyond the removal of Jews - it amounts to total revolution. The Jews can't be credited for all this though they are a large part of it. The Jew remains a Jew but without a corrupt, inept, and decadent ruling establishment, he has nowhere to peddle his goods. A healthy state will expel - or kill - the Jew; a decadent one will take him to its bosom. The Jew corrupts the nation. He buys his way into opinion-forming and taste-making media, feeds the gullible masses his poisonous, liberal garbage; this in turn gets sounded back onto gutless opportunistic politicians in the "democratic process"; finally the very fabric of the nation is a tangle of perverted legislated Talmudic euphemisms. This is how an originally Puritan state becomes Sodom inside fifty years.
  • Neither the victims nor the leftovers, we are an historic breed: Revolutionaries. We appear and vanish as the times demand, just long enough to do the job at hand. After us comes the slow, historic process over again.
  • The mark of a revolutionary movement can only be seen in its complete separation from the current establishment. It is completely apart. It is not apart because it can't make the grade in the sick society, but rather because it can't stomach it and refuses to be part of it. It is set apart because it is disciplined, sober and austere, truly moral. It is a revolution because - finding itself faced with an absolute abomination - it has as its highest priority the destruction of the System and therefore is not some piddling conservative sideshow crusade. It can and does reject the prevailing decadence of the sick society, not because of any leftover code of taboos but because to dissipate oneself in such a manner is counter-revolutionary. It utterly scorns such phony "revolutionary" elements as the "hippie" or "drug culture" because it knows them to be only the more virulent forms of the same cancer as the System it self. It has historically been the task of each revolution to destroy that which is unclean. That accomplished, nature and man can once again assume their proper course upward.
  • Mere fanaticism alone is not the ultimate indicator of a revolutionary movement whose time, it can be justifiably said, has come. All this must be in answer to the commands of the genes in our blood. This immediately rules out all the "Jim Jones", all the "Hare Krishnas", all the "Moonies", and at the same time it rules out all the Reds and the off-brand socialists. We now state that only the affirmative answer to the call of the BLOOD decides which movement shall be the redeemers of an entire race of people. For that reason it could have happened nowhere else but among the most hardcore of National Socialists.
  • The United States is GONE and that statement by itself means that the people inhabiting this piece of real estate are the very "goyim" that the Jews claim they are.
  • Money is filthy stuff. The means by which sneaks, cowards, weaklings, capitalists, bureaucrats, and Jews conduct every affair. It is the very means by which they are measured and judged. And as the money continues to grow more and more rotten with each passing day, so too is their individual worth eroded. Take away their money and you have nothing... The dawn of day will break through the moment their foul money system either collapses under its own rotten weight or is blown to pieces by us. When they can't pay off their minions any longer, when they can't appease the hordes of savages in their cities - that's when we, who have endured their worst while being penniless, will become the immediate new masters because in the meantime we have grown incredibly tough and resourceful!
  • Simply such nonsense as trying to "make headlines", "confront the enemy", or "rally the White masses" won't work, never has worked, and almost always results in merely revealing our weaknesses and making us look like idiots. The very strategy itself calls for numbers which we do not have at this time. My view is that just because the Jews and Liberals have succeeded in making goyim out of the vast majority of Whites, we need not sacrifice ourselves in the vain attempt at proving them wrong. We have GOT to trashcan 1933 strategy and tactics. They won't work.
  • In short it would seem to me that any intelligence at all would lead comrades to know to stop hitting the Enemy where he laughs and start hitting him where he SCREAMS! Strike hard and strike deep to build the climate for revolution where even the most craven of White cowards will be COMPELLED to join in or else die!
  • Never have I been a user of Commander Rockwell's "Four Phases"! because I am sure that the concept became obsolete soon after his death. I would rather give it a decent burial as a good idea that might have worked in its time instead of going on like others abusing it as a double-talk term, as an excuse for introversion and wheel-spinning. The fakers are stuck in "Phase Two"- right where Commander Rockwell died - and there they shall always remain. The NSLF will not subscribe to out-dated strategy. Rather, we must come to realize that the only correct strategy is that which is dictated to us by reality.
  • Tommasi was among many revolutionists who knew that if a revolution were ever sparked in. this country, it would be done by one, lone incident that had all the dimensions necessary to catch fire and spread in all directions at once. It is the missing factor. It is why the times we are living in are the roughest because nothing, that is nothing dramatic and widespread, is happening that is truly revolutionary.
  • The tempering we have undergone will pay huge dividends when Big Brother's money power is broken and the criteria for mastery becomes the greatest degree of awareness, discipline, and ruthlessness in the hands of those with the greatest drive and will to power. In this we are not alone. We'd just better see to it that it spells US when the time comes.
  • It will of course require centuries of the most careful upbreeding to reverse the dangerous and alarming mess we have before us today. That can only be accomplished by the most stringent measures on the part of the highest governmental authority and that, in itself, implies directly a total revolution victorious in our favor. In the meantime we'll do well to guard our own bloodlines and to multiply and perpetuate ourselves and our belief in the best kind of quality as conditions and circumstances allow.
  • Lenin said that you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. And one Black saying of the Sixties was that you have to use what you've got in order to get what you need (or want). We'll never get to that point where we can begin breeding Supermen if we can't get our values and priorities squared away today. Trotsky said that, as revolutionaries, our only compulsion is circumstances (not wishful thinking)! It means that we have to do what we have to do and by any means necessary. Lenin, Trotsky, and the swarming army of Blacks in the Sixties are the farthest cry from what we believe in BUT THEY HAVE BEEN INFINITELY MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN WE in getting what they are after! That is very simply because they accepted the truth that the end does after all justify the means. Let us drop the dreaming, the faking, and the immature unreality, and recruit an army of the worst - if need be - in order to smash the Beast System and make way for the Ideal to dominate the planet and the universe ten thousand years from now... For our part, we will tolerate no divisive moralism to hamstring our efforts.
  • It is simply that there has never before existed a more CONTROLLED environment than the one in which we exist today. Things don't just "happen" anymore. If they don't come off Big Brother's drawing board, then they're not "sanctioned" and most of the time don't take place at all or, if they do, they're of a nature hardly worthy of note. Big Brother is in CONTROL. This plus the fact that the population DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN. Things are slipping constantly, gradually, but no significant upsets are being allowed that might either alarm the populace or provide the revolutionists an opening to take advantage of. I don't expect it to change unless SOMEONE CHANGES IT! In fact as well as in theory, we are in the period of "Beyond Nineteen Eighty-Four"! From here on out we can forget about even George Orwell. Of course, the astute have been aware all along that "1984" had come into effect long before if ever arrived on the calendar. And I, for one, about a decade ago abandoned the "emergency" school of thought. That is, betting in favor of and preparing for something of a very sudden and fixed nature to occur to transform the situation; something which has to be braced for, weathered in a comparatively short - if harsh - period, and then to be emerged from on the "dawn of a new day"... What we face is not an emergency, nothing of a romantic or extraordinary nature but, rather, an indefinite period of what Warren G. Harding would term "normalcy". (I know that taken individually or collectively the manifestations of contemporary "society" are anything but "normal" to us but, as far as great numbers and great periods of time are concerned, they are quite normal indeed.) If you're a reactionary and a Right Wing type, then it may well require a sudden emergency to get you off your ass. But if you are a revolutionary, then, for you, "it" is here right now, and always has been here, right around you. You were born into it and, unless you kill it, it is going to kill you...And you don't accomplish this by merely stockpiling anything.
  • The whining about concentration camps is a peacetime, parlor room luxury which will fade fast when hell breaks loose and people are looking for killers to be on their own side. What better credentials could we possibly have?
  • At this stage of things, kidding ourselves would probably prove fatal, sooner or later. I urge against taking it on the chin or "leading with the chin", as there are violent, revolutionary types out there aplenty to get things kicked off good and proper. Blacks, every shade of color in between, not to mention fanatic Reds, etc., plus nuts and more nuts... Most communist outfits share so much in common with the Democratic Party platform that they'd be stupid to tart any general disorder, and they know it. Only the extreme Left can be looked to for hope in this area. Black and colored nationalists as well. The cities, where these types reign supreme anyway, will always be the first to erupt when it's time for things to jump off... I cannot urge strongly enough: stay out of their way; deprive them completely of any excuse to come after you. This does not mean stay legal. It means stay sane and rational. And stay alive and at full liberty, because dead or locked up you're no good to yourself or the revolution. Let the revolutionary mobs - over whom we have no control and who would also kill us - take the brunt of the first, strongest System counter-attacks, and let these same numberless mobs in the cities chew the hell out of the System's hired elite. It couldn't happen to a sweeter bunch... In the opening days and weeks of this phase, we can watch how the System is going to react, and how well it reacts. For us to attempt the same thing in the middle of an atmosphere of order would be outright suicide. Once there exists an air of disorder, the cards will be more in our favor... Only after the System is BROKEN and DISCREDITED will there come a hope of mobilizing the masses of Whites to tackle the job of winning what will soon enough assume the characteristics of a civil war.
  • We should not consider ourselves "terrorists" (anymore than we should consider ourselves "racists" even though we accept BOTH as facts of life), nor should we take it lightly when members of the Right - who should know better - refer to us as such. We need to keep our definitions straight. Who is a terrorist? When considering the hundreds of thousands of elderly Whites who are frightened to death inside and outside their homes on an unending basis because the System coddles and protects he criminal element officially, is that not terrorism? Brainwash and taste-making aside, when any individual knows clearly in his or her own mind that to buck the Jewish-liberal inspired consensus on everything from race to sex habits will lead to public ostracism and loss of employment, if not outright legal prosecution, is that not terrorism? Kids brutalized and intimidated on a daily basis, year in and year out, because of savages they are forced into school buildings with because of government policy - is that not terrorism? Millions of White workers struggling against losing odds with taxes and inflation, facing loss of homes and all forms of security, oftentimes wondering where food is going to come from or where the winter heat will come from because of the official Jewish-Capitalist economy and the Mafia-style Internal Revenue Service - is this not terrorism? Yes, it most definitely IS terrorism and on a monumental scale! Worse than that, it is terrorism without the guts to present itself as such. But just as Adolf Hitler pointed out regarding the Jewish use of the "Big Lie" technique, if you do it big enough, no one will recognize it for what it actually is. A case of the kettle calling the pot black. Because it is the System which owns and controls the media, none of the above-outlined horrors are described as what they in reality are. But let one individual or a small group of individuals dare to strike back! That, to the controlled media and softened brains of the masses, is terrorism! That gets the dirty name because it is small-scale and direct. It is a game and the game is a farce! We can expect no better from them but we must get it straight in our own minds if this struggle is to succeed.
  • Most of this country's Founding Fathers believed that the rights of the White Men who built the country would be guaranteed by the "petition" and "redress" clauses written into the Constitution. But other men, like Thomas Jefferson, didn't think so. Neither did Benjamin Franklin who accurately predicted just what shape this country would be in by the time of its Bi-Centennial with the Jews in the counting houses and the Whites toiling away like slaves. And with a sold-out government flying directly in the faces of the interests and the will of the majority, it is tyranny which rules this land today and nothing more or less. It is an alien tyranny and a Big Brother "1984"-style tyranny because we don't even enjoy the dubious pleasure of knowing or being able to SEE our tyrant. But one thing is known: he is not White. It is a tyranny hiding under a cloak of "democracy", a clever disguise which prevents any blame from being placed on and which allows the monster to perpetuate itself through chicanery referred to as the "two-party system". It is true that the removal of one or a dozen goyish front men will not alter or remedy the situation. Only a TOTAL REVOLUTION can change it. But there must be a beginning, that first step in the thousand-mile journey. And the first steps are always the hardest.
  • Terrorism is a two-way street for, as Hitler stated, the only answer to terrorism is stronger terrorism. We do face a naked tyranny here in the United States and it is employing terrorism to, first, wipe out the Whites as a majority force and, ultimately, to wipe them out as a race altogether. The System knows and we know that we are left no choice whatsoever. It is fight or die. We then are out to LIBERATE a nation from alien tyranny. It won't be easy. When lightning is striking, blows are falling, history is turning and the stupid ones are groaning, "Oh, isn't this violence awful?!", we say: "To HELL with such lily-liversl! They haven't seen anything yet."
  • It behooves us to smile at those who today disparage our message if by our so doing we are striking out on the course that they themselves must one day follow. We would be fools and cowards to shirk the task and take for granted that someone else might take it up in our stead. We have so little to lose at this point and so much to gain; our prime enemies being stagnation, dogma, and muddle. It requires some daring and imagination to become the vanguard of a movement, and to remain so takes constant reappraisal and re-evaluation.
  • What we want - and what we believe we have achieved - is to make NSLF synonymous with the radical extreme, and when you seek to define the radical extreme, you need only recite those four letters to have it completely summed up.
  • Had not Commander Rockwell taken the bull by the horns and risked everything - his "good name" as a conservative - over twenty years ago, where today would the Racialist Movement in the United States be? What was in 1960 the most dynamic and futuristic thinking, today is shared by practically one and all. But it was only through the supreme sacrifice of one man who was able to see farther than the rest in his own time. And still the situation demands more, far more. We could easily have another twenty years of marching ahead of us but it cannot be direction-less marching and it cannot be marching in circles.
  • People like to stay with what's comfortable, especially those with a broad conservative streak in them. People dislike the shit-disturbers. However, comfort and routine do not make revolution. Where once Gus Hall was a firebrand with the power to shock the pants off all of us, today he is an old fogy. Seems as though all our REAL National Socialist leaders die in battle before they get the chance to atrophy thus. Maybe we are blessed in that manner.
  • Any halfway "normal" person might be expected to come up with a rejoinder like this: "Why do we do it?" We do it because one thing is clear: the current deadlock must be broken at all cost. It is frighteningly obvious that nothing positive can be expected to happen with the way things are now. Therefore a different atmosphere must be created in which some kind of positive change can be effected. Again, the "normal" person might say that there is already enough disorder, enough hell and chaos going on right now without adding more. What they don't see is that we have in this country is an "ordered disorder" which was made-to-order by, and for. Big Brother. Don't you believe they could stop crime, subversion, and anarchy if they really wanted to? All the hell and disorder of the past, and the general crime wave today is the greatest help to Big Brother, his System and his Establishment. The Black riots gave the insurance companies carte blanche to remove the gloves and start extorting small businessmen and all the rest of us. The "limited anarchy" and the "limited insurrection" of the Blacks and the Reds just gives Big Brother more alibi to tighten the lid of the Electronic Surveillance Society, to stampede legislation to disarm the populace. All the runaway non-White crime merely gives cover and justification for the erection of a police state, the reins of power firmly in the hands of the Jews. They don't want it stamped out; they need it for the completion of their plans. What they fear most is total disorder which they can't control. That which they can't monitor or control doesn't serve their interests. It's been said that we don't want to rock the boat, we want to sink it,' When we succeed in blowing the bottom right out, we're going to have to hurry topside, over the rail, and swim for life, leaving the rats to drown with the ship.
  • False ideas are any which stray from the ground zero reality that all evil springs from the Systemthe System will never correct itself; it will never permit anyone or anything to correct it; it will never tolerate or allow the development of any true, alternate system to compete legally against it; nothing of a positive or partial nature can be accomplished while the System stands; those who embark upon a course which runs contrary to that which the System has determined must understand that they embark on a life and death struggle. It is the one duty and one goal of the revolutionary to struggle for the death of the System.
  • So much is bound up in just realizing the totality of the situation that little else can be added to that except to say that once it has been comprehended, the person then at once begins to see everything, every situation, in a different light. Things are clearer. The course of action becomes obvious.
