Iryna Vereshchuk

Ukrainian politician

Iryna Vereshchuk (Ukrainian: Ірина Андріївна Верещук, Russian: Ирина Андреевна Верещук; born 30 November 1979) is a Ukrainian politician who currently serves as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine since 4 November 2021.

Iryna Vereshchuk


  • But if we had such a Putin, I would vote for him. He is doing well for Russia. He is acting in the interests of his country... That every president should defend his country in this way. That's natural!
  • Bandera became a hero for most of society, an image of nationalism. Politicians- manipulators who pull on embroidered shirts- proudly shout out his name, but it should be understood that this historical figure will never find a place in the Ukrainian pantheon of heroes.
  • Vitali Klitschko is a good mayor. I will never criticize any mayor because I was in their skin and I know how difficult it is today in local self-government to make and impress, so to speak, voters.
    • Before being nominated as a Kiev mayoral candidate from the "servants" in 2020
  • Why can't Klitschko see the condition of the sidewalks and do nothing about it? Maybe he doesn't walk those sidewalks. If he had ever seen a mother with a wheelchair with a small child to walk on a broken sidewalk through the pits, then perhaps he would have understood both people and their troubles better.
    • After the mayoral nomination in 2020
  • During the primaries, everyone liked my half-joke about 'investment nanny'. Both the president and the prime minister and the speaker have heard this. I said that for investors, I would not only be an "investment nanny", but an "investment" and "investment teacher". I will love them like a mother and control them like a mother-in-law. So, everything will be fine.
    • During her mayoral campaign in 2020
  • We now have a real danger in the protection of critical infrastructure, which includes, for example, our nuclear power plants. This is not a question of Ukraine, right? And we see how the Russian Federation irresponsibly shelling such critical infrastructure, and even more so by announcing such shelling, saying that it will continue to destroy infrastructure, is doing so completely irresponsibly. And Europe and the whole world is silently watching it, in my opinion. But for some reason, the fear that Russia may threaten to start land or other operations prevails. And now we have a question to the signatories of the Budapest Memorandum – the United States and Great Britain – are these really the superpowers that promised to ensure security in this way?

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