Jacy Reese Anthis

American social scientist

Jacy Reese Anthis (born 16 Dec 1992) is a writer and social scientist, known for his work on effective altruism, anti-speciesism, and plant-based and cellular agriculture. He co-founded the Sentience Institute and authored The End of Animal Farming.

Quotes edit

  • We don’t make a distinction between factory slavery and humane slavery or cruel genocide and painless genocide. We, rightly so, condemn the entire institution.
  • The future of the animal rights movement is bright, but it needs PETA to move on from their gimmicks and harmful publicity stunts. If PETA fails to evolve, other advocates need to push ahead, distancing themselves from its gimmicks and forging a new perception of animal rights as an urgent and serious social issue.
  • It’s the global food system that’s broken, not just the practices of any one country. A global problem requires a united global effort, and China could easily take the lead.

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