  • In the old revolutionary axiom, "Educate, Agitate, and Organize", the term "education" is basic. Not the type of education as thought of by reactionaries, but the kind of information which provides years of revolutionary experience in a week or a month, without the necessity of having to live it over painful, dangerous, useless decades such as we have had to endure. To impart knowledge and expertise to our next wave, our next generation, in precisely the same manner and for precisely the same reasons as our former "institutes of higher learning" used to teach their students: to build upon a solid foundation, to increase the chances of and to hasten ever-greater achievements. It is a science, not a diversion or a money-making racket. The Movement has GOT TO STOP PEDDLING GARBAGE and START INSTRUCTING IN REVOLUTION! Next, to agitate. The problem becomes more complex as it leads out of the confines of home or hideaway and from the safety of the typewriter and the postal service. You are not out to sell a product, a gimmick, or a certain approach. You are not out to re-fight the Civil or the Second World War. You are not out to blow minds. Neither are you out to idly grumble or complain. You are out to CLARIFY, to POLARIZE, and to INTENSIFY that which faces all of us, everyday. And it is to be directed, in every case, against the System itself, the ultimate culprit, never toward simply Blacks or Jews or liberals or anything else which skirts or evades the issue and which sounds like (and IS) reactionary and for which not even a fool nowadays will respond favorably or positively. A revolutionary comrade is one who leads. You lead by taking people over barriers of time and understanding toward ultimate confrontation with reality. And that reality is the best, most irritative source of agitation possible. Such is the rightness of our cause. You do not "agitate" by placing yourself in the center of brawls. Lesser still by aiding the System in making people despise you. You do it anonymously, by making people know and hate the System. Finally, to organize. That in which the Movement has consistently failed the worst. An organization does not exist for its own sake. Nothing ever starts out that way. The System, as have all such systems in the past, is ending up that way. To promote the "club", the "leader", the "name", the "symbol" or the "approach" soon becomes everything. In-fighting takes over. Petty competitions take care of the rest. Nothing is served. So it has always gone. To truly organize effectively means having someplace to hide on the other side of the country, anytime, for any reason. It means secrets being kept. It means material help when it is needed. It means a unified line and a unified response in the face of crises. It means respect and cooperation. It means loyalty. It means to multiply ourselves in a coordinated way to give the effect of a giant, a unit. Organization - as opposed to "organizations" - does not give the effect of a lot of "duplicates" ignoring each other and getting into each other's way. It means to effect hands and feet, arms and legs, eyes and ears everywhere, simultaneously. Acting in one common cause and one common interest, in iron discipline, ultimately to lead to one organism with a common intelligence, instinct, voice, and, above all, a common WILLI
  • The term conspiracy in not now, and never has been, part of my vocabulary. It is DANGEROUS! I should say UNNECESSARILY DANGEROUS! For conspiracy means TALK and talk is counter-revolutionary. Talk is what the System and its pimps LOVE most of all. In case you didn't know it already, you can do big. Federal time for merely "conspiring" to do something. You need not take any action, only TALK about it to a circle of three or more (including your - self), and THAT constitutes conspiracy...don't conspire; don't talk! In effect it's only illegal to get caught, only illegal to trip up. You don't NEED to ever enter into a conspiracy! You don't NEED to ever deal with persons who might later let loose with fatal talk! We must have acts of revolution, the sooner the better, the more the merrier. But these are all of a nature that they can and MUST be carried out by INDIVIDUALS and that removes all requirement for talk, the possibility of "conspiracy", and the danger of a leak! The lone wolf cannot be detected, cannot be prevented, and seldom can be traced. For his choice of targets he needs little more than the daily newspaper for suggestions and tips galore. But it is necessary that NSLF begin again its program of systematic infiltration of the Reds, the unions, local Democrat and Republican cells, etc. (even the local NAACP... you need not be colored to join). We do have need of privileged information and will have greater need in the future. For his training the lone wolf needs only the U.S. military or any one of a hundred good manuals readily available through radical booksellers. Equipment is still easily available (and I caution against possessing illegal weapons as they aren't necessary) and even though the System may be expected to enact more anti-gun laws, this will only serve to stimulate and ever-growing black market for armaments (thus producing an ever greater pool of human resources for us to recruit from). His greatest concern must be to pick his target well so that his act may speak so clearly for itself that no member of White America can mistake its message.
  • It is part of the White Man's makeup to forget, to know pity... it is found in no other race. And this trait has cost us plenty over the centuries because we have let so many enemies get away.
  • The real White Americans who are left (and there are many) HATE the very sight of race-mixing even though they scarcely understand the larger, genetic meaning of it. They HATE those of their own race who are involved in it. Don't you think they'd LOVE to come to us later on, after this existing race-mixing System has been smashed down by revolution, and "finger" every single race-mixer known to them, knowing fast action on our part will follow instantaneously?
  • We must swear an oath to ourselves now - while we're down, while things are tough, while the Enemy is in full power, while the vile race-mixers daily promenade openly in public protected by this evil System, now while it is easy to HATE - that for the United States there will be no need for concentration camps of any kind, for not a single transgressor will survive long enough to make it to that kind of haven.
  • It isn't a case of kill or be killed, instead it is a matter of killing in preference to allowing Death to win by default.
  • The weakening of society, the increase in the number of those fighting for their life who step outside Master's rules, what the Blacks can be expected to do, almost universal apathy all the way to hostility toward the System among the masses, etc., will increase until the current balance becomes absolutely untenable. That's when all bets will be canceled, the gloves will come off, and Helter Skelter will commence.
  • "Too many chiefs and no Indians" has basically been the problem of the past. Those who insisted most loudly upon being "chief" in the past usually turned out to be the least fit to hold the position. A true soldier simply understands his mission - or duty - and goes about doing it without fanfare. Being revolutionary soldiers we must do what we are ABLE to do and do WELL. We each have functions to fulfill. CIRCUMSTANCES - not wishful thinking - dictate these functions. As Joe Tommasi clearly stated, the leaders, the real "chiefs", are those actually DOING IT!
  • Today the casual, citizen informant - the Uncle Tom - works terribly against us but tomorrow they will provide the greatest ease and benefit. It is their nature to bow, scrape, and try every means to ingratiate themselves with the "established authority" and to inform on those designated as "outlaws". Miserable unthinking swine. Today it is us, tomorrow it will be the race-mixers, etc. Until we establish ourselves as the ONLY authority, we must, as revolutionaries and realists, accept the bitter in anticipation of the sweet.
  • The Big Brother System of course operates as the "Master" with the Goyish, nominally "White" consumers serving as slaves - of which the vast bulk are dyed-in-the-wool "Uncle Tom" types... Over here we face the most odious enemy - posing as a "government" ever in history, plus a monstrous Black alien mass in our midst to be dealt with. Yet instead of Huey Long's concept of "Every Man a King", it is rather "Every Man an Uncle Tom". This armada of Uncle Toms is like unto the "better half" of the System Police State already long in existence. Even with their incredibly sophisticated, "1984" electronic surveillance techniques, the police simply could not function effectively without the citizenry working for Big Brother, against themselves. We could romp them if the Whites of the United States were what they ought to be. But they are not and never are they likely to be. Seeing we cannot change that, we must instead adapt out tactics accordingly. We must become acutely aware at all times of the most minute details around us, overlooking nothing, taking nothing for granted. We must rigidly discipline ourselves to never, ever, breathe a word about anything illegal to anyone, anytime - past, present, or future. DONT TALK! DEFEAT UNCLE TOM! DEFEAT BIG BROTHER!
  • Stupid people are more dangerous than any time bomb. You'll find stupid people everywhere but let us confine ourselves to those within the Movement itself, those whom we must deal with on a regular basis. Those armies of idiots within the System bureaucracy stand backed-up and reinforced by so many replacements that errors of judgment on their part - which would otherwise prove fatal - are usually quickly caught and reversed before any real damage gets done. Often times they are caught and squelched before anyone not part of the bureaucracy even can take note of them. It gives the aura of invincibility but in fact provides for a deadly defect, in that every - one is depending on everyone else to carry things through. There are plenty of "sharpies" within the System but not the same kind as are found in revolutionary movements. Those that can do it all for themselves. The System needs their stupid people for errand boys, etc., while we just cannot afford their presence at all. With us, things must stand or fall with just you and I. And THAT is the basis of real responsibility.
  • For the young revolutionary Movement, the old concept of the "Mexican standoff" should become well understood. Whenever tangling with equal or superior force over some tributary or even lesser matter, you should consider yourself to be "batting one thousand" if you can walk away from the situation alive, free and intact. Not to mention with the added experience which has cost you nothing. That is a definite victory of sorts. The "Mexican stand-off", therefore, is about the best we, in our limited and tedious position, can hope for. We must learn to be able to base all decisions and actions accordingly - to our own benefit.
  • We can't allow ourselves the luxury of common anger and the resultant outlets that such anger inevitably seeks and finds. If there's no clear-cut advantage to any potential conflict, then stay out of it, head it off, avoid it absolutely. Suicide pacts are of no use. Policies of mutual destruction are only feasible where huge resources exist. Punitive measures are currently an unaffordable expense. for us. It is a mistake of the most childish sort to abandon the greater, higher goal, in favor of pursuing some momentary thing involving some practically meaningless sidetrack. Whatever move you make, whether it involves punishing, leaving alone, or even rewarding any person or any thing, make sure that it is so calculated that it is you and the Movement who will ultimately profit from it. And it matters not whether you apply any one of the three options to situations where spur-of-the-moment emotion might want to apply another, just so long as you do not shoot yourself in the head but rather emerge the final beneficiary of your own decision. It is here where SUPREME SELF-DISCIPLINE is demanded.
  • As Commander Rockwell advised in his masterful Legal, Psychological & Political Warfare, you must assume that you are being watched and listened to at all times and proceed to act accordingly because, in effect, you ARE! The degree and intensity of this surveillance rises or falls hand-in-hand with the degree of revolutionary political activity you maintain. Mine has been pretty intense in the past but I have always found there to be "leaks" aplenty in Big Brother's fearsome apparatus; leaks in his supposed steel wall of covert secrecy; leaks in his supposed air tight coverage of everything we say and do. Most importantly, these leaks can be anticipated and even ENGINEERED by YOU for revolutionary advantage if only you discipline yourself and rid your mind of deadly PARANOIA which, far from "protecting" you from Big Brother's agents, actually does about eighty percent of their work FOR them!
  • You can't exist it the middle of an embryonic revolutionary movement and expect to live trouble-free indefinitely... Forget a glorified, dramatized guerrilla war in which hundreds or thousands are involved. In more or less "normal" times, could you, on a one-to-one basis, evade the damned police if you had to? Just pick up and go on a few, precious moments' notice?? If not, you're living under a deadly disadvantage and possibly fatal handicap.
  • Perhaps, at bottom, the sad fact is that it's dangerous and counter-productive, as well as futile, for us to attempt to COMMUNICATE in any way with the people of this country. When has it gained anything for us? Those who have come to us have done so because of some inner calling of their own. So it shall continue, I suspect.
  • Despite the erroneous image some have in their minds of what the NSLF is, or is supposed to be, few of us in fact could qualify as guerrillas. But probably the biggest difference between one of us and a "real" guerrilla is all the Hollywood-style phony image-making plus the fact that we aren't little boys out to play army, but instead revolutionaries who must pick and choose our means as the case warrants. Primarily we're not off on any trip and as real and valuable as survival preparations and techniques are, when made into a hobby or an obsession, they become an actual trip. We are realists and as such we view these things merely as part of the weapons arsenal, not as central to the issue much less the issue itself. We are the first to tell you to be prepared but we are also the first to tell you never to get sidetracked.
  • It has been stated before that very few things in this world are in plain black and white and this includes any sort of national collapse. We are in fact in a state of collapse now. We are indebted to a real slime-dripper, former New York City mayor John Lindsay, for providing us with this beautiful and accurate simile: the crime rate alone in this country is equal to a nationwide, non-stop "riot in slow motion". If it hasn't already passed the point of total ridiculousness, it will any second now. But that is beside the point. The Right, and people in general, think only in terms of the melodramatic, the stereotypical. This, however, has been proven enough times to be what the expected case will NOT be, that we in the Movement should know better. They can't seem to see a Leader, they're scared to death whenever one of us pulls a revolutionary act, and yet they think in these grandiose patterns of things happening in a BIG, overwhelming way. They cannot seem to think and see in terms of stages and degrees which is precisely how the Enemy advances.
  • The danger in survivalism lies in the fallacy of the hobbyist-escapist's own, private dreamworld. Most imagine that blowing exorbitant sums on the supposed trappings of the "professionals", or the accumulation of a library of doom-say manuals, or even the acquisition of a monstrous personal armory, means survivalism. But are they living in a metro area? Are there hundreds of thousands of undesirable humans only blocks away? Do they have a good well? Wood-burning heat and adequate fuel? Can they grow or hunt food? Are they a likely target in the event of a nuclear war? To me, survival and reality are the same. Phony, faddish "survivalism" is nothing more than a hobby and hobbyism is nothing more than escapism. But, admittedly, escapism appears to be part-and-parcel of the "Movement" as it stands. Useless and expensive hobbies won't make it. It's all the same if you remain hooked up to Big Brother's life-support system. If you are, you will get disconnected with the rest and sink with the ship. This phony survivalism appears to be the most elaborate yet of all the dished-up excuses for inaction and retreat. It's another way to build yourself an expensive sandcastle. There is a clear path to survival just as there is a clear path to victory. Both involve being in touch with reality and in taking action, in going FORWARD.
  • In the future, at any time, the best friends of a revolution in this country will be any worsening or collapse of the economy along with any large-scale disaster, disruption, or upheaval from any source. We want, first, for the System to "crap out" before one and all so that the evil Jinni, the illusion that's been holding it together for these past decades, will be once and for all dispelled. We want its pimps to be deprived of their entire purpose, their entire excuse for living (as well as their protection) - which depends completely on this economy's survival. And we especially want to see the System and its hired hoods under attack by the identical forces they created and unleashed upon our segment of the population as part of their "master plan" of control. We want to see the System's strength and structure largely destroyed, initially by forces independent of our own. Only at that time will we be able to begin undertaking bold and sweeping actions toward assuming open control for ourselves. By that time, and it could come much sooner than anyone expects, we will absolutely need to have a strong and well-functioning revolutionary organization already operational and with a full spectrum of direct experience under its belt. It is in this area and nowhere else that the breakthrough must be made. The area of revolutionary organization. Without it, the revolution must go to someone else who DOES possess the strength of discipline and the will necessary to move and achieve it. First and last, the responsibility is entirely ours.
  • Not long ago I took a close look at the way the Movement has been in the habit of doing things, everything, from the lowliest task to the most critical one, and discovered that they tended to do it in a "bass ackwards" way every time. As I said, this can be applied to just about all aspects of activity but it is still necessary to take a look at each one, individually, in order to see the significance of this. One of the areas is that of the overtly illegal, violent at - tacks against the System. "Hit and run", so to speak. Wouldn't it make better sense to turn that concept around to "run and hit"? It only means that you should first drop out of sight, go underground, and stay that way for however long is required for you to learn to exist comfortably at it. At that point you can go ahead and do - and probably get away with - any damned thing you'd choose to pull. Striking in hot passion and then running blindly is no more than glorified suicide.
  • Just as the Aryan Race is the highest order of being yet produced by nature on this planet, so too is National Socialism the highest, most sophisticated, and advanced creed yet formulated by the White Man for his own betterment. Nothing more than that today exists, nothing more is required. It represents all of our needs.
