action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason, or through emotional distress or cognitive deficiency
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Irrationality is thinking, talking or acting without adequate use of reason.


  • I, the obsessed rationalist, was the only one who knew what I wanted: I was not going to submit to irrationality for its own sake, to the narcissist and passive irrationality others practiced. I would do completely the opposite. I would fight for the “conquest of the irrational.” In the meantime my friends would let themselves be overwhelmed by the irrational, succumbing, like so many others, Nietzsche included, to that romantic weakness.
  • We are again confronted with one of the most vexing aspects of advanced industrial civilization: the rational character of its irrationality.
  • He is irrational, however well he may be able to reason, who does not clearly see that good is good and truth truth.
  • Irrationalism will use reason too, but without any feeling of obligation.
    • Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies (1971), vol. 2 p. 240

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