J. Cole

American rapper and record producer (born 1985)

Jermaine Lamarr Cole (born January 28, 1985), known professionally as J. Cole, is a German-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and record executive.


  • Tryna get some head from a mixed thing, big dreams
    showed up at the crib tryna bone
    And I ain't fuck yet 'cause her mama always home
    don’t let this little broad have herpes
    My nigga say she fast like Jackie Joyner-Kersee
    No rose petals on a bed in the ghettos
    Spiderman sheets, got her singing falsetto
    Grabbing titties in the club, pocket full of skittle
    Tryna get the kitty was like tryna solve a riddle
    My team major, we party like teenagers
    • 3 September 2012 lyrics of "Green Ranger", track 10 of "Dedication 4" album performed with Lil Wayne
  • I wanna fold clothes for you
    I wanna make you feel good
    Baby, I wanna do the right things they
    Feel so much better than the wrong things
    I said I wanna fold clothes for you
    There's no where I need to be, except right here with you
    Except right here with you
    Foldin' clothes, watching Netflix
    Help you relax, let you recline babe
    Then I should do it, cause Heaven only knows
    How much you have done that for me
    Now say, "I love you" it's the simple things
    • 9 December 2016 lyrics of "Foldin Clothes", track 8 of "4 Your Eyez Only" album
  • On the night I was born, the rain was pourin', God was cryin'
    Lightnin' struck, power outage, sparks was flyin'
    The real one's here, the young boy that walk with lions
    Around the outlines of chalk where the corpses lyin'
    Of course I'm tryin' to revive a sport that's dyin'
    But the guns and the drug bars that y'all rely on
    Got these nerds thinkin' that you niggas hard as I am
    But that just mean I ain't as comfortable as y'all with lyin'
    • 28 January 2022 lyrics of "Johnny P's Caddy", track 1 of "Tana Talk 4" album, performed with Benny The Butcher
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