  • National Socialism is a philosophy first codified and brought to power by Adolf Hitler in Germany. Today a Catholic need not be an Italian simply because it was in Italy that his religion first became the official one of the State. Philosophies and philosophers - or prophets - are largely interchangeable within the framework of our blood... Any philosophy must adapt itself to a large degree to the customs and traditions of the people among which its proselytes must move and work... Hitler made the philosophy work for his people in the context of the time and place and, in turn, the philosophy made the people greater. Hitler made National Socialism in Germany the epitome of everything German and, by that, he was the first and thus far the only man to forge a truly united Germany - even the Kaisers had been unable to fully accomplish this. By making some superficial concessions to the everyday whims of the people. Hitler's philosophy, together with its greater meaning, was able to "creep up" painlessly on the common man in his simplicity, who otherwise could have been expected to rebel against such sudden changes in his world and in his picture of things. Hitler's was the world's first truly peaceful revolution.
  • Victorious nations have historically taken turn-about at setting the military style and pace for the other leading armies of the world. Prior to 1 871 , the pace-setter was France (one needs only to glimpse at the design of the uniforms of both sides of the U.S. Civil War for confirmation). After 1871 it was the turn of Germany and spiked helmets appeared in the United States, England, and Russia. The "German" goose-step was and still is utilized in East Europe, Russia, and large parts of South America. The unique German stahlhelm is still today worn by armies in places such as Spain, Egypt, and again throughout South America. One place neither the goose-step nor the stahlhelm is practiced or worn is West Germany. Yet without Nazi Germany catching the hell today, these fine examples would be unknown to Aryan youth. The liberal pacifists and humanitarians, with their momentary power of the press and dollar, HATE all symbols of strength and masculinity and they therefore seize upon all the strongest, most outstanding of these very things and hold them up to ridicule. And that nation which has most lately demonstrated the greatest strength of masculine willpower and self-assertion (without which not much is ever accomplished) gets the full "treatment" from these impotent liberal democratic types. When those of our own revisionist historians claim that Germany was a crucifixion, they are right. But if this is a cross we as National Socialists in America today must bear, we do so willingly... National Socialist Germany went down in a blaze of glory and it will forever be remembered that way. All of the other nations of the West - those that "won" the war - have died or are now dying slow, painful, lingering deaths as they are infected and eaten alive by liberal democracy and Jews. When one thinks of a German, one envisions a helmeted, goosestepping Stormtrooper. When one thinks of an American, a Briton, or a Frenchman he sees only a degenerated, "beat", potblowing slob, one indistinguishable from the other. They don't know that forty years ago every American, Englishman, or Frenchman was as disciplined, squared away, and patriotic as any German of that day. It's all a matter of imagery. If we are called "Germans" because we have as our ideal all the very best traditions of the White Man, then I suppose that's as good and convenient a name as any other.
  • Since this writer has not a drop of German blood in his veins, it gives me good qualifications to write on the following issue... There's nothing wrong in taking pride in one's German ancestry or mentioning with pride a proportion of German blood in one's veins. But we still are faced with one of our Enemy's more deadly fabricated lies designed to throw a split within the White Race: that Hitler, the Germans, and National Socialism in general regard the other branches of the White Race as "untermenschen". (Germany never had anything to compare with the British slogan that, "The niggers begin at Calais".) If anything cost Germany the last War, it was the number of narrow minded, chauvinistic bureaucrats who did stupidly feel and operate this way. But they are found in every nation and have a lot to do with the ease which the deceitful Jews have been able to get the White Man killing one another in the past. But it wasn't part of Hitler's program and it isn't part of ours. Another danger is fantasizing that the situation today is that of Germany in the 1920's and 1930's; that we must somehow find or create a "Fuhrer"; that we should act the part of Hollywood Nazis; in short that we can expect to do an exact replay of 1933 here in the United States. It is a danger because it just won't work. In Southern Europe, Christianity came to power slowly, via more subtle means, while in Northern Europe it was brought to power largely by the use of the sword. Many of the rites, etc., remained the same but the methodology was vastly different and was suited to do the job at hand in the setting that existed. We - thanks to Adolf Hitler and his great German compatriots - also have our rites, rituals, and holy days on the calendar and I expect they'll not change. Hitler and his movement in Germany have given us traditions, martyrs to honor, and great battles to commemorate, but it does not mean that we should try to live in the past or be that which we are not. The Christian Church has its age-old customs but they do not go around as Jesus did two thousand years ago in beard, robe and sandals, trying to walk on water. (Those that do are written off as nuts; a thing which we must avoid at all costs.)
  • Commander Rockwell bet everything on the theory that when the White Man got sick and tired of the alien, hothouse atmosphere artificially created by the Jews, he'd instinctively know where to expect the opposite - which will always be represented by no one but us.
  • Getting down to the most common denominator is the only way to achieve ideological coherence and unity. Race is of course the most basic element... With the religionists at one end of the Movement and the atheists at the other, total agreement can still be reached on this one point: the chain. Whether beginning with evolution or some kind of divine creation, the chain represents the endless journey of the generations of the White Man through the countless centuries of time. And we are all out to see that the chain remains unbroken Like the earth and the universe itself, it is eternal and, if anything is sacred, this certainly is. It's referred to as a chain because at any given point in time, that particular generation is a link with certain obligation and duty to both past and future. Behind us we can see the chain stretching backward into infinity and, ahead of us, forward toward and even greater infinity. We may well be living in a terrible time, terrible for us, but it only means that the responsibility and the care for the chain that we are now charged with is at its most critical point, perhaps more so than at any other time... THERE is all the identity, purpose meaning, and birthright (as well as duty) that anyone could ever hope for. And it is quite real, not "pie in the sky" or some abstract form of moralistic dogma.
  • The elders who set down the religious tracts back before time had it in mind to preserve the people and the culture by a series of "do's" and "don't's". The mistake they made, rather than to take the time to explain in these tracts WHY, was to cut corners and attach the "supernatural" element in order to give their man-made laws more clout. Many of these laws make perfectly good sense but yet today have been totally undone, twisted and perverted, because the elders failed to state the WHY and WHEREFORE behind them. They left it as a matter of a person going to an intangible paradise or damnation, depending on how well he kept to the laws. It was a simple enough matter for out - siders to cast the least little doubt about these "hereafters" into the minds of the recently educated masses to effectively destroy the potency of the entire teaching. So-called "enlightenment". Like telling a child that unless he eats his vegetables the bogey man will get him, this approach does justice to neither the merit of eating one's vegetables or to the intelligence of the child himself. Besides, when, sooner or later the child becomes aware that there exists no bogey man after all, the elder (or parent) begins to look like a fool and a liar. This is the general appearance that organized religion has taken on. It's often been said that, unless you can present something superior or at least equal to that which already exists, best leave well enough alone. We, as National Socialists, do in fact have something far superior to these churches that are to be found everywhere, throughout the Western World, on both sides of the Iron Curtain. We feel it is overdue to break away from leftover moral codes and religious dogma of the Dark Ages and enter a TRUE Age of Enlightenment, both genetically and physically. We believe quite simply that a foolish, selfish, or immoral act can be expected to bring its consequences tomorrow. Liberal types with only a thin veneer of religiosity believe they can getaway with ANY behavior today, show up in church next Sunday, and worry about it in some "hereafter" (which, in any event, their gut tells them isn't there). It is for themselves only that they live. It is TO HELL with even their own children and the world they shall have to live in. So what, then, to all of this if it is the "spirit" in the "next world" that is all that matters? And as for the professional "do-gooders", they are out for nothing more than to rack up "points" for themselves in this same "hereafter". They pervertedly view human existence either as a vale of tears or as a "testing ground" where some personal god sends "souls" to measure their "merit" to exist in some "afterlife". National Socialists on the other hand view life - personal experience - as representing a link in a great chain; a chain existing back into the limitless past and forward into the limitless future. In you live all of your ancestors that have ever lived since the dawn of evolution. And in your children and children's children so you shall live for the rest of eternity. The RESPONSIBILITY in this is a grave one. Each has it in his or her hands to BREAK the chain, either by not reproducing at all or by reproducing with other than one's kind. And it is with this awesome responsibility in mind that all our behavior as National Socialists is based. As opposed to Christianity, our Viking ancestors believed in luck. They also knew that one made one's luck by living and acting HONORABLY, WISELY AND PRUDENTLY. These modern day ministers and the whole popular attitude has it that you can do any damned thing you feel like doing (as long as it doesn't hurt the other person they say) and "the Lord will forgive". These millions of people are indeed making their own luck as well. So while more and more churches are being built, the moral tone of the country sinks ever deeper into the morass... Those National Socialists who don't need the leverage of "heaven" and "hell", don't need to be frightened or induced into any pattern of behavior, but who have it in themselves to think and act in an honorable way independently, will be those who take command of the future, if there is to be one.
  • Most Rightist reactionaries have as a part of their platform the belief and the statement that "big government" is an evil by itself and has to be done away with. Neo-Republicans and Neo-Democrats alike are of the conviction that the purpose of Government is merely to serve as caretaker over affairs of business, property, and defense. We disagree with them all. Commander Rockwell stated that the question is not one of "how much" government but "how good" a government... In our view, the function of government is as the leader of its people, not merely caretaker or arbiter. Hitler said that the leading forces make the society and the nation what it is and what it will become. This means taking the youth firmly in hand raising them up in the manner that our ideology commands so as to achieve the ever-moreperfect Race and State in the shortest possible time. Only a centralized government can accomplish this. So-called "rights" and "freedom" all take distant back seats to this highest goal. The task must be accomplished without petty interference from any quarter.
  • The White Man's greatest strength in the past has been his genius for organization. His greatest weakness has always been his tendency to contrariness and disunity. It has to be overcome and broken.
  • The word that will sooner or later pop up is dictatorship. We favor dictatorship: our own. Commander Rockwell again said in counter response to protests of limpwrists and liberals against heavy-handed governmental policies (primarily in foreign lands) that it is not a matter of dictatorship, but only whether it is OUR dictatorship or not. And Hitler said regarding the prevalent ignorant concept of "dictatorship" as being a "one man show" that the very idea was absurd, that it requires a very large and dynamic TEAM EFFORT to run the affairs of a great nation in modern times. We are here speaking of one team, not dozens of teams all getting in one another's way. Make no mistake, this country today is ruled by a dictatorship - that of Big Brother. What we plan is as far removed from this as it is possible to get. Yet ours will be a dictatorship also. It will be such because we will have no tolerance whatever for opposition of any kind, even ineffectual opposition, as it is certain that this smug omission on the part of Big Brother provides the seed that will kill him ultimately. Big Brother's dictatorship is faceless, nameless, and alien to the great majority of people it rules over. Furthermore, Big Brother's rule is designed, is blatantly outspoken about, and is having the results of being clearly AGAINST the best interests of ALL OF THE PEOPLE over which it rules. All save but one small group: the System's own ruling pigs. So you should be able to see that there are at least good dictatorships and bad dictatorships.
  • Hitler was clear in Mein Kampf just as he was clear in "Triumph of the Will" that it was always his intent and the intention of the whole NSDAP to be the one and only source of power and authority in Germany. We intend the same here, in North America... It may sound crazy, diversionary, or impossible but it is a primary pillar of NS philosophy. It is the drive for power. It is the WILL TO POWER. If all the other "problems" around us were to disappear tomorrow, we, as National Socialist Revolutionaries, would still have this will to power to be fulfilled and would continue on our course.
  • The deriders of Germany, and the authors of "quickie" world history for the busy man, love to harp away on Germany 's two sensational tries at conquering the world. People remember this sort of thing as there is nothing else around to quite compare with it. It captures the imagination. The plain truth no one is interested in is that not only was 'world enslavement' never even contemplated by the Germans, it was never within their capability. European unity dominated and maintained by Europe 's heartland was the furthest goal at any time. The Coca-Cola Culture isn't told that the nation having come the closest to complete world domination was England who, by the turn of the last century, held one-fourth of the surface of the world's continents and controlled the oceans between. In spite, Germany gets the credit/blame. But the important thing is that at least there stands the example of the White Man's incomparable, irresistible military prowess in glaring, almost incomprehensible contrast to "democratic" actions in Korea, Vietnam, and lately Iran.
  • It has been said in some places that the spirit of Adolf Hitler has been kept alive by his enemies, the Jews. I say this is patently false. Commander Rockwell said that the Jews would build their own gas chambers if the price was right. And so the Jews keep the "Hitlermania" going because it is highly profitable for them to do so. There are so many tenets of the National Socialist State incorporated into the State of Israel that it is positively striking. The Jews wish intensely that Hitler had been theirs, in fact, had been one of their own, and this all-consuming fascination will remain irresistible to them. The Jews, being masters of psychological technique, understand better than most the effectiveness of the "bogeyman" stratagem. By holding up a "Nazi threat" through their media they keep their own "little Jews" in line, they keep the dumb goyim groveling, and they also keep us - or many of us - barking up the wrong "Hollywood" tree. Then too there is the fear angle. The Jews have no other real choice than to continue trying to keep Hitler "alive"- but on their own terms, as a monster. The absurd notion that Hitler would fade out of the picture should the Jews suddenly decide to turn their back on him holds no water, for the Jews themselves are well aware of that situation. Should they leave his memory alone, his spirit would not fade but rather the Truth, however gradually, would come to fill the vacuum left by the cessation of their lies. In point of fact, the Jews are trapped by Hitler. It is indeed ironic, but no thanks are due to the Jews.
  • The absolute stoneheaded rednecks keep on with the "Nazism = Communism" because that's the way they view ALL authoritarianism. However, most of these folks know how to hold a rifle and will be recruited to our side FAST when general hell breaks its tissue-paper bonds. But other than that, those who have the most to fear from us and who like to make their name-calling campaigns count, claim that we are the last resort of entrenched Capitalism. And if too many White workers believe that, we've got problems. Like the "Six Million" canard, it stems from the National Socialist experience in Germany. The fact is that most of the German people were healthy in mind and spirit, and were totally in favor of Hitler and his programs. This included a high proportion of the upper classes, industrialists, etc. They were at least as interested in Germany as in their own profits and therefore, in Hitler's view, still were part of the nation. They were not exploiters or usurers but merely successful businessmen who got where they were honestly. But to a rabble-rouser or a Red, these too are "Capitalists". It never occurs to the masses of people that the REAL "Ugly Capitalist" is our declared Enemy. The situations in Germany fifty years ago and in the United States today are vastly different regarding the composition of the ruling classes. It is a safe generalization to state that the ruling class in America has SOLD OUT and has got to go... all the way. That much at least the White workers are fast becoming aware of. Hell, things were so comparatively healthy in Weimar Germany, as opposed to what they are here, that Hitler was fully able to work within the framework of that system and WIN! No way in hell we can do that here today!! We cannot allow the White worker to believe that we are the friend of the System! The best and only way to combat and reverse this is to preach revolution, revolution, and more revolution! Smash the System!! We must develop and bring into focus our SOCIALIST programs for a new society. This means a BREAK with Right-Wingism. If we fail in this, we could lose.
  • There is and always has been a Jewish Conspiracy ever since contact has existed between Jews and Europeans... Again, it is but one factor among many and this is where the Movement has been failing for so long. The fact is that what happened to our people and our culture would probably have happened anyway. Maybe not so soon, maybe not so drastically. But it would have happened. Going back to the close of the Renaissance period, the Jews never could have gotten their foot in the door of Western Civilization unless something had not already been amiss in the basic structure and outlook of things... The Jews are aiders and abetters in this. They are specialists when it comes to alien corruption and they are certainly reaping their share of the profits from it all. And though the number of them directly involved in it condemns them by proportion to their total population, the Beast System is still basically manned and operated by renegade, sold-out Whites. What we are fighting has always been, and will always be, a sickness from within. Blame? The cause and the well spring for all of this can be located but it would be a mistake to seek merely to place a blame. It's been going on for too long now, it is too deeply entrenched in today's lives to try to isolate things and individuals. But if we were to identify where it all comes from, what sustains it, and who profits most from it at the expense of the race itself, then where else and who else could we look to other than the ruling, upper classes of society? Those that let the Jews in in the first place, those that took them to their bosom, those that always set the newest "trends" for perversion and degeneracy, those that get richer while we get poorer, those who in their vilest, foulest depths of anti-life numbness find their final kicks in drugs and consorting with racial aliens. And with their government in one hand and their Hollywood in the other, seek to reduce the rest of the population to their own level of decadence. I might add that their success in this isn't far enough away from completion to merit any discussion of just "how far".
