Jaclyn Victor

Malaysian singer

Jaclyn Victor (born 4 December 1978) is a Malaysian singer who was propelled into fame after winning the title of Malaysian Idol.

Jaclyn Victor

Song QuotationsEdit

  • Our eyes have seen the skies burning red,
    Angels singing, voices full of dread,
    We see the lies but never ask why?
    The seeds of sorrow the blood they cry.
    • "Deep Down Inside", Dream.
  • I've seen this before yeah I've been there too,
    This aint for me..not what I want,
    I've loved honestly and it always hurts,
    Can't feel this no more..it's gotta be true.
  • I knew you are,
    Just like an angel sent from above,
    In your embrace,
    You give me more than,
    I could ever dream of.
    • "You Bring Out the Best In Me", Gemilang, 2004

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