James Gilliland

American academic and author

James Gilliland, a Southern California native,[1] is an author, teacher, ufologist, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, and the founder of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) organization.[2] He studied 6 years of Yoga, and has received The Teaching of the Inner Christ certificate and the Rigdzin Norbu ("Jewel of Pure Awareness") certificate.[2]


  • We don't watch TV up there, we watch UFOs. [1]
    • James describing his Sattva Sanctuary.
  • It blew me wide open. It shifted me up into what I call the inter-dimensional mind.[3]
  • That's the cheapest camera you can buy and we've totally outgunned NASA and SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Totally outgunned them! [3]
    • James talking about the UFO he recorded using a camera, and comparing his recording to NASA's and SETI's.
  • It's real simple. Basically, their message is to stop warring on each other and to stop warring on the planet to be kind to each other and the planet, because we're headed for major environmental collapse. And they've also expressed deep concern about the leadership of the planet. They've made it very clear: You're being led by the oil industry and the war industry. [3]
  • That's one of those Andromedan ships! Look how you can see through the middle. That's because it's inter-dimensional. ... You hear that? The coyotes are going crazy. They always do that when the big ships fly over! No one's got the triangles on tape. This'll really freak the Greer folks out! [3]
  • Orbs are an extension of consciousness. When we are not in the physical form, we often travel in a light sphere. It’s way beyond the nuts and bolts to understand this kind of science. In the universe we live in, we can measure less than one percent [of existing reality], and physicists believe there’s another 99 percent out there we cannot measure. There are other planes, other dimensions, and the orbs are a byproduct of these planes and dimensions.[4]
    • James describing what Orbs are.
  • Have full-blown contact now. [The ongoing contacts] have been well documented here with multiple eyewitnesses as well as day and night footage with sound of the ships. Can provide all the eyewitnesses you wish. Two days ago I was hit with three balls of light within a stream of energy, after which a woman appeared to me with a strange headdress used for communication and other higher consciousness and energy works. The ship came in as a golden light from the north. It dropped down low and hovered. I have been [burnt] on my chest right over the heart. It has been photographed. These beings are extremely spiritual and technologically advanced. They have a message. This is not airy fairy, this is for real.[5]
    • James describing one of his close encounters.
  • I have already dealt with MIBs, psychotronics, black helicopters, etc. There is protection around my work. It has not been fun. Nonetheless, it is what I signed on for. Twenty years ago I had an NDE. Made conscious contact with the source. . . . The hype reporters usually go away with nothing. Those who come with an open mind and loving heart go away transformed.[5]
  • Learn to live in harmony with each other and nature. Living a thoroughly loving joyous abundant life is your god given right. Nature is abundant. Live according to the universal law, universal principles such as Brother/Sisterly Love, Universal Peace, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. [6]


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