  • Tricky, introverted and myopic "comparisons" between the sick U.S. and Western societies of today, and the "sick" Weimar society of Germany in the 1920's have been some of the favorite stand-by's of the Right Wing in this country since the end of the War. Clearly, something isn't exactly jelling... True, the Weimar society was a sick one. But it was a sickness suddenly and forcibly attached to Germany at the highest levels. The people themselves saw it and hated it and were ready for Hitler when he made his appearance. In all, Weimar lasted fifteen years. Here the sickness has been coming along, unabated, for at least three generations and probably more. It's their own baby and they love it. They wouldn't be parted from it. It's part of "Americanism". This sickness is home-grown and it is from the inside out. What sort of Movement would it take to represent the will of the American people today? With some variations, several are already on the scene and, I might add, none of them remotely resemble anything National Socialist. Then too, there is no "American People", only Whites who, for the most part, have lost all racial pride and identity. But they are only reflections of what their rulers, the upper classes, have made themselves into. In a plutocracy, which this is, the wealthy decide and control the mould of the society, how the future generations will take shape. And, like any god, they can predictably be expected to fashion the people of the future in their own image... It must be DEATH to an entire strata of the population and a new, fresh ruling elite established from the ranks of the natural peasantry or yeomanry, before that too has been eaten away from the inside out and nothing remains of it... The White upper classes - which, make no mistake, rule this land - have long since been alienated from their own people, their own past; the great struggles and causes of White history are forgotten; today these people are merely managers and custodians, albeit damned well-paid ones at that; the West is no longer in competition against any coloreds; it has become the "White Man's Burden" run amok there is no longer any "them" or "us" for all are "happy" together in "democracy" (at least in theory); all is liberalism; all is materialism. Jews are only a minority in this but they do manage to swim so very well in this open sewer they have helped to create. But the sick Whites are vying each to out-do the other in order to catch up and be the most "in" of the "in crowd". We're talking about a very large body of people who have sold out, or, perhaps better put, have burnt out. With no vital signs left. Yet, to remove them would be to see the U.S. at an end. Not to remove them will be to see another Africa arise on the North American Continent. It is not so much a conspiracy as it is a head being out of touch with its body but yet striving to make certain that the body becomes as vile and perverse as the head, thus spelling doom for the entire organism. A ruling body with its own, peculiar world view in which they believe, for they are quite sincere. The Whites of this country and indeed most of the West have been betrayed by their own rotten leaders. Yes, their natural leaders, the nation's elite! That is why no renaissance can be possible here. Only revolution.
  • Those who think we need millions - or even tens of thousands - have no understanding. We don't desire merely to dominate or monopolize in the manner of Democrats or Republicans. We're not content with mere power if it means the continued decline of the White Race the way we are seeing it today. We have much more than this to do: radical programs to be enforced, a huge but rotten System to be gotten out of the way first, etc. It can only be done by a sharp cutting edge, never by muscle-bound bulk. The ruling parties are monstrously huge, fat and rich but they are rotten to the core and threaten to pull the country down with them if they are allowed to do so. We are tiny but desperate and the conditions imposed upon us have made us hard as steel and sharp as razors. Let me just jog your imagination by unequivocally stating that four men properly motivated and determined - could set this country on its EAR overnight! And what's more, we don't need to sit about like helpless old ladies and WISH it were so - we have them, and more, NOW! Shall you be with us in grappling with and mastering reality or will you remain among the useless dreamers and escapists wishing things were other than what they are? As revolutionaries we know only one compulsion: circumstances as we find them, the way they exist - in short, REALITY!
  • What Commander Rockwell did clearly state, up to the end of his life, was that it would be the economy and not the race issue that would tip things off in America. Experience is bearing this out. Despite any degree of racial resentment or friction, the fact of the matter is that Americans are losing their racial consciousness, their racial identity. Talk to the kids, you'll see what I mean. This doesn't mean that with the right leadership it can't be quickly reversed, but it does mean that the race issue is a dead horse with regard to the founding of a truly revolutionary Movement. This isn't as bad as it sounds because, as Charles Manson says, the kind of "racism" that America was known for and which the Jews, Liberals, etc. attacked and still attack was not the sort propounded by Hitler or any other racial philosopher. It was of a negative nature otherwise the Enemy could never have succeeded in undermining and destroying its basis. Redneck racism was based on hate, fear, ignorance and plain snobbery, etc. Hitler's kind of racialism - and Manson's - was, and is, based upon Natural Order. It has yet to be seen and demonstrated in North America. It is for the continued betterment of the White Race that we fight but that is only our stated purpose. Our means are going to have to take a different form or else we are going to fail in what we're trying to achieve... And these will be economic and social issues, the meat and bones of Realpolilik, the stuff upon which the true governments-in-the-wings cut their teeth. "No fun", you say? "Not lofty enough", you say? Perhaps. But it should be pretty obvious by now that fancy letterheads and screwy, krinklejammer names, backed up with tons of specious philosophical gobbledygook, won't get it. The Jews accuse Hitler of going to the very core, of touching every wound. And so he did. That is why he won. The Movement here today talks shit and that is why it is where it is.
  • Before anyone can hope to understand or appreciate revolutionary or outlaw mentality and morality they must first know alienation. It is impossible to sympathize fully with this kind of philosophy unless one shares a healthy appreciation of alienation and it is just as impossible to become a revolutionary oneself unless one is himself alienated. I'm not talking about born losers, common weirdos or run-of-the-mill anti-social types. I'm not talking about those who wouldn't make it in any society due to personal deficiencies. I am speaking of people who do not fit into THIS society because of what it IS and what THEY are. To be outside this society is a marked badge of honor. I'm speaking of people who didn't have the luxury of making a choice; people who aren't in this for fun.
  • As far as we today are concerned, those who are living to perpetuate and advance Hitler's work, or at least live up to his example, need to understand what he meant historically. His Movement and his government represented the LAST TIME the workings of the old order would ever be harnessed and put to use FOR THE GOOD of the Whites of any respective nation. Hitler was the LAST CHANCE for the revival of Western Civilization. And so, in that sense, it is practically useless for us to attempt to emulate him today, for that phase is PAST. For those who are aware of this then, the choice is clear but it is not easy: either dream in the past or live in the present, at the same time while FIGHTING for the future.
  • I'm not a sports fan in any form but only a blind hermit could fail to be aware that, with regard to boxing, the Blacks have gotten and kept that field pretty much to themselves now for several generations. There are also a lot of Black football "superstars" as well as Blacks in the past having been renowned for their ability to run like all hell ("Feet, do yo' duty!"). Is this then any case for racial equality or even Black superiority? Don't make me gag! But millions evidently are content even eager - to think so. ... The advanced brain and physique of the Aryan wasn't intended, and didn't evolve, to have the hell pummeled out of it for sport. But if you're going to pit a White Man and a Black in the ring and call it a "match", why not pit a Black in the ring with a gorilla? Same logic, same kind of "match". You know who'll win every time... the more primitive. But take an army of Blacks versus an equal number of gorillas and see which side wins. The Blacks, of course, because of their greater ability to organize themselves. Take an army of Whites versus an army of Blacks and the Whites will win every time for the same reason. So who then is superior?
    To attack a family of gorillas, which are some of nature's most shy and timid creatures, would be a gross immorality. To attack a village of primitive Black Africans, replete with grass skirts and bones in their noses, would be equally unfair. But today, when confronted by armies of vicious Black street criminals, outfitted and trained in modern weaponry, and who are out to "Kill Whitey!", the bets are off. When they challenge the White Man as a race, they must be answered as a race. And the answer to any such challenge is a foregone conclusion.
    Therein lies the main fallacy of democracy, human rights, human dignity, racial equality, and all the rest of the System hogwash. Taking people one at a time you'll get nowhere, in fact, you'll become hopelessly lost. There are plenty who'd say it isn't "fair" but they overlook that the concept of "fairness" was an invention of and only exists in the mind of the Aryan. The Third-Worlders and Internationalists know it's a joke. They are winning because we keep ourselves manacled on bonds of our own making - ideas and customs intended solely for and amongst our own kind, not aliens. Commander Rockwell loved to repeat the prayer of the non-Whites and the early, sicko Christians of the post-Roman world when faced by - or whenever contemplating - our Viking ancestors: "Lord, save us from the fury of the men of the North!" This time. Lord, screw 'em!
  • Since last year I've had as an acquaintance a young lady whose company I enjoy very much but who, unfortunately, is a hopeless liberal...She's one of the System's primary victims yet, at the same time, one of the System's most outspoken advocates...Jews and the System know how to play these people like a violin. Commander Rockwell said that it was because of the high level of development of the abstract virtues or "advanced instincts" of charity, decency and fair play found exclusively among the best racial types within the White Race. The Jews have done an almost complete job of perverting these instincts into the Negro-worshipping mania that is everywhere today.
  • The Right Wing - which includes most of what I call the Movement - fights its battles with the System on a piecemeal basis, choosing a "cause", an "issue", a "crusade" here and there. It's always a lost cause going in and by the time the Movement gets its teeth into the meat of it, something new has come along. They actually play poor runner-up to the shell-gaming of the System media...A revolutionary organization would do it the other way around. To a revolutionary there are no "issues", no "campaigns". The only concern is the destruction of the existing order, the existing power. In complete truth, most if not all of the "issues" the Movement has wasted its time and effort coming out against in the past are some of the very things which will HELP DESTROY the hated System! From Vietnam to drugs to abortion to bussing to illegal immigration, etc., they have willingly adopted the LOSING SIDE of the "issue". The System is historically DOOMED and these things are just a part of the TIDE OF DESTRUCTION that is going to engulf it. Sure a bunch of Jews may be cashing in on it, as they have historically done, but so what?! Of course we all know the REASON that the Movement has taken the stance it always has in the past - because these things were all "bad" for the White people and, through our public demonstrations against these things, we hoped and expected to gain massive White support for our cause. THIS STRATEGY NEVER, AT ANY TIME, HAS EVEN COME CLOSE TO WORKING!! The Movement has been indulging in a lot of wishful thinking and, very basically, has been thinking with its heart, emotionally. A revolutionary thinks strictly with his brain, his highest intelligence, with regard for practicalities alone.
  • Movement groups go after their members with a raging demand for total conformity to a pattern that is unreal and call for perfection in their human material. Regulation haircuts, clothing standards, minimums of (worthless) literature to be bought and - presumably - distributed, a certain percentage of their income to be pledged (wasted) each month, demonstrations (ridiculous) to be staged minus the necessary personnel to do it right and minus a public which gives a damn. PLUS, I should add, strict adherence to the "Fuhrerprinzip" (regardless of what any non-Nazi group may wish to call it)... The only totality we can apply currently with success is in our own view toward the System, the Enemy. When we attempt to apply it to new people, new adherents to the Movement, we achieve only an inward-looking cult; we alienate good people who are committed but still of a level-headed, reasoning nature. We open the field for nuts and tin-horns who are willing to put up with, and even add to, the nonsense in order to be a bigger part of it and, worst of all, we stifle fresh genius. It is a low view, held only by those who can't handle the Enemy and choose instead to tyrannize the membership and make people over while pretending to attack small surface symptoms of a far more serious problem (and falling flat even at that). In applying a strategy of totality toward the System instead, we find ourselves keeping up a constant pressure against it where it counts; on a never-ending, day-to-day basis, we begin to lay the groundwork for a truly popular front and rid ourselves of the label of "kooks", "reactionaries" and "fascists"; we develop a true ideology, a worldview, and in living it rather than playing at it we eventually become larger, greater than the Enemy itself; we assume the advantage, the OFFENSIVE, and through our self-discipline and diligent efforts, we become the embryonic government-to-be, more than worthy and capable of taking over the reigns once the present government is gone.
  • It is an error to complain about politicians. It is a worse error to complain about any specific politician by name. This is because that to do so is to extend to them. As though they are your leaders and you don't approve of what they're doing. To fall into, or, more often, to fail to get out of this line-of-thought is fatal one hundred percent of the time and no one who has ever towed a line like that has ever succeeded at anything. As to "what the Jews are up to", "what the Blacks have pulled lately", etc., it is all the same. People and groups will do as it is their nature and will to do. They cannot be predicted to do as might be "expected" when a society has broken down as this one has. Anyone who cannot see that has no business whatsoever in any movement calling itself politically revolutionary.
    The Enemy is the Enemy and aliens are aliens. All politicians - high and low are PIGS in a Pig System. If they weren't, they wouldn't be there. From President to dogcatcher, they are all the same bureaucratic, sell-out swine. No distinctions are to be drawn. Meaningless considerations of "parties", of "Left" and "Right", even individual identities, names, etc, are simply not to be used. To kill an "ism" you have to kill the "ists". Their words and actions are absolutely predictable and no one should ever express any sense of shock or outrage at them. We must view them as a mountain range, or a fetid swamp, or a series of storm clouds: just there. A factor to be noted and taken into account, upon which to base future strategy. In the present we have to work around them, in spite of them, never extending to them the invitation to send in their pigs to break up these, our most early and rudimentary efforts. In the future, we have to break up their power base and unseat them from the positions of authority which they usurped from real American leaders who haven't existed now in several generations. In the end, we have to simply kill them, as expeditiously and unceremoniously as possible.
    As for what any Black or group of Blacks may do - likewise with any alien congregations - it should concern us not. For this is not our country and these are not our people. They are not doing anything to us; not taking any - thing away from us. They are but players on a common chess board. They are merely aliens on this continent which has mostly seen throughout its existence the parlances of groups of aliens, vying one against another for greater dominance. There is no indication that this long established trend will not go on. If anything, they serve to unsettle and unhinge the drive for total control by the Big Brother Pig Bureaucrats of the System. At this point, anything which contributes to friction, chaos and anarchy can only help us in the long run. Should we then express any particular shock when any member of these alien groups commits some transgression against the old Anglo-Saxon laws which once, long ago, were devised to govern this land?
    Outrages and offenses to the sensibilities of any truly civilized individual have long since become the rule and not the exception. We must view it merely as the element in which we swim, in which we struggle. And of course, as we all know, it continues to degenerate further with each passing year. You do not complain about this. You either choose to swim or not to swim. You ADAPT to it so as to be able to function most effectively in it. You don't have to like it. You never accept it but you view it as only the primary aspect of the greater game plan in which everyone is caught up. Others will view it differently but they will be deluding themselves. You don't "worry" about any of that - you only worry about what YOU are going to be doing next, on your own, in relationship to it.
  • Some have said and still say that these are "pre-revolutionary times". That's a pretty good intellectual cop-out for a professional faker. But a revolutionary cannot make such a statement without confessing himself to be no more than a weirdo. The degree of VACUUM found in this present-day society indicates clearly that this is a revolutionary time as no other before in history. Charles Manson has told us that we must read the books BACKWARDS and get all that "other stuff" - people, places and events from other times - out of our minds so that we can start dwelling in the NOW and start dealing with the NOW.
  • We say that today isn't a hell of a lot different than the Dark Ages of Europe and that the choice is to either accept the existing grayness and mediocrity or work and fight to bring about a new Age of Man.
