Irene Tarimo

Tanzanian scientist, biologist and educator

Irene Aurelia Tarimo (born 1 October 1964) is a Tanzanian environmental scientist and educator. She is head of the Department of Environmental Studies at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), where she is also a lecturer and a researcher. She previously served as OUT Director in the Lindi Region since 2007 to 2015.

Irene Tarimo in 2020

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  • I knew that it was only education that was to liberate me and my family from the grips of poverty.
    • Huria Newsletter ISSN 0856 - No.0003, Achieving International Recognition: OUT in the global sphere (pg. 12), (January-June 2014)
  • The Lindi Region needs particular sensitization on education. The progress in all levels of education is not very encouraging when compared to other regions. That is why Open University of Tanzania intend to contribute whatever we have in rectifying this situation.
    • Huria Newsletter ISSN 0856 - No.0003, Archiving International Recognition: OUT in the global sphere, Profile: Dr. Irene Tarimo - A story of hard work and perseverance (pg. 13), (January-June, 2014)
  • When a woman can be empowered she can, they are very important people in our society, I call on women to enroll in large numbers in the colleges and Universities so that they can be the catalyst for development in our region.
    • Speech at the Regional Event to the Farewell position of Vice Chancellor Professor Mbwette in Lindi, (21 December 2014)

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