Islam Karimov

Uzbek politician, 1st and former President of Uzbekistan (1938-2016)

Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov Sr. (Uzbek: Islom Abdugʻaniyevich Karimov / Ислом Абдуғаниевич Каримов), (Russian: Ислам Абдуганиевич Каримов) (30 January 1938 - 2 September 2016) was the leader of Uzbekistan and its predecessor state, the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, from 1989 until his death in 2016. He was the last First Secretary of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan from 1989 to 1991, when the party was reconstituted as the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDP); he led the PDP until 1996. He was the President of the Uzbek SSR from 24 March 1990 until he declared the independence of Uzbekistan on 1 September 1991. He ruled a repressive authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan where political opponents were assassinated, human rights were repressed, and dissent was prohibited.

Islam Karimov in 2016


  • We never brag. The growth of our GDP is 8 percent. For that there were preparations, every day preparations since we became independent, we've been making plans. Only in our five principles, we never and nowhere, from a big or small tribune, never showed off. If needed, I'll say it again and again, bragging, whoever is bragging, bragging is about just a country, which just has its name and we don't go that way.
  • Our countries freed themselves from the repetitive incursions of the bandit and terrorist groups from the territory of Afghanistan, and, most importantly, continuous fears posed by the threat of an assault on our territory of Taliban who masterminded the earlier incursions and went on the rampage. Uzbekistan, the country that had to take a difficult decision to back up the antiterrorist coalition, at the most critical time, extends the words of appreciation for eliminating this threat to all countries involved, and first and foremost, to the USA for taking the lead and shouldering the main burden of disrupting the strongholds of international terrorism and returning Afghanistan to the life in peace.
  • On the threshold of a new century, international security and stability are still among the fundamental problems facing the contemporary world. The only difference is that instead of remnants of the cold war and the associated obstacles, international terrorism, extremism, aggressive nationalism and separatism are the dangerous detonators that can undermine peace and stability. Uzbekistan fully supports the basic United Nations principle of the indivisibility of security.
  • Uzbekistan advocates strict and unconditional application by all States of the international nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime. Without this, one can hardly speak about maintaining strategic stability either on the global or the regional level.
  • First of all, we have to raise to a new, higher level of reform in the field of freedom of expression and information, human rights and freedoms, to further improve the legal system, the development of civil society, and it should be noted that in these areas there is still a lot to do.
  • The independence is a great event for us, which has entirely changed the meaning and essence of our life and opened up a new page in our history. The independence is valued and revered by us as it has liberated our homeland and our people from the chains of old despotic regime, paved way to establishing a national democratic state and building a prosperous life, being equal to all countries and nations. It is the independence that will remain forever in our history since it has allowed us to restore our trampled down values, faith and religion, honor and conscience, to realize our identity and build our future that caters to the dreams and aspirations of our people and our national interests.

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