  • I'm a National Socialist first and foremost. Have been for over half of my life and will be for the rest of it. But those familiar with the philosophy of SIEGE will see that I view the Party in Germany together with its tactics, etc., purely as a phenomenon of that time and that place, totally unworkable here in the present. (And I must add that Commander Rockwell and his strategy were not of the past or another place and could have worked had he lived to see it through) But Hitler and Rockwell shared one thing in common which is no longer valid: they both believed - as Hitler proved and as Rockwell was successfully demonstrating - that the existing institutions of the day, though in many cases subverted and taken over by our enemies, were still usable and could be co-opted, or worked through, in the building of the Movement and the seizing of power. This is no longer the case at all. I'm a National Socialist first and foremost. From now on, all our thoughts and strategy must be based upon this realization.
  • With Ronnie Ray-gun having trounced Jimmy Carter can we consider ourselves saved? Can we quit and relax? Not if we're revolutionaries... We want bureaucratic hang-dogs like Carter out front and not "Cowboy Heroes" like Reagan to give people a false sense of security in leadership. We want as our revolutionary incubus the most vile and decadent form of liberalism so that we may run wild and free. We do not want a repressive, conservative "Don't Rock the Boat" atmosphere which suits the cheap labor, high profits, one-manone-vote bourgeoisie just dandy. If we can't get the gutless masses to join in an effort at retaking control of America from the Enemy, then we at least want them to keep out of our way in complete apathy when the day comes for us to break the current impasse. We don't want "Law & Order" but rather we want the people so terrified by crime that they'll be ready to accept anything which promises to lead them to safety. We want them sullen and disgruntled and not happily participating in the "democratic process". Above all we don't want a police state with our worst enemies at the top pulling the strings. We don't want a "Business as Usual" atmosphere. We want an atmosphere conducive to REVOLUTION spilling over into the streets.
  • We can't worry about a revivified FBI-KGB or an increasingly heavy-handed judiciary. If we are worth a damn at all then we must expect to see our movement BANNED by the government, by a frightened System just as it happened in Germany (and for that matter, Russia ) many, many times before victory became final.
  • I can't think of a more stark example of the way things have turned around just within the past twenty years in this country than something uttered by Gus Hall in 1961 . He said, "I dream of the hour when the last Congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher.' The Right Wing went crazy over that one and used it as part of their "heavy ammunition" against the Communist Party.
    Well old Gus has shelved that rather embarrassing statement. Not because he is getting soft in his old age - hardly - but rather because it about as out-dated as highbutton shoes. In those days he may have had some basis for a statement like that because Conservatism, and the former concept of "America" as it was known, was making its last stand against the total subversion that today holds all the seats of open power.
    Today's Congressmen and preachers are truly among Gus Hall's best troop. Why, he wouldn't want to harm a hair on their heads. Gus and his buddies have it all. The Congress and the Clergy are two arms on the body of Big Brother. Conservatism lost while the forces that Gus Hall was running with won out. And now the shoe is on the other foot.
    Masters of subtlety, they've everything except signs posted on the walls to the effect that Big Brother rules completely. But our Movement has no corner on prophets. The words of Gus Hall too will ring true yet in the United States. But they will do so in such a manner, with such an ironic twist that he and all his "fellow travelers" will choke on them!
  • What's happening to the back-bone of the U.S. population, all those millions upon millions of Anglo-Saxons, has been a squeeze-play operation from the close of the last century to the present day. Commander Rockwell talked of the "niggerization" of American youth, and he was right. But since he was forced to swim in a milieu of Conservative Rightists, he neglected mentioning the other half of the assault that was just as deadly - that from above.
    Fifty years ago all of the social ills that have this country by the throat today were confined to two limited areas: the colored ghettos and among the circles of the filthy rich. These people who today are indulging in and/or are trapped by this social cancer - from drugs to whatever you want to include - might imagine it is something new. It isn't. It's only relatively new to THEM. It required several generations to do it but finally their resistance was broken and the walls were removed and hell has risen. And it's referred to them as "freedom", "democracy", "equality", "progress", "self-expression", "alternate lifestyles", "human rights", "dignity", etc.
    I've said before that it has reached everywhere now and indeed has stood at that point of saturation for some time. If there ever is to be a major input of the clean, the fresh and pure to hope to rejuvenate the situation, as in the case of Rome, it'll have to come from outside, as with the armies of invading "Barbarians" that the integrated, soul-rotted Roman legions couldn't resist. That points nowhere but the East, if it can happen before the rot of the West fatally infects the East as well.
    But, in the hopes of getting our own thinking balanced out, could there ever have been a danger to our masses of racially-sound people of being poisoned from below unless the had already been rotted from above? Healthy people aren't susceptible to such things as drugs and racial mixing. It took a couple of generations of Hollywood's and New York 's effects on their MINDS via the movies, the newspapers and, especially, the television to get them properly "softened up". In my book, there's really nothing more vile and detestable than a crowd of socalled "beautiful people" centered on Los Angeles, New York and all the really "fashionable" resort spots, etc. These are the types set up by the media to be worshipped and emulated by the masses. Take a look around at the results of fifty years of this! And, just as a final thought, exactly what bunch of people was it that were erased by a few "hippies" back on a hot night in 1969 and for which Charles Manson now serves several terms of life imprisonment? While we were watching out "below", Manson saw the threat from "above" and acted.
  • It is a cornerstone of the National Socialist outlook - and a hard one at that, which so few can manage to grasp - that NO MATTER WHAT, if the blood is preserved pure, it can survive and overcome ANYTHING. If atomic warfare destroyed all human life on earth but two Aryan specimens somewhere in New Zealand, we could begin again. There is no threat greater than that of genetic pollution facing life on this planet. That is the one and only thing that could conceivably erase all civilization, all higher culture, and send this planet, as Hitler said, swirling back into the ether.
  • They [Liberals] go wild on the question of hazardous waste dumps but are oblivious to the far greater danger of the hazardous genetic dumps which are our major U.S. cities. So what if we can manage over the next hundred years or so to clean up the vast amounts of garbage and waste that the Capitalist System has brought about if, over the same period, we have degenerated into a bunch of low-level savages. A human garbage dump with no chance of reclamation? ... In line with the priority of the blood kept pure and free of alien genes, when comparing the respective damage to be done by other forms of pollutants, I've often stated that the condition - and content - of these cities make a positively ATTRACTIVE case for atomic warfare. After all, don't they employ radiation in the treatment of cancer?
  • We use the term 'System' in place of the word 'government' because what controls America and the whole West today are not governments, they are faceless tyrannies, branch offices of a single monstrous SYSTEM. When we speak of the thousands of interchangeable, expendable parts of the alien, inhuman bureaucracy, we speak of the System. From police to welfare bureaucrats, to city, local, state and national appointees and so-called "elected officials"; from prison administration to the Armed Forces; those who either represent the System or who are in the employ of the System ARE in fact the System itself. High and low it is marked by the overweening drive to entrench itself ever deeper into the body of the nation - like the parasite that it is - to evade any and all real responsibility, and to regulate the lives of everyone it can in as minute detail as the System "legislators" can clear a "legal" path for it to do so.
  • It is a general rule that in this ultra-sick society the members of the Establishment, the System and of Big Brother's exclusive few share many common traits. The most basic of these is cowardice. And from cowardice comes repression. As we already have said, none of them will accept responsibility for anything. Their defense is their endless red tape. Their offense is their economic system (not to mention the press, courts and police). They hide behind the "law". They are "officialdom". They are the ruling class. If we are to play by their set rules, as we must, then one of them is coequal to all the rest, as guilty as the next. To participate in this anti-White conspiracy is a crime that shall be punished by death. And no appeals are granted by the Revolutionary Court.
  • I think the entire Movement is generally agreed that the System is going to fall; indeed it is currently in the process of falling. We have in the recent past the lesson of Iran: when the Big Brother regime there was toppled, all the high technology and the money itself disappeared... YET. Iran has gone on to successfully purge itself of practically all of its impurities and has fought a victorious war with a militarily well-supplied neighbor. And it is doing so under the direction of one elderly holy man who embodies the spirit and will of the entire nation. Are we to think it can't happen here? But Khomeini's march stretched over a period of a generation or more, much of it spent in exile. We're no strangers to enduring long, dry spells made even more oppressive by the iron grip the System has over things in this country, but more is still required. We'll need to have a team ready when the time comes.
  • Prisons are loaded with Blacks. Prison populations consistently run from 50/50 on up in favor of Blacks. Signs of a racist, repressive society? Not exactly. It is just that Blacks commit most of the crime. But all that is in their nature and the laws of this society, as they were originally intended, were never meant for a multi-racial population, for coloreds to have to abide by. They should not be "punished" for this but instead allowed to go and make their own laws to live by and to take care of their own transgressors. But the State won't have it that way. Rather, they alternately inflict the Blacks on White society and inflict prison on the Blacks, ever heightening the fury of the cycle.
    And what of the Whites in prison? Aside from the federal, "white collar" types, most are there because they cannot help themselves and the State, the only source from where real help could be expected to come, babbles on about "more prisons, more executions". After removing the Blacks and the rest of the non-Whites, and removing the habitual criminal types by actual and swift execution, the remainder would be only a shadow of the monstrous problem that exists today. A firm and healthy White society would easily absorb the majority and lead them to a productive existence while the rest, those who positively "can't make it" with others, under others' rules, could be gathered in colonies similar to the successful British experiment in Australia , to be left to make it on their own.
    The State and those running it presently either can't see that or won't allow it. In the first instance, they are incompetent. In the second, they are criminal. But at bottom, given the conditions and circumstances today, this official mutter about "more prisons and more executions" smacks clearly of a declaration of war by the ruling class against the poor... And it is a most odd twist that, because the System that created them and the conditions within merely tosses a person in and turns its back, rather than employ full-time official torturers and executioners, the System, in whose name these prisons stand and function, gains no respect by them but only engenders hatred and contempt among these hordes of prisoners, both Black and White. And still they babble on about building more of them. Somewhere along the line is a built-in justice that is taking its time in manifesting itself.
  • In Germany they [people] wanted to be given the Truth, and Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP provided it. Here, they don't want the Truth and will try to kill you if you offer it. For a huge and complex society such as this, what this invites resembles something out of the darkest, bloodiest pages of the Old Testament. Such is the cry of eternal justice that will not be stilled.
  • They loved to point out to us kids in school the ghastly idiocy of the official belief in such things as the "sun revolving around the earth" and the "earth as a flat disc", and that any who opposed - or so much as questioned - this official view of the Church and State, were routinely burned. It really wouldn't matter a damn if the sun did revolve around the earth or if the earth were flat. Things would go on about the same. It's just that there were men of science who sought the TRUTH at any cost. But how about today when it is taught by System, encompassing State and Church, that "all men and races of men are equal" and inter-mixing has become law? Not only is there no evidence anywhere to support that very recent assumption, but in fact all science stands against it. And IF the lessons of history are ignored, IF this de-evolution goes on to its conclusion in North America, IF this civilization crumbles as a result, then what? In principle, it may be akin to the superstition that the earth is flat, but the results are infinitely more terrible. And what of those who today go against all this babble and chatter and "laws" about "human equality"? Only they can know and appreciate what Galileo and Copernicus might have gone through.
  • On television these days I see ads for a "computer dating service" which features such types as "marketing consultants", "time management consultants", "data processors", etc. Now these are very high-paying, professional positions but I ask What is actually being PRODUCED by them? This is being billed as not only the wave of the future but as what to look for as the "ideal" in a mate, the kind of lifestyle to be desired. But who in the hell is going to PRODUCE? You hear constantly of farms folding and disappearing. That there are now more "white collar" workers than "blue collar". Some proportion way above eighty percent of the population is now living inside the cities. Where's the FOOD going to come from? And, lastly, some in the Movement are highly enthusiastic about computerism, about how it is the wave of the future and how we'd best dive right into the swim. But I ask again, what does the rapid processing of information actually PRODUCE? What happens if someone or something pulls the plug?
    A war or an anarchy, or any form of disruption or breakdown. Anything at all that puts the lights out and keeps them out. It's all held together by a few generators, a few dams and a lot of wires. They think that the ancient standing stones of Western Europe were some kind of conductors of currents but who knows? Who'll know what the hell these giant, metal towers out in the middle of cornfields were ten thousand years hence? I've stood in lines in supermarkets when the electricity has been out for as long as thirty minutes. The lines backed up to the meat departments; some people got fed up and just walked off, leaving their carts. And the people at the registers just stood helplessly, idly by, waiting for "someone" to turn the power back on. No one dreamt of whipping out pencil and paper. Tell me where the computers will be when the lights never come back on, or not for a period of years. What's more, where will the COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS be then? It'll be back to the soil fast... or DIE. Winter and starvation won't wait. Try "consulting", "programming" or "managing" your way out of that. The diplomas will come in handy when the shipments of toilet paper stop.
    It has been said that Western Civilization reached its peak in the Eighteenth Century. For many reasons, this is probably correct. But I would add that mechanization had reached its natural, healthy peak at about the turn of the last century. By that I mean machines had developed enough to lighten man's load but not too much to enslave him and make a hopeless dependent of him. I marvel at the inventions of the late Eighteen Hundreds and early Nineteen Hundreds. Practically none require fuel of any sort beyond man and horse power. Furthermore they were built to last forever. Many required a certain native CRAFTSMANSHIP to operate but therein was man's greatest INSURANCE against disaster: HIMSELF and his own natural capabilities.
  • In this new Dark Age - different from the previous one wherein religion was the primary concern rather than the upbreeding of the Race - it is technology that supersedes every other concern of life. It must be "progress" because it is all so far-advanced and miraculous! But note how the United States and the rest of the Western world are going computerized just at the moment of their impending death. So much for the true worth of so-called high technology.
    It all seems to indicate a loss of vitality because, again, so much is involved in "keeping track of" rather than in creativity and productivity, goods and services. The demand for computer programmers soars while the national productivity continues to decline. So much attention to cold data must be seen as another form of death rattle in the affairs of men arid nations.
  • The first time as a kid anyone samples boxing in the ring, one of the first things his instructor will tell him is, "Expect to be hit." And not lightly tapped either but clobbered as hard as his opponent - just as determined NOT to be hit and to win the match himself - can manage. But hit he will be until he masters the art gradually. If he is too faint-hearted, he will flee the ring at once. If he is too inept, he will get his brains beaten out. But if he is a healthy, normal specimen then Nietzsche's maxim will prevail in his case. He will feel the blows when they land but he will learn that blows are to be warded off. He will learn not to "lead with his chin" just to impress anyone that he can "take it". Above all, he will master himself and will not allow himself to be "spooked" either by his opponent or by the image of what might happen. For to allow oneself to be "spooked" is to concede defeat before the real fight begins. When antagonism leads to conflict, and most especially when one antagonist is an old, well-established, deeply-entrenched System while the other is a young, bantamweight revolutionary movement, then the fight is going to be heavily one-sided throughout much of its duration. The enormous body fat of the System will absorb the brunt of our best blows while any backhanded swat from the System if allowed to connect - can send us reeling off our feet... This being the case then, it is up to the Movement to better learn HOW, WHEN & WHERE to aim and deliver its blows. We've been leading with our chins for the past twenty-odd years and it's time to stop. The fall taken for a federal conspiracy charge without basis would be no harder that one with a basis to it. A trip to the penitentiary for the deaths of a half-dozen racial enemies would be no longer or worse than a trip for the deaths of hundreds. The consequences for the wounding of one or several System bureaucrats are about the same as they would befor killing them. However, none of this is the actual point. The first time something goes wrong, you can blame others. The second time it goes wrong, you can only blame yourself. Never make the same mistake twice. If you can help it, never make it once. The rule is that once burned, twice shy. It only means keeping your hand out of the fire, not staying clear of the kitchen. The System wants - depends upon - INTIMIDATION. They count on fear and division to keep an increasingly alienated and sullen population subjected. Don't get "spooked", get SHARP! Rise and fight again with the experience you have gained.
