Japanese Buddhist monk, founder of the Jishu school.

Ippen (一遍上人) (1234–1289), also known as Zuien, was a Japanese Buddhist itinerant preacher (hijiri) who founded the Ji (時宗 time sect) branch of Pure Land Buddhism.

Statue of Ippen at Shoujoukouji,Fujisawa,Japan

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No Abode: The Record of Ippen (1997) edit

ed. Dennis Hirota. (Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press, 1997)

  • From far, far in the distant past,
    Down to this day, this very instant,
    Those things we have longed for most
    Have not been attained, and we sorrow.
    • "Hymn of Amida's Vow" (Chapter 1, p. 3).
  • Once our false thinking has completely ceased
    There is neither start nor conclusion, beginning nor end
    In the oneness of Buddha and sentient beings
    Say Namu-amida-butsu.
    • "Hymn of Amida's Vow" (Chapter 1, p. 4).
  • To reach the borders of the uncreated,
    Just let go! This is genuine gratitude.
    • "A Gist in Empty Words" (Chapter 2, p. 9).
  • In this brief span this body exists,
    Clothing and food are of course indispensable;
    But knowing them to be fruits of former lives,
    I make no effort at all to obtain them.
    • "A Gist in Empty Words" (Chapter 2, p. 11).
  • With aversion for sect superiors and their pomp,
    I have no wish for monk disciples;
    Not in search of lay supporters,
    I court the favor of no one.
    • "Verse of Aspiration" (Chapter 3, p. 16).
  • In the Buddha’s teaching, unless you cast away body and life, there can be no realization of benefit.
    • "Words Handed Down by Disciples" (Chapter 9, p. 105).
  • To become solitary and simple in utter aloneness -- living wholly unconcerned about the multitude of worldly affairs, and abandoning and disentangling yourself from all things -- is to die. We are born alone; we die alone.
    • "Words Handed Down by Disciples" (Chapter 9).
  • Food, clothing, and shelter are the three evil paths. To desire and make a display of clothing is karma for the path of beasts. To greedily crave food is karma for the path of famished ghosts. To set up a shelter is karma for the path of hell. Hence, if you aspire to part from the three evil paths, you must free yourself from food, clothing, and shelter.
    • "Words Handed Down by Disciples" (Chapter 9).

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