It Came from Beneath the Sea

1955 US science fiction film directed by Robert Gordon

It Came from Beneath the Sea is a 1955 film about a giant octopus, whose feeding habits have been affected by radiation from H-Bomb tests, which rises from the Mindanao Deep to terrorize the California Coast.

Directed by Robert Gordon. Written by George Worthing Yates.
Out of primordial depths to destroy the world!  (taglines)

Cmdr. Pete MathewsEdit

  • This is a submarine, John. If it can go under water, it can go under ships, too. This is a deep channel. Better run below if you don't wanna get wet.
  • The next time I cruise in these waters I'm going to have torpedoes with warheads on them.


  • Narrator: From her beginnings on a Navy drawing board, through the months of secret field experiments out on the Western desert, then through the desperate search for new metals with the properties she needed, she was designed to be the nation's greatest weapon of the seas - the atom-powered submarine. Her engines were to be a miracle of speed and power, her sides strong enough to withstand any blow, her armament and fire power of greater force than the worst enemy she might encounter. The mind of man had thought of everything - except that which was beyond his comprehension!


Cmdr. Pete Mathews: Well, I guess that's it. The sub's been ordered on patrol. We'll be on sea duty for a few months. We'll be seeing you, John.
Prof. John Carter: Soon, I hope.
Cmdr. Pete Mathews: Will I be seeing you, Leslie?
Prof. Lesleyl Joyce: Do you mean when I get back from Cairo?
Cmdr. Pete Mathews: I mean, women can change, move away, get married, have families.
Prof. Lesleyl Joyce: Well, there is that possibility; but, uh, A - there isn't time for that to happen to me; B - I can be reached at the school; and C - how would you like to collaborate with me on a book, "How To Catch A Sea Beast"?
Cmdr. Pete Mathews: Say, doctor, you were right about this new breed of women!


  • Out of primordial depths to destroy the world!
  • Havoc! Chaos! Destruction!
  • Can IT Be Stopped?


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