  • Prison is one of the hardest realities. When faced with the certainty or strong likelihood of going to prison, one of the most difficult decisions is whether to submit and hope you will come out alive and in one piece or whether to resist, either by going completely underground or by dying in a final act of supreme defiance. These are the things each and every revolutionary must have already carefully sorted out in his mind well in advance of when such a situation may arrive.
    The cases of James Earl Ray and Joseph Paul Franklin are illustrative of what, to me, would be totally unacceptable. On the other hand we see Rudolf Hess and Charles Manson bearing up quite well and admirably as it is their belief that suicide under conditions of mere confinement is unmanly and dishonorable. Michael Pearch and Fred Cowan chose death in their gun fights with police, rather than a life - and death - in hellish prisons. One circumstance that does very definitely make the prospect of even minimal confinement appear outside the bounds of consideration is the thought of prison after having not struck a significant enough blow at the Enemy first. In short, prison as a result of failure, as a result of inaction. I know I could not tolerate the idea for myself.
    The mark of a true revolutionary movement is that its members make their own choice as a matter of proper course as duty and circumstances dictate. They avoid situations where their actions are governed by stimuli applied by the System, such as pressure and fear. Proper decisions are seldom made under such sudden and always inopportune constraints. The revolutionary moves FIRST. Decide what your course shall be well in advance. Have your plan well laid so that the possibility of arrest, imprisonment or untimely death may be reduced to a minimum. It is an inescapable reality that the Underground must be built, the Underground Army, and as any student of warfare knows, an army of volunteers far surpasses one of fugitives. As a sudden fugitive, your chances of successfully adjusting to and functioning within an underground environment are tremendously reduced. As a volunteer, you first prepare and then choose the time and place. In revolution the price of failure generally is death. So whatever you do and whatever course you choose, don't sell yourself cheap. MAKE IT COUNT!
  • The talk is big regarding a White Redoubt in the U.S. Northwest where, it is said even today, FBI, etc., don't care to venture. The reality of this is looming larger every day as things deteriorate and even this quiet spot in Ohio begins to lose more and more credibility as a place to dig in and hang on while the storm rages overhead. I remind each of you of what has been said before: just because we may be part of a Movement in opposition to all this insanity does not mean we are or shall be somehow magically immune to any of it when things break full force. It was also said that an organization which does not plan for its future isn't likely to have one.
    Those who want to LIVE and possibly go on later to make a significant IMPACT on the course of national and world affairs are going to have to strategically withdraw from grandiose designs of what might have been and surrender all illusions of what should be. For there is only what IS and that forever remains harsh reality.
  • Ever notice how only a certain mentality becomes a cop, or a professional soldier in these times? I've known several who did both. They might be compared to decadent Rome's stoics were it not for their total lack of understanding or moral courage. They are gun fanatics, the law-and-order freaks and they have trouble getting girls. They are the most dangerous and irredeemable reactionaries. They are the System's hired hoods, the System's Pigs, and though the reactionary streak in them may at times cause them to sympathize with some of our program, they'll sell you out in a minute in the name of printed law. It is comparatively well-known that the suicide rate among professional groups is highest among police. To be blunt they are neurotic, cowardly, self-righteous bullies and any comparison between them and the SS is enough to gag any real National Socialist, for these Pigs are not in the least bit idealistic or devoted to any cause whatsoever, save enforcing the printed law as it is handed down by tyrannical judges and sold-out politicians. What else, how else can we regard them except as a major facet of the Enemy? Conservatism and Pig-ism are the same: both enemies of revolution. Devoid of real ethics and motivation, only two things keep the Pigs in power in this land: the mood and atmosphere set by the superabundance of the "Uncle Toms" I mentioned before and the continued existence of the economy. Despite any 21 st century line of electronic surveillance systems, the Pigs COULD NOT FUNCTION minus their finks, their informants. And were it not for the government's continued ability to pay them their wages - handed over by sheepish herds of taxpaying consumers -they'd quickly get out and take jobs better suited to them, like pumping gas or some other honest labor.
    We can start to defeat them now, individually, simply by being SUPERIOR. Step one is to stop imagining that they have eyes in the backs of their heads or that they are all-seeing in any way. They are NOT as long as we stay away from stupid conspiracies and other compromising situations... and even more stupid TALK! Step two is to learn their silly little routine games which they play on every suspect and to know how to rebuff these at the time they are attempted. THAT is 90% of any encounter with the police. Third is to discipline ourselves to STAND FIRM against them even in the face of total personal disaster so that we ourselves and the revolution as a whole will not be further weakened or discredited.
    Their power will gradually be overturned and destroyed through the increased lack of faith and interest on the part of the public as well as our own rock-solid opposition. Offensive tactics against them are entirely unwarranted and unnecessary now and for long into the future. Once under serious attack by them, of course, consider yourself a marked individual and proceed to kill as many of them as you can.
  • "If there's trouble, call a cop." If you believe that, please stay away from me. That is a mentality that has to be stamped out. I realize that an entire segment of the population will probably have to be stamped out along with it, but nonetheless.
  • It may be construed as paranoid to come out and say that the police are only there to mess you up. If you exist as a truly "herd" animal, you might never experience any difficulty with them at all. You might live out your existence in total indifference. But even those types live with the ever-present risk that someday, somehow a Big Brother minion might decide it's time to cut one out of the herd for an impromptu slaughter. Maybe a la Amazon River where one is sacrificed to the voracious piranha. That is no existence for a real White Man. Those who decide NOT to follow Master's Rules will have to get sharp - physically and mentally - if they are going to long survive for, sooner or later. Big Brother will fix his sights on YOU.
  • Never forget the unbelievable number of those who are completely innocent but are broken and railroaded by professional techniques of interrogation, intimidation and, perhaps most dangerous of all, entrapment. Bluff, high-pressure and, surely, by "The Pigs Are Your Friends", "Let Us Help You" and so forth. That is tough enough. But going in to face an interrogation - a most dangerous and uncomfortable experience, I assure you, under any circumstances - when you yourself know you are guilty of what they are investigating or accusing you of is something else entirely.
    Here is where it all either comes together or falls apart. I don't recommend trying this unless you know what you are doing. The word here is brinkmanship. You must know how much to admit, what to deny, where to be vague. You'll be asked to write your story out for comparison later on. You'll be asked to submit to polygraph examination. You'll be told you're sunk already. You'll be insulted and threatened. You'll be alone and surrounded by a room full of Pigs. Sometimes it will happen that friends, acquaintances and even family may have actually betrayed you. Scenarios of your life ending may pass before your eyes. Through it all, your composure must never slip for even a split second. At this precise moment, things are most critical.
    It'll be the longest hour of your life and you'll probably be able to count on a good many of them. But if you can withstand the best that the police academy can dish out in that initial blitz, then you most likely have weathered the storm. ... One of the primary things to keep always in mind is that police have no magical powers; they are not omniscient. They depend on your foolishness and the cooperation of others - informants - to win their battles. If you ROB THEM OF THESE by not making typical, idiotic mistakes and by not exposing yourself to needless vulnerability and be One of the primary things to keep always in mind is that police have no magical powers; they are not omniscient. They depend on your foolishness and the cooperation of others - informants - to win their battles. If you ROB THEM OF THESE by not making typical, idiotic mistakes and by not exposing yourself to needless vulnerability and be
  • You must expect to be caught. This is a struggle against an enemy who is in power everywhere and you are an OUTLAW. No one's skill and no one's luck can be expected to hold forever, in every case. Mine certainly hasn't. Yet, I suppose, one can look upon the ability to cut one's losses as the ability to end Game One and begin Game Two in order to gain one's own advantage. That takes skill and luck and judgment all by itself. It is this realization, when constantly borne in mind, that will lead you to exert extreme caution even while in the midst of what others surely would call the most daring and foolhardy of exploits. If you're not caught in the act of something, then you generally will have great room to maneuver later on, should anyone pickup your trail. It is here where you'll have to prove your gamesmanship because it will be a game in which the only real, permanent loser can be you!
  • On September 26th the headlines began on this upbeat note: "Killer Stalks Buffalo Blacks". That incident involved the shooting of four Blacks that left three dead within thirty-six hours in that city. Next item out of Buffalo was, "Vicious Murders Spark Massive Manhunt". It was thus reported on October 10th that two more Blacks had not only been killed but had had their hearts cut out. From what we gather, the fourth shooting victim died and there was a strangulation attempt that was not successful against still another Black. Police in Buffalo claim four "composite drawings" of a suspect or suspects. District Attorney Edward Cosgrove made this very pregnant statement: "I can't imagine a more serious, traumatic situation occurring in a U.S. community." Well, brother, we sure as hell can.
    On October 7th it was reported that a "prime suspect" in the shooting of Vernon Jordan had been identified as one Joseph Franklin. At the same time it came out that Franklin had been known to appear in Nazi uniform, giving the Hitler salute, this tidbit supplied by his ex-wife in Louisiana. But it seems as though Franklin is a real traveling man. Wanted for the killing of two Black "youths" in Salt Lake City, Utah, while police in Cincinnati, Ohio, want to question him (I'll bet!) regarding the killing of two more Negro "youths" in that city, so far Franklin is credited with ten killings and is wanted in five states. Best of all is the fact that Franklin supposedly has been killing mixed couples... the rotten Whites right along with the Blacks. Bravo!!
    Then finally there is the business in Atlanta, Georgia, of whomever it is that believes the proper target is the offspring rather than the adult. At last report, on October 11th, there were eight dead Black offspring in the Atlanta area over a period of fifteen months. These occurrences are the closest thing yet amounting to what is actually needed in this country.
  • We wish the people of the Middle East good luck in regaining control over their homelands, through whatever means it may take to accomplish.
  • In Soviet-Bloc countries and in the Third World cultures where creeping liberalism has not done its final damage, domestic violence, i.e., the dominant male of the group, the father, having to straighten out other family members after reason has failed, is shrugged off by the society and the authorities, that is when it is noticed at all. Here today, they have established "hotlines" to call to turn in a family member for touching you. "Human dignity" violated. "Big Brother to the rescue!". The most recent masterpiece of the conditioned reflex to air on television, "The Burning Bed", had intentions and results which were one hundred percent predictable: within forty-eight hours of airing, stories were breaking in the news about wives (and husbands) actually burning their mates at home, for real. "If it's all-right for Farrah and if she can get away with it, so can I!". (Tell me this is an intelligent and free-thinking society.)
    The object? To give the coup de grace to the father figure in this country; to finish the job that "All In The Family" and "Archie Bunker" started. The husband and father as "bad guy". To regular readers of my newsletter this will not sound the least bit extreme as it no doubt would to the outsider, the victim of this conditioning. You cannot get wives and children turning in their husbands and fathers unless and until you have rendered them ridiculous, impotent and brutish (fascistic). Step one was accomplished long ago and, I might add, with plenty of cooperation from the American male. Yes, they ARE mainly jerks and impotent buffoons deserving all the kicks the alien, anti-White System wants to deal them. For they are the ones who ALLOWED all of this to take place and come to pass. In this sense, the System media is flogging a dead horse to an almost cosmic degree.
    It is however a serious matter in that we see they intend to leave absolutely no stone unturned in their drive to flatten, homogenize and ultimately DESTROY any and all vestiges of former White life. To me it is funny and disgusting at the same time to watch this going on. Like a seller of snake oil rolling into a hick town a century ago, these Media Masters can and do pull anything, no matter how blatant, and are assured of getting away with it. Funny in the sense that we of the Movement are able to read it like a book and funny in the sense that it is being done to the killers of Germany, so "mighty and righteous" forty years ago. Disgusting in that these same people, while still claiming the heritage of their ancestors, are WALLOWING IN IT and loving every second of it.
    You don't need to be a medium any longer to peek into the future. Just watch the television and see which way it points. As far as we are concerned, they had finished off the institution of the American family by no later than the Sixties but, evidently, it had to wait until the auspicious year of 1984 for the System itself to write its own "FINIS" to this particular job well done.
    Then there is the current red-hot issue of child abuse. This acquires two forms: violence and sexual exploitation. In the first case it falls under the same heading as domestic violence. In a sane and healthy society, it is rare and the issue is hardly worth real concern. However, this society has long been neurotic and is currently well along the road to full-blown psychotic. And in a situation like that, don't be surprised by anything that happens. Even at that, I seriously doubt that things are nearly so bad as the System would have us believe. It's just that the magnifying glass is now trained on this one point. Abuses, outrages and certainly runaways happen all the time but note how the media campaign would only seriously effect violence in the home if it would be intended to instill discipline and, thus, try to preserve a semblance of family and civilization (about in the same way as "gun control" would work).
    Far more insidious is the second aspect of this: sexual abuse. Are we to believe that the Beast System, a thing more loathsome and evil than any which appears in the Bible, piously draws the line at the sexual exploitation of children? Well, that's what they're saying, isn't it? Remember the hot controversy over marijuana? How about the one over homosexuality? And the results in the life of the nation? The word is pedophilia and it, like hemophilia, has been around since time began and always will be around. Like dormant cells in the national body, they have been deliberately and systematically turned CANCEROUS, out of control, by the System and its media. Formerly docile Negroes have been turned arrogant and vicious. The two sexes have been set against one another. On it goes. Toward what goal? Again, the final and complete destruction of the people and the civilization that formerly ruled over this continent. The System has a unique knack of latching onto anything, exploiting it, escalating it out of all proportion and turning it poisonous and unnatural. While the big, hidden manipulators use their multi-trillion-dollar apparatus to get unaware masses of people "all set" for something only lately unspeakable, the little operators brace themselves to perform their patriotic, capitalistic duty of supplying a demand which they somehow know is on the way: child pornography. And armies of those already rendered unbalanced are wound up tight and "all set" to go, like horses at the starting gate, at Big Brother's cue to form ready-made ranks of "molesters". Have you ever wondered which came first, the manifestation of something or just all the noise about it? Ask yourself: in a society already bored and satiated with heterosexuality (for jaded pleasure, not reproduction of the race) and right at the moment inundating itself in homosexuality in an attempt to recapture some of that lost "thrill", where are the new thrills to be found? If you want to make something "thrilling", you make it forbidden. Tell me, what's the most loudly forbidden thing, the most sensationalized thing, now coming at you across the airwaves? This may have all just sounded like a moralistic sermon from Rev. Jerry Falwell. I will always insist that I am the LEAST moralistic person in that I have no superstitious fears or hang-ups typically connected with a reactionary society. Patterns are merely there to be observed and studied, in a detached manner, so that we may be able to use them for our own purposes. And we see how our Enemy is using them, literally orchestrating them, towards its own peculiar ends. It's that end that we don't like.
  • The move towards "gun control" stems from the FEAR of ruling structure that revolution may be in the wind, coupled with the fact that we are the most heavily armed populace in the world, thank God! Precisely like the so-called "bussing issue", taken at its face it makes no sense, can't be justified, is unworkable and as far as its stated goals are concerned, is a flat failure. The stated purpose of "gun control" is to curb crime. But the real point of it is that THEY ARE SCARED OF US! If they want it, they're going to have it. Never doubt that. Nobody is in favor of bussing but it remains the "law of the land" nevertheless. If they want it, they'll have it! And none of the tried-and-disproven Conservative methods of opposing naked tyranny will even slow it down. So don't waste your time. We must expect it. Just be ready. Look at what prohibition did for Al Capone. I can hardly wait!
