Isabella Rossellini

Italian actress

Isabella Rosellini (born Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini on 18 June 1952) is an Italian-American actress, author, philanthropist, and former model.

Isabella Rossellini (2015)


  • Because my mother was Ingrid Bergman and my father was Roberto Rossellini, I was intimidated about becoming an actress and a director…Both [in terms of her parents’ reputations upon entering the acting world]…It opened doors, but the judgment was much more severe…In the press, they said: ‘She looks like her mother, but she certainly hasn’t inherited her talent.’ It crushes you. If they say it today, you just say: well, maybe that’s true. It doesn’t hurt you so much.
  • Ageing brings a lot of happiness. You get fatter and more wrinkles, and that’s not so good, but there is a freedom that comes with it. The freedom is: I better do what I want to do now, because I’ll be dead soon. So this is my last chance. Also, there’s a serenity that comes – I had the career I had, good or bad, I did the best I could, and now I continue pursuing what is interesting to me.
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