James Boros is an American composer and a writer, editor and lecturer on musical topics.[1]


  • … I often feel literally nauseated upon hearing works representative of the "new simplicity", or of the "new romantic" genre, works which, by aiming low, targeting only the mock-astral plane of musical yuppiedom, ignore the very dangers which make genuine art both human and transcendent. Fortunately, we are witnessing the growth of a grass-roots movement comprised of composers and performers who, having peeked over the fence surrounding this dungheap, have determined that shovelling shit is not to be their fate, and who are lovingly dedicating their lives to the seemingly endless, often agonizing labor which the production of challenging new works entails.
    • Boros, James (Winter 1993). "Why complexity? (part 1) (guest editor's introduction)". Perspectives of New Music 31 (1): pp. 6(4). ISSN 0031-6016.
    • Quoted in Ashby, Arved, ed., ed (2004). The Pleasure of Modernist Music. pp. unidentified page. ISBN 1580461433. 
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