  • "The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew." These are the words of Adolf Hitler writing in Mein Kampf. One is immediately struck by a hidden or little-noticed implication contained in that short declaration - the vast difference in numbers between Aryans and Jews for them yet to be "mighty counterparts". What else can this imply other than not everyone counts? We who have spent years within the Movement are aware that the Jews, as a race, are elitists and think of themselves as such. This would mean then that most Jews matter in affairs of Jewry - that Jews, on average, represent themselves very well and in ways that count. Aryans, or Whites, on the other hand, as we have seen, by and large have abdicated not only their world role but their individual roles as members of the Great Race, to the point where the Race is now only "great" in so far as its past and potential are concerned. But in terms of hard reality, such things as "past" and "potential", together with 50 cents, will get you a cup of coffee. How it got that way has been treated thoroughly in thousands of pages included in dozens of thick volumes put out by the Movement's best authors so we need not delve into it here. The only concern is what steps are to be taken to correct the situation. What we have on the national and world stage today is a situation that fits Hitler's statement far closer than when it was written in 1924. Numerically - as far as those who count are concerned - true Aryans just about equate Jews and this parity in terms of the battle for eternal stakes lends a light to the gravity and finality of the thing seldom before seen. The rest, as Nietzsche said, are merely humanity, the gray masses representing nothing but inertia. Thousands of years ago the Jews spelled out their own estimation of these types: "Goyim", or cattle, to be grazed, milked and, finally, slaughtered. Can we argue this?
    We view the current status of the world conflict this way: yes, there are two mighty counterpart forces at work in America and in the world - the forces of Life and the forces of Death. The Life forces represent an upward path toward, as Nietzsche put it. Godlike humanity. The Death forces merely seek now to make the cesspool, which they have in fact created, one of an irremediable nature. We must know that we fight for Life, for Revolution, as a matter of COURSE and not as a matter of choice or of reaction to anything. Our Program fulfilled will mean the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of Whites whereas the ongoing depredations of Jewish-Capitalism will finally eradicate them altogether.
    They themselves are unaware of this and, in any case, couldn't care less. And this, in turn, means that we, like the Jews, must come to view ourselves as an elite, as a BREED APART from any other, because it is our DESTINY to do so. The Jew fights for his destiny in the same way... which is the only way his course can be explained or understood without, as did Commander Rockwell, looking upon it as purely insane.
  • Of course, the U.S. government ceased to be White even before the outbreak of the First World War as the very smallest number of alien infiltrators had succeeded by that time in deranging the entire meaning and thrust of government away from being the servant of the people and even away from being pro-American in world dealings. From that humble beginning it has grown into the monster that it is today.
  • The most rabid among these [Leftist/Black Nationalist] groups idealized every move they made as being directed against the very vital innards of what they viewed as the "White Racist" society. We did not and still do not take them lightly because, after all, it is the sentiment that counts. But you and I know that this is anything else but a "White Racist" society. It is a cesspool of miscegenation. So when they attack in earnest, physically, what is it that they attack? They attack Big Brother whether they know it or like it or not. They attack their very Patron Saint! This is known as falling for your own propaganda. It is the old "Frankenstein" story. Rubin once wrote that the fallacy of the Conservatives and the Right in trying to deal with those like himself was in their creating and aura of a gigantic menace which in reality didn't exist but yet generated a very real void effortlessly filled by these shirt-tail bolsheviks. Does such a void exist today and for whom has it been tailored?
  • These psyched-up Reds - and especially the agitated Blacks - can't be expected to lie dormant forever and you can only hit what you can see. One of the cornerstones of our strategy is to make ourselves the most unattractive target for these peripheral rowdies. We'd rather see the System take it on the chin instead. In deciding who your enemy really is you must take into account that an opponent is only dangerous to you if he holds some kind of power over you. Groups like the PLP (Progressive Labor Party), etc., can't affect us in the slightest unless we provide them with an opening. The Big Brother System is another matter. THERE IS THE ENEMY!! It is our worst enemy in the entire world!
    If a bunch of Black Nationalists rob a Brinks truck, if they kill some System Pigs, WHO CARES? Money is the lifeblood of the System so let the Blacks, or anyone else who cares to, open up a damned artery! Any Pig killed by a Black or Communist Revolutionary is one Pig you may be sure will not come after YOU one night with a nice, neat Federal warrant. It is a dirty, rotten shame that it has to be left up to the likes of Blacks and bowlegged Jewish agitators to hit the Pig System but, damn it, SOMEBODY'S GOT TO DO IT! So wish 'em lots o' luck because this is serious, deadly business and twenty years of bitter experience has shown us that all the piety and all the law and order bullshit of the past has gotten us NOWHERE!
  • The first time as a kid anyone samples boxing in the ring, one of the first things his instructor will tell him is, "Expect to be hit." And not lightly tapped either but clobbered as hard as his opponent - just as determined NOT to be hit and to win the match himself - can manage. But hit he will be until he masters the art gradually. If he is too faint-hearted, he will flee the ring at once. If he is too inept, he will get his brains beaten out. But if he is a healthy, normal specimen then Nietzsche's maxim will prevail in his case. He will feel the blows when they land but he will learn that blows are to be warded off. He will learn not to "lead with his chin" just to impress anyone that he can "take it". Above all, he will master himself and will not allow himself to be "spooked" either by his opponent or by the image of what might happen. For to allow oneself to be "spooked" is to concede defeat before the real fight begins.
    When antagonism leads to conflict, and most especially when one antagonist is an old, well-established, deeply-entrenched System while the other is a young, bantamweight revolutionary movement, then the fight is going to be heavily one-sided throughout much of its duration. The enormous body fat of the System will absorb the brunt of our best blows while any backhanded swat from the System if allowed to connect - can send us reeling off our feet... This being the case then, it is up to the Movement to better learn HOW, WHEN & WHERE to aim and deliver its blows. We've been leading with our chins for the past twenty-odd years and it's time to stop. The fall taken for a federal conspiracy charge without basis would be no harder that one with a basis to it. A trip to the penitentiary for the deaths of a half-dozen racial enemies would be no longer or worse than a trip for the deaths of hundreds. The consequences for the wounding of one or several System bureaucrats are about the same as they would be for killing them. However, none of this is the actual point. The first time something goes wrong, you can blame others. The second time it goes wrong, you can only blame yourself. Never make the same mistake twice. If you can help it, never make it once. The rule is that once burned, twice shy. It only means keeping your hand out of the fire, not staying clear of the kitchen. The System wants - depends upon - INTIMIDATION. They count on fear and division to keep an increasingly alienated and sullen population subjected. Don't get "spooked", get SHARP! Rise and fight again with the experience you have gained.
  • "If there's trouble, call a cop." If you believe that, please stay away from me. That is a mentality that has to be stamped out. I realize that an entire segment of the population will probably have to be stamped out along with it, but nonetheless.
  • It may be construed as paranoid to come out and say that the police are only there to mess you up. If you exist as a truly "herd" animal, you might never experience any difficulty with them at all. You might live out your existence in total indifference. But even those types live with the ever-present risk that someday, somehow a Big Brother minion might decide it's time to cut one out of the herd for an impromptu slaughter. Maybe a la Amazon River where one is sacrificed to the voracious piranha. That is no existence for a real White Man. Those who decide NOT to follow Master's Rules will have to get sharp - physically and mentally - if they are going to long survive for, sooner or later. Big Brother will fix his sights on YOU.
  • Ever notice how only a certain mentality becomes a cop, or a professional soldier in these times? I've known several who did both. They might be compared to decadent Rome's stoics were it not for their total lack of understanding or moral courage. They are gun fanatics, the law-and-order freaks and they have trouble getting girls. They are the most dangerous and irredeemable reactionaries. They are the System's hired hoods, the System's Pigs, and though the reactionary streak in them may at times cause them to sympathize with some of our program, they'll sell you out in a minute in the name of printed law.
    It is comparatively well-known that the suicide rate among professional groups is highest among police. To be blunt they are neurotic, cowardly, self-righteous bullies and any comparison between them and the SS is enough to gag any real National Socialist, for these Pigs are not in the least bit idealistic or devoted to any cause whatsoever, save enforcing the printed law as it is handed down by tyrannical judges and sold-out politicians. What else, how else can we regard them except as a major facet of the Enemy? Conservatism and Pig-ism are the same: both enemies of revolution.
    Devoid of real ethics and motivation, only two things keep the Pigs in power in this land: the mood and atmosphere set by the superabundance of the "Uncle Toms" I mentioned before and the continued existence of the economy. Despite any 21 st century line of electronic surveillance systems, the Pigs COULD NOT FUNCTION minus their finks, their informants. And were it not for the government's continued ability to pay them their wages - handed over by sheepish herds of taxpaying consumers - they'd quickly get out and take jobs better suited to them, like pumping gas or some other honest labor. We can start to defeat them now, individually, simply by being SUPERIOR . Step one is to stop imagining that they have eyes in the backs of their heads or that they are allseeing in any way. They are NOT as long as we stay away from stupid conspiracies and other compromising situations... and even more stupid TALK! Step two is to learn their silly little routine games which they play on every suspect and to know how to rebuff these at the time they are attempted. THAT is 90% of any encounter with the police. Third is to discipline ourselves to STAND FIRM against them even in the face of total personal disaster so that we ourselves and the revolution as a whole will not be further weakened or discredited.
    Their power will gradually be overturned and destroyed through the increased lack of faith and interest on the part of the public as well as our own rock-solid opposition. Offensive tactics against them are entirely unwarranted and unnecessary now and for long into the future. Once under serious attack by them, of course, consider yourself a marked individual and proceed to kill as many of them as you can.
  • Like the Vikings, I hold luck as something very real and sacred, almost as a science. Never abuse it or it will destroy you. When, through your righteous actions, your bold and daring tactics, your chivalrous demeanor, etc., luck chooses to smile on you then you must do your part by LEARNING and profiting thus by each and every experience so that Lady Luck won't have to carry quite such a share of the burden next time. Instead of a dependent of luck, you'll become apartner.
  • We tell you flatly to NEVER engage in conspiracy. Franklin - or Vaughn - didn't and look at what's been accomplished! No conspiracy there, just the strike of lightning. System pimps and Big Brother surveillance rendered useless! Vaughn just DID IT! We will win when we become like our ancient gods of thunder and lightning. You can't out-sneak the System. But neither can any number of sneaks, or scum, or whatever withstand the onslaught of berserk. Viking warriors!
  • Crimes of passion are easily detected and have minimal effect on the public consciousness. Scientifically calculated acts of revolution are not so easily traced and have immense effect on the public mind. Compare: a string of unnamed "racially mixed couples" or Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields. Who could fail to get that message? How could they black it out or twist its meaning? What a tremendous polarizing effect it would have over the entire country - either loathing or adulation. The stuff that full-blown civil wars are made of.
    Symbolism, the more basic the better, is the only thing that can penetrate the mass mind in this mass-opinion society. And, in this celebrity-minded society also, the higher the target, the better. This is only elemental cause-and-effect. I simply say that if these comrades are going to sacrifice their liberty and lives, DO IT IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE MANNER POSSIBLE!
    Whether to bother? Naturally, if you're going to do it, do it right. I firmly believe that enough of it, aimed correctly and within a short enough time-frame, would force the situation out of the doldrums and into a state of revolution. There are those who'd disagree and the author of the magnificent Turner Diaries is one. Earl Turner and his "Organization" found, much to their dismay, after super-human (by present standards) sacrifices by their fanatical members, that the killing of System functionaries, of sleaze-ball System "super heroes" and the tactics of general terrorism designed to show the populace their "gods" were not invulnerable and that the Pig System was not all-powerful, were not producing the results desired. The System was finding ample replacement parts and not nearly enough of the population was getting the idea and joining in. Instead, the "Organization" had to shift its strategy from one of killing System leaders and celebrities, to one of crippling the System itself, of causing it to shut down and thereby forcing the population to cease their support of it.
    A third option, of course, is to withdraw totally from it all and dig in as deeply as possible with the expectation of surviving once all the rest has been blown away and has blown over. Certainly however, nothing is going to stop those who reach a point in time when they've had too much and just start shooting. What we have to strive for is to increase the instances of those who bide their time and sell their lives dearly, at great cost to the Enemy and at great service to their Race. We have to train ourselves to be able to knock out the functions of the System itself for we are at WAR against a most foul occupier of our land. And, certainly, some of us will have to disappear, dig deep and prepare to HANG ON when absolute hell does finally break loose. A combination of all these levels will be required before the revolution can begin in full.
    Decide your proper course now. Prepare for it so you'll be able to do maximum justice to yourself and your Cause. Train for it so you'll maximize your chances of success and survival. We may well think silently to ourselves when confronted by examples of national disgrace and decay as Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields, "She can take that nigger to hell with her!", but we do not let it go at that. If you're not going to be the one to do something about that, then you'd better have plans underway to fulfill one of the other callings the revolution demands.
  • In revolution as in any war, actual accomplishment of it primarily involves KILLING and the consequences of that. The sooner the Movement accepts all this as merely par-for-the-course, the sooner things will begin going more in our direction.
  • With all the formality, the organizations, the corporations, the two-bit "leaders", the manifestos, the flashy uniforms and titles, etc., of the 1960's, we had but ONE true leader - George Lincoln Rockwell - and, once he was gone, we had none. All the outward symbolisms continued to persist under lesser types and had begun to threaten the life and success of the Movement itself. Then came the first major splinters. I've said quite often that the situation in the nation went from conservative to revolutionary during the Seventies. Was it by accident that during the Seventies the period of greatest splintering within the Movement also took place? It was the Movement trying to free itself and find itself so as to be able to keep its appointment with destiny. It was an agonizing, destructive process but look what has developed. No Nazi Party and yet a Nazi Party EVERYWHERE, and with TEETH! And no pompous, tinhorn buffoons to hold it down or hold it back!!
  • About mid-May [of 1985] came the news of the System attack against a group of non-Whites and White renegades holed up in a Philadelphia slum district. The group called itself "MOVE" and, other than the racial make-up of those involved, the circumstances and details were strikingly similar to the System attacks of a month or so ago, only this time directed against one element of the Movement calling itself The Order. (The only other main difference worth noting was the geography involved: whereas the Whites made their stand in the countryside, the Colored made theirs in the metropolis.) Twenty years ago, when the Movement still believed it could regain control over the Establishment, it would have cheered the government troops and cursed the beleaguered revolutionaries in Philadelphia. Not so the case today. The revolutionary reality is that we cannot even afford to stand as neutrals in such a situation... WE MUST WISH THEM WELL IN ANY FUTURE CLASHES THEY MAY HAVE AGAINST THE SYSTEM! The System is the Enemy, the coloreds are merely there, just like part of the scenery. Ask yourself, who's the most likely to come after YOU... agents of the System or some handful of coloreds? ... And when I said in a previous segment of SIEGE that there was but one way a revolution could start in this country, I should have added that it just might be non-Whites who do the starting!
    As extreme and unheard of as the attacks against members of The Order were, consider in your mind the picture of the System FIREBOMBING ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS OF PHILADELPHIA just to suppress some revolutionary group! Did anything more radical than that appear in the pages of The Turner Diaries? I think not.
    There are but two ways of destroying the System: the kind of confrontations and uprisings we have seen lately, but on a larger scale, simultaneous and wide-spread enough to tie down the Pigs to the point of being ineffective; and an increased, intensified subversion of the System economy together with direct assaults against same in order to break the System's army of hirelings and to ultimately alienate it from the population. Together these will topple the System. We may not picture ourselves as "allied" to these colored and Leftist groups but we must see that they too are being attacked by the common enemy, the System. Perhaps a dialogue couldn't hurt. Could there be a greater nightmare for the System and it's Pigs than the two widely divergent revolutionary elements in coordination?
