Jack Lindsay

Australian writer in the United Kingdom (1900-1990)

Jack Lindsay (20 October 19008 March 1990) was an Australian-born writer, who from 1926 lived in the United Kingdom. He was the eldest son of Norman Lindsay and brother of Philip Lindsay.


  • Only by discarding a diet based on rotting corpses could men become sane. The fantasy of needing a blood-diet, a corpse-diet, was inseparable from the distorted relation to the parents I had been trying to clarify in myself and which one way or another existed in everyone. The corpse-eater was still in fantasy feeding on the parents. We discussed these ideas and decided to eat no more meat, no more animal products of any kind (such as milk, cheese, eggs) and to discard mineral salt. Apart from a few extreme applications of our position, when I tried to eat such nauseous things as raw potatoes, we found that we felt very much better in health.
    • Fanfrolico and After (London: Bodley Head, 1962), pp. 217-218.

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