  • Members of the Establishment - though some may think in our direction - only seek a way out. They yearn for a return to the days of brisk business and high profits, i.e., "business as usual". To them, revolution is a dirty word because it carries a distinct connotation of being bad for profits. They are set to believe if everyone would just go out and get a steady job, all would be well. They hardly even want to rock the boat - only unload or perhaps rearrange some ballast. They appear to take us as one more form of Hard Right Winger, albeit the kind which they must be careful to hide any connection with (for profits' sake). They really do not comprehend that WE ARE AT WAR WITH THIS SOCIETY and that it is them or us. We, as part of our revolutionary program, intend to blast to hell their filthy scum-tainted System of profit values. Were they to become fully aware of this, it is likely that our fringe supporters would begin to leave us.
  • Manson represents the great divide between those persons who imagine there still are choices to be made casually on the basis of Establishment mores and those who have a profound, individual sense of "no going back". I believe it is this - and not the abstract idea of "realism" - that is the great sustainer and inner-flame of all true revolutionaries.
    "These are not my people", views the alienated radical. Life and the struggle are greatly simplified in that manner.
  • My argument against pure intellect, or I.Q., or the placing of too much emphasis on its importance, is simply that it is but one more physical attribute, or blessing, if you will, to be USED by the possessor. And it can be used for good or evil. Most of the slimy bastard, lawyer-politicians ruling this land today have exceptionally high I.Q.'s. It only enables them to tighten and maintain their ruthless and destructive hold over the rest of us. A really high I.Q. can be compared to weighing five-hundred pounds, or having three arms, or four legs, etc. Depending on the circumstances it can be a blessing or a curse. Jews, of course, as a group are known for their power of intellect. So what does this prove? That intellect is only a tool to be used, or a weapon to be wielded. Used or wielded by what higher power?
    Nobody ever heard tell of a "noble intellect". Intellect doesn't MOVE people, if anything it serves to hold them back from bold and daring action. A stone coward - by use of his intellect - can come up with a thousand perfectly plausible covers for his cowardice. The same swine that hold political office today use intellect to swamp the simple people in massive confusion and colors of gray. The lone, intelligent individual, many of who are to be found in the Right, may have sat down and sorted it all out for themselves but to what avail? Because again, intellect cannot mobilize the masses. People are largely unthinking. Of what benefit was intellect to any guy out to seduce some female? Hitler himself told us that the masses are feminine in nature. Of what good is intellect to its owner in the instant that sudden violence occurs?
    Instinct - a healthy instinct - stands second only to pure blood in vital importance. Hitler in Mein Kampf said that loyalty took precedence over intelligence, and loyalty is but one by-product of instinct. Aside from pure blood, nobility is found in the instinct. Facts can be distorted but the "sixth sense"- where it exists strong and unsullied - is well nigh impossible to deceive. Instinct is the product of eons of evolution. So-called "intellect" is measured by the amount of "information" one can store in one's head, whether that "information" be essential or rubbish. When it comes down to male/female relations, it's a matter of what animal signals are sent out and how well the other party senses these. In combat - animal, one-on-one combat - instinct takes over completely and the intellect shuts down so as not to impede the organism in successfully fighting to preserve its existence
    Only man in his ignorance, pride and conceit, his offbase worldview with himself as the center of the universe and above Natural Law, has made possible the awful mess people are living in today.
    But did you ever notice how people with healthy instincts rarely need to be propagandized or otherwise "straightened out"? Those who require propagandizing can only at best hope to make up a class of distant followers, never leaders. Leaders and the Leadership Cadre itself must be able to serve as their own guiding light and their own inspiration, they cannot be skaters who need to lean on anyone else or be carried when times are tough ("Nobody ever told me it might be like this!"). Total instinctive awareness is far superior to any number of years in a university. Can instinct be cultivated and can it be dulled? I rather think so and I am certain the Jews think so too, which is the reason for such things as "Project Head Start" and the general program of school bussing. To kill off the instinct before it has a chance to grow. To what extent the artificially created drug plague plays a role in this can only be estimated but I feel it must be devastating.
    Regardless of the degree of any success the Jews and the System may have had or shall have in the future in making the walking dead out of otherwise healthy, happy human beings, the number that somehow manages to hold on - through some fortuitous genetic twist - and resist the poison will respond to the call when it comes from the right Leader. The rest, as we can clearly see already today, are of no use anyway. But what I refer to as the proper Leader or the proper lead is just that. It is not one more poor man's sneaky attempt at a clever charade or club activity. Far less is it an exercise in counter-culture revisionist thinking. It is a call to ACTION. It will be a call for millions of people to lay down their lives. It had better ring true. Most of all it is a call to action by those currently ACTING on their own.
  • True culture comes from blood. Here today we have a bastardized culture just the same as the make-up of the American people grows increasingly bastardized. Then, as the old-timers will readily attest, there is the role of the Jew in what has been called "culture distortion" for his own peculiar purposes and toward his own particular ends. In truth, the West today has no culture. These consumers hang onto the language and customs of a bygone age because they can't come up with anything so organized and intricate on their own. Some of the music aficionados will travel and sit for hours and pay huge sums of money to hear music played of a hundred or two hundred years ago. (Music isn't being written anymore and the language is degenerating into a mass of "ya know's", "f'real's" and "muthafucker's", etc.)
    They might tell you that, in a democratic society, it's a matter of free choice or of personal taste. Our side will affirm there is such as the "mass taste" which will always tend toward mediocrity. But the trick, as always, about any so-called democracy is that it is one big loop hole, gaping wide like an open invitation to all the sharpies and hucksters to move in and take over. That is what already took place here generations ago. And then the question of "free choice" becomes a moot one as it is all relegated to only those "choices" the taste-makers see fit to place before you. (Control of mass taste and opinion is absolutely no different than control of so-called "democratic" elections: the manipulators present two of their favorite dummies for you to pick from. Either way, you lose.)
    I'll use myself this time as a case in point. My meeting with my own culture was by complete accident. I could have been no more than ten years of age when, over the FM radio of my father's car, I caught the sounds of music such as I had never heard before. I didn't know what it was or who wrote it but I knew it was reaching out to me. And I must emphasize that it reached out not as anything prescribed socially but instead like a call of the wild. Here was culture and, as a product of blood, something in my blood was responding. After I had managed to get together a basic selection of classical and romantic music, I found out it has been one of Brahms' Hungarian Dances. Blood to blood. The feeling was identical to learning the name of a beautiful girl one has seen on the street and fallen instantly in love with.
  • Without the unifying bond, a people becomes estranged from itself, from its past, its present and its future.
  • The great advantage that the Third World elements have in the world and in our midst is that they still struggle. It is NOT the aid and comfort lavished upon them by the Jews and bleeding-heart liberals, though this is most assuredly considerable. Their greatest impetus today comes from those among their leaders who are claiming that they, as a group, have made no significant progress since the 1960's. This spurs them onto continued struggle. Idiotic Rightists and conservatives take hollow consolation at the same words addressed to Blacks and fall back to sleep. Struggle is the force of life itself. Where there is ample struggle, there is not only life but also strength and all that attends.
    Struggle brings with it awareness and touch with reality.
    Whites perceive - even if unconsciously - that their struggle has been over for longer than they or any of their predecessors really can tell. When, during the mid-Sixties, as a youth in junior high school, a classroom of mixed Blacks and Whites was collectively chanting "Black Power, Black Power", the explanation one White offered me later was that there was already "White Power" and that "Black Power" was only the fair thing. By instinct alone, that didn't wash at all with me even though, at twelve or thirteen, I was unable to articulate in my mind exactly why. In fact there was no "power" at all. Only a pie of which everyone wanted a piece. And, just as nature decrees everywhere, the most and biggest pieces go to the most aggressive. Struggle.
  • I'm a believer in clear thought and strong action. I believe we are our own "god" and control our own fate. And I know that we can't leave any of this to chance or to an "if". As far as the Movement is concerned, let us use religion as a tool to lead others whose understanding is thus limited. We can't afford to pretend or to accept for a moment that religion can ever lead us!
  • The masses are approximately the same regardless where you find them or during what time you find them. They have a way of killing their Christs. They'd kill us if given a good, clean shot at it. A whole world full of one, big Parisian mob. Never at any time are the masses to be found "in the right" of the most profound issues. By the time they have accepted these, they have long since gone stale and flat, just as with Christianity. They will forever reject and try to destroy that which is new and vital.
  • Everything the revolutionary does, he does because he has to. There is the justification and there lies complete and total morality. The revolutionary does nothing "for the hell of it", does nothing "for the fun of it", does nothing for the gratification or diversion of it. Revolutionaries possess the highest goal, the highest calling and, therefore, anything is allowed. And in this same regard, it was Commander Rockwell who said, "Only failure is immoral."
  • Among the things I have been since I first opened my eyes at birth is an atheist.
  • What we may hope for - realistically - is the total consumption of these people, together with their rotten System, before our eyes and through their own evil. What we may work for - realistically - is our own physical salvation, the maintenance of the quality of our lives, in order that we or our posterity may be the last on the scene, to have, in essence, inherited the earth.
  • History's judgment is shifting and coming into focus gradually on that large chunk of the U.S. population least worthy of a place in any future. The middle class consumers are not only getting their full money's worth from their efforts at keeping the economy and the System going by working their pig jobs and paying their taxes, but they'll be receiving huge dividends in times to come. They keep in line, keep voting, keep the Beast System alive and in power and, in return, they are raped, robbed, beaten, murdered, betrayed. They and their children are turned into vile things not resembling actual human beings. Their numbers are reduced while the numbers of the colored are increased.
    They are among the first to disown and attack us and to embrace the World Enemy. And for this they will continue to take the coward's pummeling from their hard taskmaster in exchange for a few more months or years of cheap, plastic thrills and hollow pleasures. While we are under some of the worst pressure we'll ever have to face, today, in the present, and while they go about making money as part of "business as usual", the question in the backs of their minds must be: what, if any, future this all has. We, on the other hand, have little to worry about. When the final awakening comes, and catches probably the majority of the rest completely unprepared, they'll experience the agony of how it could be happening to them. Those of us still around at that time will be saying over them, "DIE, GUY!"
  • Hitler was a humble man and a man of the people if ever there was one. What he wanted he wanted for Germany and the German people, not for himself. He would have had Germany win the First World War - in which he risked his own life many times - so as to have been just a small part afterwards in its national life. He would have rather helped someone else in the task of resurrecting Germany after 1918 but, then just as now, everybody seemed to be waiting. So an honest man of the people did it himself.
  • Aside from positively infuriating the behind-the-scenes Big Brother Systemites in Moscow and New York, Hitler caused unlimited resentment and chagrin among the stooges of the System of his day because he wasn't "qualified" to do what he was doing, he didn't have the social "background" for world statesmanship which he had assumed in the role of German Chancellor. It was this latter resentment among petty European, nominally "White" politicians that facilitated the war that would erupt in 1939. They claim Winston Churchill to be the "Man of the Century" but friend and foe alike should stop and ask themselves who'd remember Churchill today had not Hitler entered upon the scene? Churchill was their most willing and handy tool and as soon as his task was performed, he was discarded by them.
  • No real history has been recorded since 1945. Nothing of a positive, upward nature has occurred since then. Some technology has been developed which threatens to destroy us all. Some infectious diseases have been curtailed while degenerative disease now seems to be in all our futures. Civilization is crumbling and dying. And they say "the best man always wins"? Yet we, as National Socialists, are aware that Hitler and Goebbels and thousands of others were talking about ultimate victory even on their personal day of demise. Was this "propaganda" or were they "insane" as the Jews and their friends tell us? Any intelligent mind should know that no man and no organization of men can achieve what Hitler and the NSDAP achieved by telling lies and being unbalanced. And there is no way that a sacrifice of the magnitude of Germany can have been for nothing.
  • The truth will not make you free; only ACTION. How easy it has been for them to suppress all our truth. Not so easily can they hide ACTION. It has the effect of leaving the fakers and the parasites standing alone and exposed as in the middle of a forty-acre field. It is electrifying. It is unifying. It builds the confidence to go on toward even greater things.
  • Hitler was the embodiment of that which the best had foretold, from Wagner to Chamberlain, from Gobineau to Grant. Not only the fulfillment of German national destiny but the answer to the total dilemma of the West, the promise of the future of Aryan Man to be built upon the foundations already laid from the time of the Renaissance, the Crusades and even before, to complete the compassing of the globe and to go on to reach out for the universe.
    Only a lunatic or an otherwise fevered brain could have conceived even a tiny glimpse of the Gotterdammerung of Europe, the Second World War, which ended - for all time - that promise that had begun with the very beginnings of the West itself following the collapse of Rome and of Classical Civilization. In that sense, true history came to a halt in 1945.
  • Adolf Hitler represented the END of one world-historic era and the man who represents the START of a new one either has not appeared or he has not yet been recognized. This man, whoever he may be, will however definitely pick up where Hitler left off, of that we may assure ourselves.
  • Perhaps the one solid development that has occurred within the Movement in recent years - very recent years - is the consensus that not only is the total destruction of the world-wide System and Establishment inevitable now, but it is our only best hope. Not even Spengler himself could have foreseen a twist like that.
  • We must have a TOTAL break with the past if we are to survive it.
  • The System is as fearful as it is vengeful.
  • Anyone who really hits the System can expect to be hit back. And when it involves the System's "President" who publicly voices the "thumbs down" before any trial has taken place, then you know it must be of a unique nature for sure.
  • The experiences and feelings that I went through during last fall and winter after making the acquaintance of Charles Manson and members of his Family can only be compared to those I went through after first becoming a National Socialist and dealing with the rest of the world as such. It was and remains a special kind of feeling. To sum it up I quote from one Family member who commented after I had introduced her to the books of George Lincoln Rockwell (for she was already familiar with Mein Kampf), "Where Rockwell stops, Manson begins."
  • But, just from a practical point of view, you tell a young White kid he must get his hair cut and give up grass, etc., and you are going to lose him to the other side who will be thinking to themselves - rightfully - just what a jerk you are. We will interior decorate only AFTER we have extinguished the house fire. (Same goes for sex practices as long as it is kept WHITE, just as Manson insisted.)
  • Manson, like Hitler, is as human as you or I. He is just special by virtue of a one-in-ahundred million shot of gene combinations which gives him his ideas, his personality and his physical presence.
  • To the American mass-mind the word "outlaw" triggers notions of the Wild West. Notions, by the way, planted there by a Jewish Hollywood. But an outlaw in real life, in the present day, need not be a person trying to exist in a bygone time and he need not necessarily be even a fugitive or a desperado. An outlaw is only a person who exists outside the law. The question then becomes one of: What law, whose law? The "law" presently, as it has been for many years, is no more than a tool of repression in the hands of an alien. Enemy regime. One can be a passive outlaw without bringing down the forces of Big Brother on one's head. However, are not ALL true revolutionaries outlaws?
  • If the mess in the world and in America were the result of accidents or goofs, as the Media would have us believe, then there could be a chance of straightening it out through legal and reasonable methods. But if things have arrived at this point, on the one hand, by half the power stratum consciously betraying the nation down a path predetermined for destruction and, on the other hand, the rest of the Power Establishment selling out the responsibility to their people and nation by turning a blind eye to this other for the sake of career and profit, then only the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of this governmental form will work. Total anarchy is far preferable to the fiendishly diabolical, carefully manipulated destruction and betrayal now taking place It is the only means by which we can hope to derail Big Brother's plan for the end of our Race. It is the ONLY way we can even the odds. The gameboard is rigged against us and so we are constrained to kick over the gaming table itself. Treat criminals as criminals, never play favorites with one bunch over another, never indulge in shellgames, and, above all, NEVER COMPROMISE WITH THE ENEMY.

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